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The Moon Redux, 01 November 12, 2009

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Since Karoz revisited Mos Ainsley, the “moon” of Jeogeot, and found so much there, it was only logical that he should follow this up with a visit to the likewise satellite of Maebaleia, the sim actually called The Moon, and also first visited in May like Mos Ainsley. Once again, he wasn’t disappointed. Not in the least! For it was to be this night that Karoz actually met Gypsy, if not Gypsy Purse then perhaps the next closest thing, we’ll say.

Below Karoz sits in a comfy chair in the main store on the island, selling “Boho Vintage Retro Clothing” and owned by the Califuria group.


The island that is basically the same as The Moon sim had changed much since Karoz’s intial visit in May. The store perhaps not as much, but almost everything else. Like this caravan of gypsy wagons that certainly wasn’t around the first time, and which has apparently hogged up so much of the homestead sim’s prim allotment (was it even a homestead sim before? Probably so — just didn’t recognize it as such, then) that most else had to go.


Details of a sink within one of the caravans Karoz found worthy of a snapshot.


The inevitable deck of tarot cards, with soothsayer crystal ball here as added divination option.


Details of some objects in the general area…




At least the proximate sailor’s wagon and gypsy wagon are still here on the island’s south beach, although the cave behind them with its interesting pool is no more. Also gone is the rock rimmed goddess portal from the former visit — lots has changed, as I said.



Karoz doesn’t remember this dragon and tower either, but it may just be a faulty memory. Much has been seen and done in this virtual world since May even (!)


Karoz looks out with the dragon across a sim called the Sea of Despair, with added islands now. Actually, I think before it had no islands.


More adventures ahead!


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