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Crabwoo, 01 June 3, 2009

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What exactly is Crabwoo? Well, I don’t fully know the answer to that myself yet. I do know several things about it for now. I know that Crabwoo on the Mãebaleia continent, in its archetypal form through past-present-future, appears to be some kind of psychic double to Chilbo on the Jeogeot continent, just as the continents themselves are doubles in the same manner. The twinship of the continents, in fact, can be said to frame the twinship of the 2 communities; the second pairing would most likely not exist without the first.

I published the snapshots to this post about a week ago. Today I’ll work on some maps showing the physical similarities between the two communities. I’ve already demonstrated in this post from mid-May some of the very peculiar resonances between Jeogeot and Malbeleia themselves. Let me prepare the new maps and then I’ll get back to generating the text to this post.


Alright, I’ve finished at least the first group of promised maps and published them to this new blog post. The bottom 2 maps give the highest resolution I can produce on my computer of, first, Chilbo, and then the Crabwoo or Crabwooton location. The top 2 maps show, through small magenta boxes, the location of the 2 relative to their respective continents. Armed with these maps, let’s talk about some possible resonances, then.

First off, I’d like to just remind the reader that the Mãebaleia Continent has been rotated 180 degrees from its true position on the grid in the second snapshot of the new post, while Jeogeot (top snapshot) remains unaltered in the same respect. This was done to illustrate the possible relationship between the two. In fact, I have no doubt that there is a direct relationship, although I’m unsure how to presently pinpoint it except through the general Crabwoo-Chilbo resonance. Click on each to better see the magenta boxes that mark the two indicated communities. Notice these 2 marked communities, if you toggle between the two pictures, roughly overlap each other as positioned this way.

Turning to a comparison of these first pair of continent pictures with the second pair of higher resolution pictures of the communities themselves from this post, we once again have the magenta boxes present, but much larger now. We can see that both communities as I’m defining them here roughly correspond to 2 full sims. For Chilbo, this would be the Chilbo sim itself, the original sim of the town, and then Madhupak to the south. The limits of the Chilbo property are rather easy to determine in this close up because of the everpresent reddish brown brick sidewalks within, a defining feature of the community. So you can see that although pieces of this sidewalk exist outside these now 2 core sims of Chilbo, the vast majority lie within Chilbo and Madhupak. Filling them up, in fact.

Let’s then look at the high resolution picture of what I’m calling Crabwoo (or Crabwooton, which Hucka D. has called it on one or two occasions), the 4th snapshot of the new post. Again, a defining feature is sidewalks, which form regular grids in this area, just like in Chilbo (but not red in this case). Again, about 2 full sims are defined by these sidewalks, and, again just like Chilbo, one of the two seems more central. In Crabwoo’s case, this would be Malyshkin.

So leaving alone more details of the overall resonance until later, let’s turn to specific locations within Malyshkin. Below we have a shot of the 1024 parcel that contains the only point where the two sims making up our Crabwoo touch the Blue Feather Sea. This would be at northwest corner of this parcel. More on that soon, perhaps.


Almost next door to this parcel to its east is this empty green area, affording Karoz a look into the next sim over and the Neverov Art Gallery just visited. So close, in fact, that it must be tied into Crabwoo in some way as well, especially given what comes up later on in the new post.


Walking around the sidewalks of what we’re calling Crabwoo more (again, that’s not any kind of official name anyone would recognize), Karoz reaches this dead end and almost doubles back upon himself. Baker Bloch sometimes assumes this same pose — hmmmmm.


Karoz enters what is currently the “meat” of the Malyshkin sim: a complex of buildings mostly owned by the DazedandConfused group, including the one straight ahead of Karoz here. This is The Seventies Rock Jam Poster Gallery: A Dazed Production, containing, as the name states, a gallery of posters depicting various seventies rock jams, er, stars.


A walkway spanning the sidewalk just ahead of Karoz in that last snapshot connects this poster gallery to the Museum of Noob Art, where in one display Karoz becomes the willing subject of an anoobtomy lesson. The House of Funny Poses located upstairs from this museum is still under construction.


This punk rock themed store then sits just to the east of the Museum of Noob Art, offering “clothes, accessories, tattoos, posters and guitars in the spirit of 1977”, according to the parcel description.


In the exact center of what we’re calling Crabwoo is this 2304 square meter parcel called “Kashmir”, obviously after the famous Led Zeppelin song from their mid-70s blockbuster double album Physical Graffiti.



The only object on the parcel besides palm trees is this central place of meditation, or, quoting again the parcel’s description, “a place to chill”. Mediation pillows are found in all 4 corners of the open structure. Karoz tests one out here. Ohmmmm…. chiiiiiillll… ohmmmm…*


Then Karoz looks directly south out of the Kashmir parcel to discover the marquee entrance of the Dazed and Confused clothes shop.

More on Crabwoo or Crabwooton asap!


* I didn’t realize until about 10 minutes after publishing this post the possible implications of “chill” in the Kashmir parcel’s description. Chill… Chilbo!


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