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Mall & Moon May 27, 2009

Filed under: Jeogeot Continent,Mãebaleia Continent,Norum,The Moon — baker Blinker @ 9:11 am

Karoz finds this marvelous empty space underneath the huge mall just to the north of the Noru galleries, which takes up the entire sim of Chieut. Karoz found an opening into the space underneath right on the southwest corner of the sim, descending from Megi.


A spiral ramp found on this empty space (see below) lead up to the almost exact center of the mall itself. Karoz sits at one of the several tables provided near the top of the ramp.


Then to back up a bit, here’s the bottom of the ramp and a nice, little iced over pond, which nevertheless advertises itself as a prime fishing hole, courtesy, once more, of the 7 Seas fishing game product.


Then in this post I’ll also throw in, at the last, a picture of Karoz floating over the southern end of The Moon sim’s single island. Here you see the relationship of the “Isis portal”, the mysterious cone littered pool, and the two wagons on the beach just to the south of this pool through a large rock arch, the green one being that gypsy caravan Karoz was particularly interested in. Again, Karoz thinks that birth symbology seems to be implied in this overall layout. Maybe.



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