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“My new name…” September 22, 2009

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“… is Baker Beach, Hucka D.”

Hucka D.:

Inevitable, as stated. But you are truly a beach bum now. Super beach bum. Superbum. S-bum.



Hucka D., I think I know where you lived.

Hucka D.:

You are exactly correct on that. I remember that grove of palms very well. We hid a vehicle in them as well.


A butt bunny?

Hucka D.:

No, a bus. VW Bus. Where’s yours?


Baker Blinker wasn’t able to find it in her inventory. So I don’t know. Maybe lost.

Hucka D.:

Find another one.



Hucka D.:

Paint it up. Yellow Sub.


Right, I remember.

Hucka D.:

Tis time.


Ok, ok. (pause) Hucka D., maybe we should talk more about Chesaw tonight.

Hucka D.:

Yes. Good idea.


Is Azure Islands a reaction to Orion’s Vale? I mean, I chose it over the Vale, and following in the footsteps of Sachie Bade there. And Chesaw is sorta kinda a phonetic inversion of the syllables making up the name Sachie. Don’t you think?

Hucka D.:

Could be. Do you think Chesaw is Peter?


Maybe he used the butt bunny as a mode of travel.

Hucka D.:

Oh he did. He [hopped down to] our sandy house quite often in it. Took the Old Road down from his non-store store.


I’m having trouble selecting the version of the TILE Temple to put up in the sky, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Choose the one with the wing, then delete all the high textures.


Thanks for that.

Hucka D.:

There were horses on the island then too. White ones. Wild ones. Which one’s Pink?


Is Pinky really a horse, then?

Hucka D.:

Ummm, *no*. Would you like to see a picture?





So Pinky’s a woman?

Hucka D.:

What? Oh, sorry. Wrong picture. That’s Krayzie Fayzie from another island. Actually a man, but doesn’t he make a pretty lass indeed? No, here’s the picture. Copied the wrong one off the internet.


Hucka D.:

Dang it! That’s wrong too. That’s the giant mouse, er, rat. that supposedly ate Pinky that day he first snuck over to Chesaw Island behind my back. The mouse is real enough, see. That’s what reading too much of The Babble will do to you, baker b.

bb (correcting):

Baker Beach… aw, just keep calling me baker b. I’ll know what it means. (pause) So do we have a real picture of your Pinky or not?

Hucka D.:

Ummmm. Maybe not.


How about any of the other brood? What were they? Index, Ring?

Hucka D.:

Here’s Index for ya.



Pretty. Is that a man dressed up as a lass as well, Hucka D.?

Hucka D.:

No. Here’s Ring. Oh, wait, here’s a good one of Thomb.



That is a nice one. He looks sleepy. It is a he, I assume.

Hucka D.:

Thomb was the oldest. Yes, that’s a he. Thomb had trouble getting enough oxygen, like Baker Bloch’s father. Before he died and became a ghost in space, that is. Forgot Middle.



I know where that is. That’s The Jug. West Virginia. Why did you…?

Hucka D.:

That’s where we are now. We’re on an island in the middle. Of nowhere.


Big Island S., Part 3

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Perhaps another trace of a road between Chesaw’s and Hucka D.’s old locations?


Interesting quadrangle of yellow-green plants on the border of 2 sims, just in front of where Baker Bloch is standing above. Called “Island – Plant 5” in the descriptions. The right pair of plants lies in Nei, and the left 2 in Chesaux itself.


A look over at Flynn’s new house (giant sand castle), which happens to be on the same spot, according to Hucka D. once more, of Chesaw’s original archipelago home. This would also be the same as what we’ve been calling Chesaw Island in this blog. It is the northeast of 4 parcels in the Chesaux sim; I own the southwest parcel caddycorner to this, and Hucka D.’s original home, if it existed (we’ll go ahead and take Hucka D.’s word on this), would be in the southeast parcel sharing a 128 meter border with both.

Baker Bloch’s in Pons for this shot, I believe, the sim to the east of Chesaux.


Continuing east through Pons, then, Blochs reaches the easternmost part of Big Island. From here he can see the full extent of the “Sandy Hook” island mentioned elsewhere in recent posts. Totally berift of plants now, a true “sandy hook” of an island indeed. I have also noticed that all 3 parcels containing the island have been united as one parcel now, making up 3/4ths of the Pons sim (NW, NE, SE). This western point of Big Island is situated in the remaining Pons parcel (SW).


Rounding the eastern tip and heading west now on the south coast of Big Island, Baker decides to take this picture of another smaller and neighboring island. Baker now stands in Loneos, containing the very sw tip of Big Island.


And then, in Nei again, a horse! Baker attempts to be friendly and says hi while walking by, but the rider seems preoccupied with exploring.


Another shot of the horse on the western part of Big Island now. Baker takes this shot with a long distance draw.


Baker’s parcel from the underwater knoll mentioned before, just north, again, of Hucka D.’s supposed old home.


An underwater indentation this time, at the corner of 4 parcels (2 in Pons, 2 in Chesaux) and quite nearby the underwater knoll pictured above.


Heading home again.



Big Island S., Part 2

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The next day, well night, Baker Bloch decides to fly over to one of the larger Azure Islands he is more unfamiliar with. This would be the relatively new island — let’s call it Azure Island #6 — wedged between the largest of these islands to the west, or Azure Island #1 in this blog, and the Comet Archipelago to the east. In other words, it’s between my old Azure Island homes on #1, and my new AI home, although there’s no land bridge between this newish, large island and Azure Island #1 as yet. But you can reach it directly from Comet Archipelago, which Baker accomplished this night.

Below shows a flying Baker heading away from Big Island centering his archipelago and toward Azure Island #6. You can still see that sandy knob even from several sims away. So surprising since it’s only several meters high.


Baker safe and sound on Azure Island #6, which is centered by a protected sim. I’m sure Baker will be visiting this island again in the very near future; tonight he’s just scouting around. The island, like several of the majors ones of AI, is obviously volcanic in origin.


He finds a double to his first, real SL house on the western side of the island. Inside is arranged quite differently, though. Interesting way that the owner has opened up the walls in the back.


And Baker also teleports over to Azure Islands #1 this night, just in time to see the sun rising while standing on its familiar, central mountain range. This is over the still intact forest in the Vasyutin sim. Unfortunately, most forests on the island, the ones I certainly enjoyed when I lived there, have been heavily logged, we’ll say. As I said, it’s not the same place that I knew, and I probably will not move back.


Back to my *new*, presently cheerier Azure Island home and the beachfront Hucka D. claimed he lived on. You can see that Flynn’s house is gone now, and I also wanted to show the prominent, round knoll in the water just offshore. This can act as a guiding landmark for re-finding the position of Hucka’s old haunt. Maybe this knoll even has its own story to tell.



The clump of palms, Hucka D. claims was positioned right behind his old beach house on the island. Hucka D. is now also claiming that something is buried in this mini-grove, but hasn’t clearly indicated what yet. Can’t wait.


Close up of a plant growing directly into the trunk of one of those palms.


Is this the same, possible trail that Baker Bloch found the day before? Anyway, this, again, leads away from the beach at Hucka D.’s claimed, old homestead. I wonder if he had a name for it?



Big Island S., Part 1

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View from the porch of the central Victorian house toward The Arab and the western beach.


This night Baker hops a ride on an inner tube to a neighboring, unnamed island to the west. You can always tell, presently, the location of the property by that protruding, sandy knob. Nifty.


Another fallen palm, this time a Linden species.


I’m am so excited that my friend Flynn has moved to Comet Archipelago, and now owns an island in Chesaux as well. This was, briefly, her original beach house in the archipelago, on the property just below the one she now owns. And this is the spot that Hucka D. is claiming was also his home on the island when Chesaw was still around, and the two structures also resemble each other, he says.


Baker finds what might be the remains of a road leading to Hucka D.’s claimed old homestead.