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Rental Searching… September 28, 2009

Another shot from Otherland, this time of an island in a homestead sim, one of a number offered for sale through the estate. The price for this one is 45 bucks plus 36 dollars “tier” per month. A little too steep for me… I’ll stick with Azure Islands homestead living for now. Still an option to think about in the future.


Previously unspied, 1/2way hidden tree planter in Loneos I thought I’d provide a picture of here.


Suset over the Atoll continent. Baker is just teleporting around looking at potential rental property this night…


… which included a visit to Jeogeot’s Zen City, the one Little Robert Plant Variant supposedly bombed at least once and maybe up to three times. Looks like there’s considerably more options to rent and buy in the area now. Still…


… Baker finally settles on a house in Ephant on the Corisca continent, a place he’d looked at a couple of weeks ago, actually, but found he had insufficient funds to rent at the time. Problem solved now. This is a quite nice 2 story house for the price (3 dollars a month). And lo and behold, the waterfall I was attempting to fit on my Noru property (just given up today — sigh!) slots in perfectly in a gully between the privacy wall and the front of the house. I’ve detemined this “perfect fit” must mean something… no surprise there.




More on Ephant soon!


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