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Print out. May 25, 2011

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Here’s the entrance to that new basement area to what was once known as the Pietmond South Gallery…

… as of today renamed the Lakeview Gallery. But with the same 4 exhibiting artists as the last incarnation of the former gallery in Pietmond. Er, Crabwoo.

Baker ponders over what to do with these 2 additional, smaller floors.

Hucka D.:

Shift back to Heterocera, eh?


It is, after all, probably the most beautiful of the mainland continents. Moreso that Jeogeot, although in the back of my mind I still think of that as home.

Hucka D.:

Don’t give up on Maebaleia quite yet. Blue Feather Douglas, as you know now, went to Nowtown. Did he actually transform into Little Robert Plant Variant?* After all, you have traces of this in the Brain Wash resort owner Lvpvs Writer. Kind of close to LRPV [Little Robert Plant Variant] don’t you think? And he was the one who set the Fyre Maven temple down where it is. He is the essential creator of your Nowtown in this variant reality.


I think all this has come along now because the Sunklands Initiative Project wasn’t really created in this particular reality where Blue Feather Douglas moves, I suppose you could put it, to the Jeogeot continent to escape the trap made for him, by his daughter perhaps, on Maebaleia. To study Maebaleia is to study the trap.

Hucka D.:

Good. Heterocera is freedom. But there’s always the link to Corsica.


Carrcasses — what’s next?

Hucka D.:

I believe we’re up to 5.


I see LOST. What of Mrs. Sea?

Hucka D.:

You are now beyond The Sea. Russian Matrix and all. Take that and play around with it more. Study it.


It is kind of a missing Pietmond energy.

Hucka D.:

Print out.


* Hucka D. subsequently hinted to me that Blue Feather Douglas may have made this transformation through the Zeppelin Tube, which could have been hidden on the central Kashmir plot of Crabwoo. Makes sense — he simply inserted the found tube in his throat to turn it golden.


Lakeview art gallery: back on. May 24, 2011

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Decided to test out the old Pietmond South Gallery in Lakeview before giving that land up. And I think I might have made it work, as best as it can there.

Disadvantages: obviously another fairly — well, I won’t say ugly but plain, let’s put it. Building, that is.

Advantages: very low on prims. I have over 500 prims left over to play with in the skybox, even adding in the landscaping efforts containing a number of higher prim vegetation. Super!

So it looks like I might be keeping the Lakeview property after all. Obvious new name for the gallery: Lakeview Gallery. A rooftop bar might follow.

Oh, and I have a basement area in this particular version, unlike with Pietmond South. This is due to the slope of the land, and how I had to position the building quite high to avoid going too far down into the ground in the back. Sometimes seeming disadvantages turn into advantages. The Pietmond South Gallery, in contrast, was on almost totally flat land.

I’m thinking I might put some kind of museum in this basement, but unsure yet. Things to plan for, which I like.

And of course I kept the Crabwoo property in the process.


Lakeview Art Colony basically dismantled. May 10, 2011

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Reason? Outside of a handful of friends, no one came, not even the exhibiting artists except myself of course. It never felt quite on center to be there, although I still find it to be a beautiful location. In the 2 weeks remaining on my rent, I’ll experiment with other structures, but most likely will not open another gallery in that location. I thought it might work and I definitely think it was worth a try.

So it looks like it’ll come down to Crabwoo and that’s all, perhaps for the whole summer and even beyond. The energy of Pietmond can’t be carried forth in the way that I had originally planned. Spiritual/mythological concerns must be the priority.


I subsequently played around with one of the larger versions of the Edwardston Station Gallery on the grounds, but I’m almost positive it won’t be sticking around.


North and East of Lakeview April 28, 2011

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Northeast of Lakeview April 26, 2011

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Gnoma-Siona Forest

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Pietmond Exodus, Path 02: Lakeview (Postmond?) April 23, 2011

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And now we have the second replacement village for Pietmond, the somewhat larger (than Crabwoo) collective I decided to name Lakeview, another descriptive term. Below is pictured the center of the town, if you will, but more just a conjunction of walkways with a bus stop for now.

Newest version of the Eternally Bickering Newton Jasper Garden, Lakeview style.

There are 2 main walkways in the village, which I haven’t named yet. Below is the eastern and higher of the 2.

Then the northern edge of the western/lower walkway is seen in the next photograph. Both walkways border several art galleries as follows:

Western/Lower: SoSo West (Mike Casey), Norum (Julie Sadler), and Gallery in the Rocks (Stegokitty)
Eastern/Upper: SoSo East (baker b.), Something to CHRO About (Kenneth Rougeau)

All of these galleries formerly existed in Pietmond in one form or another. In addition to the 5 galleries, we also have Home Orange and Home o’ Fibs transposed from Pietmond, both off the eastern/upper walkway. Home Orange contains the office of village caretaker Baker Bloch, once more. Home o’ Fibs still holds the Big Island/Comet Archipelago related objects, as it has in most previous incarnations.

Steps connecting the two main walkways of Lakeview.

Amazing view of Lake Gnoma from atop SoSo West, where the bar formerly sitting there in Pietmond has also been restored. Had to, don’t you think!?

From the below pictures, you can also see that the town is slotted into the northeast corner of a sizable forest as well.

Moon rising directly above Baker’s Home Orange and also the Newton statue while he is snapping the above photos. He took it as a good omen. Seems directly related to the similarly tinted Newton as well, a kind of solar figure.

Again, more on all this soon enough!