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Resonances… June 4, 2009

Filed under: collage 10x10,Jeogeot Continent — baker Blinker @ 9:07 am

I’m exploring now the idea that the fuchsia colored building Karoz keeps running by on his way to the Inland Sea (elsewhere: Korean Channel) may be connected to the Wordsworth grave in the following collage from the 10×10, or Wheeler 09.*


Compare with this:


More links: both are connected to a pair of parrots and also a repeating waterfall. I’ll hopefully have more to say about all this in the past post here I haven’t completed the text for yet, as well as future posts. Believe I will. Just wanted to note for now.

* The 2 Baker Blinker Blog posts most related to this interesting collage can be found here and here.

Also interesting to note, as I read over the first link provided above again, that the original Wheeler 09 collage, replaced by this one, was subsequently used as the base for the 9th collage of the following series of Jasper, also using Rydal pictorial elements (containing the same rock laced portal, in fact, but without the waterfall this time).


In fact, let’s just briefly bring in Hucka D. again to talk about this, perhaps. “Hucka?”

Hucka D.:

The ordinary parrot stands for Chilbo through the assoc. with its founder. The inverted parrot stands for Crabwoo, the degenerative double of Chilbo. The fuchsia diamond unites both through the portal and the waterfall. The portal has been found again… 512. Thank you.


3 Responses to “Resonances…”

  1. […] To The Inland Sea Once More, 1 June 1, 2009 Filed under: Jeogeot Continent, Korean Channel/Inland Sea — baker Blinker @ 7:26 am OK, this is where this continually refined route starts to become really interesting, trust me. Let’s start with the waterfall below directly west of the now quite important fuchsia colored building discussed before. Karoz has now discovered that the nice waterfall is copyable, which is rather usual in this profit driven virtual world. He’s also discovered that this indeed is a twin to the waterfall next to the house containing a vendor offering the parrot product discussed before, and which Baker Bloch has already bought for a quite reasonable 10 lindens. If you wish to check, here’s the SLurl to the waterfall pictured below, and here’s the one to the waterfall next to the studio house, also in Noguri. The 2 falls lies about 100 meters away from each other, but the mystery is not that the two are rather proximate to each other (that’s explainable due to the fact that the owner of each is one and the same), but that they figure into this whole complex of synchronicities first discussed in detail here. […]

  2. […] in the Noguri sim, along with the multiple waterfalls. This obviously also has something to do with Wheeler 09. That Fuchsia house represents the diamond again, doesn’t […]

  3. […] also notice that the red blood contrasts with Karoz’s blue-greenness much like the 2 parrots from the Wheeler 09 collage, which Hucka D. has indicated recently represents Chilbo and Crabwoo. Small resonances piled on top […]

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