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The “Other” Moon, 2 (More To Come!) May 23, 2009

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In going back to The Moon for further explorations and adventures, Karoz finds this fascinating pool of water underneath a large rock arch in the south central part of the island, missed in his previous visit. This is just to the east of the hilltop portal he did find before, with Isis revealed within.

What is the meaning of all these underwater cones and jags? he ponders at the time.


Then just south of the pool are these two wagons, one called a “Sailor’s Waggon” in the description (which interested him less), and the other to the right a “gypsy caravan” (which interested him more, since his mother has been described as such). He peeks inside the latter, but finds nothing that strikes him as very out-of-place, at least as gypsy caravans go.


Karoz would return to this particular spot very soon, but for this visit he decides to fly over the water sim to the north of The Moon (Sea of Despair) to a sim called Gelsomina. That’s the subject of our next Moon sim related post.



2 Responses to “The “Other” Moon, 2 (More To Come!)”

  1. gypsydejavu Says:

    Hello there, Mr. Blinker,

    I do believe we’ve met at the crooked house on Gelsomina..I’m enjoying your blog which I’ve only just discovered, and if you have any questions about Gypsy Moon, in this life or the other…it’s been my life’s work and I have those answers.

    • Hellow gypsydejavu! Yes, I very vividly remember that day when I met you and your sister through Karoz. Glad you’re enjoying the blog! I’ve created a separate sub-category about your sims here, just today.

      Please feel free to contribute anything you like to the Baker Blinker Blog in its spirit, and also feel free to write me at the email found in the “All About This” page, linked at the top of the Baker Blinker Blog. Very kind of you to write yourself.

      Thanks again!

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