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Sunklands, Etc… September 1, 2009

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Sunrise over the center of Sunklands. Wunderbar!


Well, that’s the center of the sunk part anyway. The 3 pictures below are from the center of the whole Sunklands area, perhaps very near where Petemond was located. Many gravestones are found in the immediate area of what might be the highest hill of Sunklands, in Tuatara (*very* laggy when Blochs was visiting the other night) and also the northwest corner of Pudding Hill. There’s about a 100 meter drop in elevation from this hill to the bottom of Sunklands (140 meters down to 40 meters, approx.).




Baker Bloch has also been roaming around the Okinu area again, specifically the sim immediately to the south, Suisun. He’s tempted to rent some presently available land there, but remembers that he and his user have perhaps enough irons in the fire right now. Could be wrong.

Ps. Baker Bloch is standing on a platform shown in the 1st Hidalgo collage, called “Lemon World”. Okinu sim is directly to his north here.

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