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I know some more now, 01… September 28, 2009

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“I know some more now, 01.”

Hucka D.:

It’s Hucka D. And, yes, good work one more. Once, I mean.


I know there was a contest to see who would be the rat.

Hucka D.:

Chesaw verses Saw-che. One had to become The Rat — no other way.


I know this battle took place in the Uncyclopedia’s Pieland.

Hucka D.:

In the same house at least. That was moved into SL.


And I know there’s a triangle involved. 2 Pielands, as we now know. The first, Uncyclopedia’s, contained the triangle cat-turtle, Chesaw, and Saw-Che. The second, SL’s Pieland, now Big Island, had cat (Max), turtle (Max), and Chesaw. What happened was that Chesaw…

Hucka D.:

Let me help. In the Victorian house on your property, a battle took place. You know where pie comes from in a certain way. It’s like the Trivia Pursuit pies, except this was called Trivia *Rat*suit.


For the reader, the emphasis of the second word still comes on the second syllable. It’s RatSUIT, not RATsuit. Chesaw and Saw-che played this game, with the trivia pursuit style pies. The consequences? The loser had to don a special rat suit for a certain amount of time until the next contest. Eventually the rat suit became [permanent], in that it integrated with the actual flesh and blood of the wearer. When this happened, one would become SL Pieland’s Chesaw, and the other would become Saw-che. Saw-che is *The Rat*.

In Uncyclopedia, penguins and humans are said to have continually waged a war for the supremacy of the Milky Way galaxy. This is totally correct — within Uncyclopedia, and for the characters who carry over into SL through the Pieland-Big Island connection. In Uncyclopedia’s Pieland — let’s call it Original Pieland for short, or 1st Pieland — Chesaw was one, and the cat-turtle was one. They were friends, perhaps best friends. [The cat-turtle] would be best described as a cat-tortoise, and the last of its kind. It was known that the cat-tortoise would live far beyond the years of Chesaw himself. One day, cat-tortoise told Chesaw a secret about himself. Chesaw had become restless over the escalating war between penguins and humans. The island he lived on, Pieland, was threatened. Cat-tortoise said that there was a way to defeat the penguins, but it would involve creating a wormhole to a second, alternate Pieland. This would be the Pieland that is now your Big Island. Cat-tortoise said he could create the wormhole, but in order to do so he would have to separate into his two components, a cat and a tortoise. In SL’s Pieland, both would be named Max, as was the cat-tortoise itself. Cat-tortoise Max revealed to Chesaw that he was part Galapagos tortoise, transmuted into a cat-tortoise by the evil penguins in order to render him harmless. If he splits apart and becomes tortoise separate from cat, in turn the *penguins* would be rendered harmless. The penguins know this fact too, then. They would be turned into the harmless Galapagos penguins, you see [instead of supremely powerful Galactic penguins]. Galapagos presents a way station between the two Pielands.

Another consequence of moving from 1st Pieland to 2nd, SL Pieland is that Chesaw himself would also become split. This would be Chesaw and Saw-chee according to SL names. One would have to create the wormhole in the first place by moving back in time. This would be according to the rules of the internal battle between the two twinned souls. The wormhole could only be created by The Rat — one would have to become this Rat; no other way.

Chesaw thought this over and decided it was worth the sacrifice. The wormhole was created by Max the cat-tortoise. Essentially he moved original Pieland into second or SL Pieland by making dreaming into reality. Chesaw became split, but forgot that this happened initially. He lived in the same Victorian house. [He baked pies.] Then Saw-che showed up one day… with the Trivia Ratsuit game. He explained to Chesaw, who had, as I said, forgotten what was going on. The loser would have to wear the rat suit for a certain amount of time. Saw-che also had the rat suit with him on this initial visit. They began their battles. It wasn’t a nightly game, but maybe weekly… I’ll have to check. The loser would wear the rat suit. He would move closer to being a rat, The Rat. Eventually one or the other became The Rat and effected the wormhole that caused the solidification of this second Pieland in the first place. This would be Saw-che, called Chancellor Lord Saw-che by then.


You said that Chesaw was whole in 1st Pieland but split into Chesaw and Saw-chee in 2nd Pieland. Why is it… was Saw-che merely *latent* within Chesaw in 1st Pieland? I’m not quite understanding that part.

Hucka D.:

Saw-che was destined to become The Rat. Chesaw would stay in the Victorian house, then, and control 2nd Pieland. The Arab would [subsequently] arrive. I would arrive. I would have my 5 children, one of which would grow up to be Peter of Petemond fame. The Rat would have his own dimension in Pons by then. But we still could dream about him, and dream about him we did. All of us. For he was very close, although in this different dimension. He existed in the realm of sound and we in sight, Chesaw explained. And there was a direct connection between the two through the hole. The Hole.


What is the connection of Chesaw’s baked pies and the pies of Trivia Pur… Ratsuit?

Hucka D.:

Max the kitten lived with Chesaw in 2nd Pieland, until he died at a natural cat age. Max the tortoise, which was a Galapagos Tortoise, lived in the wilderness to the south. Or north. They were still one soul, and when the cat died, this 2nd Pieland reality would fold up if The Rat hadn’t affected the wormhole. They had a considerable time to play Trivia Ratsuit before the ultimate commitment, then. Chesaw and Saw-che, I mean.



So, let me see, the baked pies only came about after the Trivia Ratsuit battles with *those* type of pies. This was a remnant memory as well [of Chesaw, after the battle had ended and Saw-che became The Rat]?

Hucka D.:

You know more now. You know that there is a baked pie with 7 slices, reduced to 6, and then the Trivia Ratsuit pie with 6 slices and no more. The 7th was destined to be lost, the “???”. People [like Chesaw] eat the pies to forget. The pie covers the other, earlier pie. An overlap masks a truer, higher memory. The memory of the 6 slice pie that could be less, true, but, at its greatest, no more than a 6 slice pie. 6 pie pieces maximum. But one of each possible 6 colors. Pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, brown. Another part of this masking involved Augustus the captain of The Arab having the same name as The Rat. The Rat was not known by Saw-che any longer, but Augustus, or just August. The two realities separated, Chesaw’s and The Rat’s. Original pies became second pies. Original Augusts became 2nd Augusts. The Hole was covered or masked. And all was ok again — the galaxy was saved from the supremely powerful penguins. Jesus and the humans won out over Lord Guin. Galapagos was an archipelago of harmless turtles and penguins, as we know it in *Un*uncyclopedia world. Galapagos was not Galaxy any longer. Mankind was saved.


Perhaps that should be all for tonight. Thanks very much as usual.

Hucka D.:

Quite welcome as usual.


Rental Searching…

Another shot from Otherland, this time of an island in a homestead sim, one of a number offered for sale through the estate. The price for this one is 45 bucks plus 36 dollars “tier” per month. A little too steep for me… I’ll stick with Azure Islands homestead living for now. Still an option to think about in the future.


Previously unspied, 1/2way hidden tree planter in Loneos I thought I’d provide a picture of here.


Suset over the Atoll continent. Baker is just teleporting around looking at potential rental property this night…


… which included a visit to Jeogeot’s Zen City, the one Little Robert Plant Variant supposedly bombed at least once and maybe up to three times. Looks like there’s considerably more options to rent and buy in the area now. Still…


… Baker finally settles on a house in Ephant on the Corisca continent, a place he’d looked at a couple of weeks ago, actually, but found he had insufficient funds to rent at the time. Problem solved now. This is a quite nice 2 story house for the price (3 dollars a month). And lo and behold, the waterfall I was attempting to fit on my Noru property (just given up today — sigh!) slots in perfectly in a gully between the privacy wall and the front of the house. I’ve detemined this “perfect fit” must mean something… no surprise there.




More on Ephant soon!