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The Moon Redux, 02 November 12, 2009

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Right on the northern edge of the Sea of Despair sim is found this rusty lantern on post, created and owned by Wisold Sage. I noticed he (or she) has a created a number of other objects or structures on Gelsomina. You can actually buy this isolated object, but I thought the price was a little steep: L$250. Thought about the similarly “stranded” purse and other objects from Cooper’s Island, and had the idea that, similarly, this post and its position might mean something in the long run. So I decided to include a picture of it here.


The two largest islands of the several in the Sea of Despair separating Gelsomina from The Moon appear in the below picture. Karoz is standing on the somewhat larger of the two, perhaps suspiciously shaped like a capital “E” (see here and here). The rusty lantern/post appears to the left of the ship in the background.


Interesting shells on the floor of the Sea of Despair.


A small, barren island separating the two largest islands of the sea mentioned before. No objects whatsoever on any of these islands, not even vegetation.


Then it’s on to Gelsomina, where Karoz reinspects the cave at the southeast corner of the large island of the sim, taking up about 80 per cent of its landmass. The grave topped by the celtic cross found in May still lies within. Person or persons buried there: unknown.



This cave notwithstanding, Gelsomina, like The Moon sim, had changed considerably since Karoz’s first visit in May. Like the addition of this “Red And Gold Moroccan Tent” near the center of the island.


And then actually here’s another unchanged object, seemingly: what’s called the “Crooked House” tucked in the northwest corner of the sim, on a smaller, mountainous island. Karoz would be visiting this house in a moment, with more adventures in store for him!


Top of the island, with a Stonehenge-ish configuration of standing stones.




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