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Just Gelling May 23, 2009

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This is the view of The Moon island just visited by Karoz from a southern peak of Gelsomina, also a single island sim like The Moon.


A sailing ship docked on the southern shore of the island. Perhaps strangely, when Karoz walks the dock over the water in an effort to board, he’s blocked by a plank of wood crossing the dock about waist high down the first flight of stairs. Of course he could just fly over it and land on the ship itself, but Karoz decides that someone put this blockage here for a reason, and perhaps wisely decides to not explore the ship.


Nice beach with dark sand on the east side of the island, complete with this table and two candles. Not much more, though.

Actually, Baker Bloch, in checking behind Karoz (for a change!), is finding a grave topped by a celtic cross inside one of the largest rocks of the beach. But his first impression is that it doesn’t warrant another visit by Karoz to the island in and of itself. We’ll see what else turns up in the meantime, though.


Then on the north side of the island we have one of the two, actual houses in Gelsomina, this one perched on a satellite island. I made a mistake earlier by claiming Gelsomina to be a single island sim, then. Actually there are 3 islands to the sim, the one pictured below (the island starts at the rickety old stairway just below Karoz here), what amounts to a large boulder in the ne corner of the sim, and then the main island itself, which probably makes up about 80 per cent or more of the total land within Gelsomina.


Another, perhaps curious blockage to an an entrance to something in Gelsomina, this time an old castle tower. Karoz takes note and picture, and then moves on.


The second house of the sim, almost directly south of the first and on the main island this time. Again, in exploring the house, nothing seems really extraordinary about it, although he admits it to be a nice build. No modifications by the owner; it was just unpacked, as is, and placed on this spot, as was, apparently, the other house of the sim on that satellite island.


Another tower — nothing out of the ordinary once again.


Karoz admittedly has an attraction to pose balls — he likes to sit on them and then watch the resulting animation, often taking a snapshot or two or three or ten from a short distance. This poseball suggests that Karoz should be “scheming” at the moment. I suppose it works — this is found on the second floor of the main island house. Karoz doesn’t usually like to just walk it like this and sit down on other people’s furniture and use their poseballs, but the door was open, after all, and he’s so curious to dig up anything on the whereabouts and identity of his mother.


But Karoz comes to the conclusion, after sitting on the couch for a while and “scheming” the situation over, that Gelsomina, however pretty on the surface, will not yield any deep results.



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  1. […] Karoz would return to this particular spot very soon, but for this particular visit he decides to head over the water sim to the north of The Moon (Sea of Despair) to a sim called Gelsomina. That’s the subject of our next Moon sim related post. […]

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