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Chilbo & Crabwooton June 9, 2009

The discussion about the 4 maps below has already taken place in this post, as created several days ago. So I’ll refer interested readers there instead of unnecessarily repeating myself here. Scroll down past the 4 maps to get to further explanatory text…

2nd continent larger w chilbo smaller

3rd continent w crabwoo smaller



Inspired by finding the powerful center of Crabwoo, which I’ll review further in a moment, Karoz decides to teleport directly into the center of the Chilbo sim to see what’s there. He encounters a very nice Asian-Indian style relief depicting an elephant and its two riders. For Karoz, this brings to mind the fact that the center of the Malyshkin sim, possible direct parallel to the Chilbo sim in the overall Chilbo-Crabwoo resonation, is on a parcel of land called “Kashmir”, another theme borrowed from the Indian sub-continent. I checked the wikipedia article for this geographic region, and learned that its extent today has been expanded from olden times to include bits of China, India, and Pakistan. Perhaps interestingly, I found, upon subsequently googling information about Asian elephants, that their ancient range was much larger than the present one, and included all the Indian subcontinent right up, it seemed, to Kashimir, but perhaps not including it. So another modern-ancient range variation here, except reversed in respect to each other (smaller to bigger for Kashmir; bigger to smaller for the Asian elephant), and also “touching” each other if time constraints are removed (modern range of Kashmir “touches” ancient range of elephants). This might be a little convoluted, but I’m just recording here the associations I’m having insights about. May mean nothing, but maybe not. My gut feeling, however, is that all this means something and represents true synchronicity. It has something to do with the overall Chilbo-Crabwoo resonation, and reinforces this resonation or this “touching” on another, RL plane this time.


This is the more precisely defined center of the Malyshkin sim and Crabwoo as a whole, apparently, as already described in the earlier post.


A new development, then, has Karoz teleporting inside this large temple skybox in a neighboring parcel to Kashmir. He immediately recognizes the product: it’s the same type that he and Baker Bloch had been looking for somewhere in the Neverov Art Gallery just over the northern boundary of Malyshkin! Could it be the same, exact skybox even?? It seemed unlikely, given that it is in a different sim. On the other hand — lemme check — while standing at the teleporter to the skybox at the center of the parcel, described as a “transworld coaching headquarters”, Baker Bloch can clearly see the Neverov Art Gallery to the northwest within his 96 meter range. In teleporting up to the temple, he finds that the teleporter now in front of him provides a wide range of selections. He discovers that the place Karoz beamed into the other day is called a holodeck.


Going back in time a bit, then, Karoz, when he finds the place, randomly clicks on the globe in front of him. It happens to bring up a map of the eastern hemisphere, with the Indian subcontinent directly in front of him. Again, these little coincidences might not seem much on the surface, but when you add them all together a broader picture is sketch, in my estimation. There’s something very odd going here.


Then to reinforce this strangeness, when Karoz accidentally falls out of the Malyshkin temple skybox, he happens to land right in the middle of two severed parts of one body. Where Karoz is standing below is exactly the point he stood up after the fall. To me, looking at it now, I think this represents a contrast, perhaps, between real reality and virtual reality. In real reality, Karoz, having taken a fall out of 500 meter high structure, would have truthfully become a bloody pulp like our severed friend here, and maybe even broke in two as well. In virtual reality, however, Karoz simply dusts himself off (a trait he shares with Baker Bloch) and continues on as normal.

I also notice that the red blood contrasts with Karoz’s blue-greenness much like the 2 parrots from the Wheeler 09 collage, which Hucka D. has indicated recently represent Chilbo and Crabwoo. Small resonances continually piled on top of each other become not so small after a spell. That is what’s happening in this case.



3 Responses to “Chilbo & Crabwooton”

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