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The Moon Redux, 03 November 12, 2009

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Some maps of the adjacent sims of The Moon, Sea of Despair, and Gelsomina, the first depicting them in isolation, and then the second showing their relationship with the nearby southern tip of the Maebaleia continent. I thought it important to show the second because this proximity figures into Hucka D.’s story of how he (or his father?) owned both Jeogeot and Maebaleia, but not The Moon and attached sims, which he calls “holdouts”. I’m sure I’ll be speaking more of that interesting side story soon.

And just a note about that “E” shaped island: Turns out it is about 50 meters long top to bottom, or about the same length of Karoz’s “Big E” (or “Big Schwa”). Now my thinking is that this cannot be a chance occurrence, and that the two have to be directly related now. So I’ll also definitely have more things to say about this as well, perhaps tying it to the holdout status of the Moon complex mentioned just above (I think it might have something to do with TILE, just to wet your appetite a bit).*

Reminder: no islands were in the Sea of Despair during Karoz’s first visit.



Karoz on the western tip of the “E” shaped island looking north. The top of a sailing ship appears over the far side of the island in front of Karoz, not visited at the time. However, as Baker Bloch is checking behind Karoz today, he finds the ship is called “Blackspot – the Sloop Raven”, a totally empty galley with no further clues, seemingly, of the nature of the former crew members.


From his same position, Karoz turns around in his tracks to look back at The Moon and the tower with the dragon mentioned before.


Taking a closer look at that rusty lamp and post.


Relaxing inside a nice “Canal Narrowboat” moored off the southern coast of the main Gelsomina island, not far from the empty sailing ship.


Tiles beside the wood stove within. Birds, ships, flowers and, yes, bunnies, hehe.


Another object — a leaning plank of wood, it appears, both created and owned by Wiseold Sage. Like the small configuration of standing rocks just to its north, it lies on the highest plateau of the island. Also on this plateau, besides several giant trees and some smaller trees, are perhaps mysterious rock floors partially protruding from the ground, again owned/created by Wiseold Sage. Remnants of a building that use to sit on this plateau?


View into the 2 giant trees of the plateau, called “Emerald Forest Mega” in their descriptions. The higher of the two is kind of leaning into the other, with a small stone walkway separating the two on the ground. The walkway leads to a viewing platform just to their north.


Before leaving this night, Karoz decides to take another look at the Crooked House to see if anything has changed over there in the meantime.


But in doing so, he notices that two avatars have come to the island, apparently looking for *him*. He is scared. He is also trapped way up in the top of the house, with no easy and quick way down because of the ladders.

From his position, however, he is able to take snapshots of the two obviously investigating avatars. One happens to be Gypsy Dejavu, the very same Gypsy that owns the island. He is thrilled (!), but also too shy to make his presence immediately known. He hids out in the tower of Crooked House, then, waiting for them to leave. But they don’t — they silently stand on the island scouting around, Gypsy just underneath him, and what turned out to be a family member just to the south. The snapshot below takes in both of ’em, with Gypsy more to the front.


Karoz in his unanticipated hiding spot, anxiously waiting for the Gypsy and her mate to leave the island. Didn’t happen.


Well… what *did* happen? I hear the reader asking with baited breath. The two finally called to Karoz saying they see him up there (which I halfway doubt), and that they just stopped by to say “hello”. Well, that friendly overture was all Karoz needed to joyfully bound down the ladders into lower rooms, where he met Gypsy and the equivalent to her sister in the main room of the house.

I won’t bore the reader with all that was discussed, but Karoz effectively recounted how he found The Moon sim through the “gypsy purse” on Otherland Islands (Gypsy certainly remembered living there!), and also slyly asked if Gypsy knew of other moss beings like himself (thinking, of course, of his father Gene Fade, who Hucka D. has claimed lived on this very island, and perhaps was the mate of this very same woman who stood before him!). Karoz ended up making authentic friends with the both of ’em, to his great satisfaction, and stated that when they *do* have a party at the caravan scene (Gypsy explained that they were hoping to have such a gathering soon), to *please* invite him, and to not forget. He also volunteered to wear a different shirt, although, after Gypsy and friend offered to help him shop for a different skin (I think), he explains he cannot change his moss texture, and then tacked on the word “unfortunately,” which I think induced a laugh or two. AND, let’s not forget that Hucka D. has also claimed this Gypsy Moon might be the MOTHER of Karoz. Had he truly just had the incredible privilege to befriend his own mother???

I personally think Hucka D. will clarify this comment later on. I believe that “Gypsy Moon” is, in a way, Karoz’s mother, true enough, although if you asked her point blank about Gene Fade, she wouldn’t recall a thing, and for a good enough reason. Karoz’s mother is somehow a blend of this Gypsy and also the alien creature found on Mos Ainsley, likewise the “moon” of Jeogeot, as The Moon is the actual moon or satellite sim of Maebaelia (again, in Hucka D.-speak). There is some unspoken, unexplored, and un*folded* dimension between these two, um, extremes, involving the whole of what is going on (the “spin” of the 2 continents in question, associated in this blog with the Taijiu).

Anyway, Karoz is very much looking forward to the promised gypsy party on The Moon!


* I also think Fellini’s film La strada, starring Giulietta Masina as Gelsomina, plays a part in this overall story.


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