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Pieland verses Pieland: Hucka D.’s thoughts September 24, 2009

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… or so Hucka D. exclaims.

Let’s take a look through Hucka D.’s don’t-call-them-goofy bee eyes at the associated UncyclopediA article, Pieland.

Hucka D. wants to go through this material and separate the wheat from the chaff as he describes it.

First off, the Penguin Wars were [or will be] real.


He emphasizes that. The penguins wanted or will want the so-called great pies and the pieberry bushes; they have to. Furthermore, he states his belief in most everything about penguins in this article. Yes, Lord Guin and Jesus will engage in wing to hand combat with the fate of the entire Milky Way hanging in the balance, and so on.

On the other hand, Hucka D. refutes the religion of the Great Flying Hankerchief of Brett, saying it isn’t real, but shares some similarities with TILE, admittedly. I followed up on this to ask if TILE was known in Chesaw’s day even, when the hole was open. He mysteriously nodded.

He also added that Kentuckistan was basically a truth spelled out correctly in that right-as-drizzle article.

Hucka D. states his Pieland did indeed export pies, but as a source of intellectual nourishment instead of physical. This would have involved the original 7 sims dividing the island into slices once again, reduced to 6 at the same time Hucka D. claims to have “gone native”. He said this indeed could have been the same as pietanium referenced in the UncyclopediA article, a material of great value to the rest of the worlds (virtual and real) and Pieland’s greatest export, along with the pies themselves, of course. I’m taking from Hucka D. that the two are actually one and the same.

Cherry Pie Sliced

I asked Hucka D. about the cat-turtle in the article. He said he’d see what he could cook up (Another reference to pie cooking perhaps? Probably not.)


What I’m also getting out of the article is that the cat-turtle and penguin are opposites on the love-hate spectrum of Pieland’s wildlife appreciation, the cat-turtle being the national symbol for Pieland and the penguin, when found entering its waters, being immediately shot at. Hucka D. does not notably disagree with this interpretation, although he doesn’t go into detail about how the natural dichotomy could come about.

Hucka D. said he’s not sure who Rosie O’Donnel is, although he has heard of the associated, superheavy element. He’s pleased now he can put a face with this element.


Of course what struck me about UncyclopediA’s Pieland article when I first read it was their Pieland’s graphic interpretation as an island in Second Life. Obviously I had to ask Hucka D. about that. He said it’s a representation of his Pieland, but only “grossly”. The Second Life connection is the important thing to be made here, and the reference to Noobish Territories that were formerly the United States and Canada. Remember that we’ve already assoc. Big Island with Prince Edward Island, which, early in its history flirted with becoming a United States state instead of a Canadian province.


I asked Hucka D. about That One Guy, reportedly the highest ranking official of Pieland at 12 feet. Hucka D. responded by saying that this is obviously a portrait of Chesaw [“The Infinite”]. I asked him if Chesaw performed kitten huffing, and he said that the process is real, although actually illegal in his Pieland.*

I asked Hucka D. about the triangulism religion and the Triangle Temple, the first mentioned tourist spot of UncyclopediA’s Pieland. He said this was a reference to the division of his island into 3 parts as described early (north-central-south). Yes, he supposed they did worship the triangle over any other regular, geometric shape.


Then Hucka D. had a quite a bit to relate about the Pie language, although since he spoke his thoughts in this language and didn’t offer to translate, I have no idea what was said. I’ll attempt again later… sorry.


* I thought about this a spell, and came up with a possible assoc. of at least the twin brother (?) of That One Guy, the latter who was supposedly the highest authority of the island and the same as Chesaw of Hucka D.’s Pieland days. My new thought is that the act of kitten huffing was made impossible through genetic fusion with perhaps a native turtle of the region, maybe even one with its own history of abuse. Thus was created the abuse proof cat-turtle. I’ll have to ask Hucka D. about that as well the next time we speak.


Loose Thoughts…

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Have now read over all the Comet Archipelago related posts on this blog and had addition insights, which I’d like to outline here before bringing in Hucka D. again…

My theories:

Pinky, supposed son (or daughter) of Hucka D. while he lived as some kind of purple Plutonian alien on Big Island in the archipelago, was the same as *Peter* of Petemond fame. The assoc. can be seen through the Tron video game found *on top* of the old hole on the island just south of the beach house where Hucka D., as this purple alien, raised her brood as he keeps calling them. The last was supposedly Pinky, which now I think may be Peter. The Tron video game is a way of creating another Second Life within Second Life, since it is a game within a game that you can be “absorbed” into as well, as Flynn from the movie Tron could tell ya. He went “native”, just as Hucka D. went “native” in SL. And of course this most likely has to do with the presence of my SL avatar friend Flynn in Chesaux now. And I also think it has to do, a bit, with my long time SL friend/avatar Headburro Antfarm. I’ll get to that in a minute.

So Peter grew up in this island — mom was the purple alien Hucka D. — and then he moved to Corsica Prime, the big island making up the majority of the Corsica continent. There he founded Petemond. Then Sunklands is involved here as well. Perhaps Peter moved to Sunklands after founding Petemond in Corsica. It is also said he stole The Arab from Chesaux and moved it to Sunklands as well.

I also think that Big Island has some kind of direct resonance with Prince Edward Island of Canada, one of the 10 Canadian provinces. First, on the surface, there’s the simlar shape of the two. Also the fact that the 2 are divided into 3 parts, with a center separating two ends. For Prince Edward Island, this would be Prince and King counties surrounding Queens county in the middle. For Big Island, it would be my property, formerly Chesaw’s property, dividing the island into center, north and south, with north and south “ruled” by the 2 split Augusts, again according to Hucka D. August, at least one of ’em, was the captain of The Arab, and had read or perhaps still possessed The Babble, which is something like the story of the Mad Arab from Lovecraft’s Cthulu Mythos and his Necronomicon. Obviously I took part of my ideas from that bank of information. Then this is where Headburro comes into the picture a bit: I originally called Big Island *Head* Island in this blog, not because of Headburro but because the top or “head” sim containing the island is named Koppf. Kopf is German for head, as I knew from college.* The name of the Kopff sim comes, though, from August Kopff and his namesake comet — as we have seen, most sim names in this archipelago come from comet names (comets are almost always named for their discoverers).

So the theory goes that one of these two Augusts, possibly both, are the same as Headburro at least in the same way that present Hucka D. is the same as the past Hucka D. who took the shape of a purple alien from the planet Pluto or beyond. This would also fit in very nicely with his Lost Journals episodes from his blog, which I just finished reading. Quite the stylist Mr. Antfarm is! These are stories worth publishing, and I luv the way Headburro uses SL locations as theatrical backgrounds for these and other of his serial tales (others which I still need to read — soon!).** But getting back to the two Augusts, so the northern one, on Big Island, is from August Kopff, with “Kopff” translating to “Head,” but then the other, “southern” August also fits into this story, since it is based on August Derleth, a kind of direct successor to Lovecraft in the development of a Cthulu Mythos. Headburro’s Lost Journals are directly inspired by Lovecraft — its main character, for example, was a professor at Miskatonic University. Similarly, Derleth directly continued Lovecraft’s ideas of mad Arabs, monsters from the interior of Earth, and so on in his own stories. But here’s the reason I’m sure that Derleth should be invoked here: the presence of a Pons sim immediately east of Chesaux, and then the presence of *Holmes* sim directly east of that — all in a row. Derleth saw his character Solar *Pons*, similarly, as a direct successor to Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock *Holmes*. Yet as Hucka D. has already discussed, Pons and Holmes are also the names of comets, and thus their conjunction here in the Comet Archipelago may have nothing to do with a Derleth homage, but just one of those happy or meaningful “accidents” that seems to occur with such frequency when dealing with SL mythology. But there’s no doubt in my mind that this points to Headburro in some way.

Which brings us to the *hole*. In a Lovecraft/Derleth/Antfarm story, a deep hole is an invitation to introduce malevolent forces coming up from inner Earth, always inducing or inciting deep madness for those who are involved with its uncovering. In *our* story (Hucka D.’s and mine), my guess is that one of the two Augusts on Big Island, perhaps being only 1 August in the end, likewise discovered a hole on this island. And that hole is right beside where Hucka D. is claiming he lived on that island, or right below his old “beach house” in what’s now in the southeast corner of Chesaux sim.

Inside this hole is *Mythos*, or memories thereof. Not exactly the Lovecraft/Derleth/Antfarm Cthulu based Mythos but still the name is the same, and the crew and passengers of The Arab that crashed on the island at some point certainly wanted to forget it or bury the memories of it. Why? is the logical question. Does it have to do with subterranean monsters in this case? Not sure still, yet. Mythos was a term I came up with for a fictional planet considerably before I knew that the same word had already been applied to Lovecraft’s particular mythology (Cthulu, from the amazing short story “The Call of Cthulu”, which I need to re-read sometime).

But let’s return to the idea of Big Island as directly resonant with Canada’s Prince Edward Island. PEI, as it is often abbreviated, prides itself as being the birthplace of Canada or the birthplace of the Confederation that became Canada. This refers to the Charlottetown Conference of 1864.

The parallel with Big Island is that, when The Arab came to the island or possibly wrecked on the island, a similar “confederation” was tapped into, with the founding members deciding to forget the planet their ship was from, supposedly: *Mythos*. This confederation was formed to “bury” the memories of Mythos, and the fact that the ship and its crew/passengers were actually from there. How? I think now that Hucka D., the pregnant woman of the ship, was isolated from the others to raise a family who would purposely not be told of their mother’s origin on Mythos, nor that of any of the other crew/passengers. Instead Hucka D. declared them “mad” if they mentioned it. The portal still connecting The Arab to Mythos was certainly offlimits to these children, which we now think included Peter of Petemond, who seems to be the same as the one we’ve been referring to as Pinky. Hucka D., then, had to go “native”, just as present Hucka D. went “native” in SL when acting as the host of the Blinkerton soul who had just departed Earth.

A parallel story here would be Chesaw, a man (woman?) who already lived on the island when The Arab arrived, digging a hole at what would become Hucka D.’s hut or beach house site.**** The subsequent closing of this hole would also, similarly, represent the sealing up of Mythos somehow. A Tron videogame is placed on its top as a marker: beware those who dig here, because there is a world within a world that *will* absorb.

No coincidence, either, that Hucka D. becomes involved, early on in his SL existence, with the audiovisual synchronicity Tronesis, with music provided by the Peter Gabriel led version of Genesis. Peter/Pinky, in a way, is Peter Gabriel as well, as seen in the celestial mechanics of the Cross of the Lamb.

So there is a possibility I might rename Big Island *Pi* (or Pie) Island, or perhaps that was its name in the past, instead (still, the name can be resurrected for present purposes).***** At any rate, once the “confederation” of newcomers on the island, along with Chesaw and perhaps even the “Augusts”, was manifested, the direct association between Big Island and Prince Edward Island, PEI, became cemented.

This has to do with a lot of other things, apparently, like (perhaps) the fact that the Mole Hill convexity on the island appears as a Mountain from a distance (another WV or West Virginia idea). Speaking of which, the *sealed* hole also represents West Virginia, I think, especially The Jug region of Middle Creek Island. Perhaps we should just bring in Hucka D. now… “Hucka?”

Hucka D.:

You are going considerably further by yourself in the development of the Big Island mythos… sorry, tale. Yes, The Arab landed — maybe crashed — here, and developed the idea to forget about Mythos by separating myself from the rest and raising my 5 in conceptual isolation. The hole was covered up, my beach house was built or perhaps augmented, and I moved in. A Tron arcade (Arcadia) game was placed atop the covered hole as a warning that this is the entrance to a world within a world. This was equated with *knowledge of Mythos*. It was also known, at least by me at a certain point, that one of my children would, despite our best efforts, uncover this secret knowledge and take it to the sinks of the mainland. This would, of course, be Pinky, who you now know is Peter. He was a smart lad, and learned of the existance of the hole early on. However, he was misled about the location of the hole. Variously, he was told it was on Chesaw Island, where your friend Flynn has set up her sand castle now, or else the Faye sim to the northeast of Chesaw Island. Chesaw, of course, helped create this bed of misinformation. Yet Peter, as we, or I, knew he would all along, finally found out the secret: the hole was right in his backyard all along. Kind of a Dorothy of Oz parallel going on there as well. You have questions.


So first I thought that Chesaw might be Peter from Petemond, but it appears this is Pinky instead, although Pinky and Chesaw knew each other.

Hucka D.:

They were good friends. Chesaw… took care of me; my needs.


Did August, or one of the Augusts, dig the hole?

Hucka D.:

He, or they, studied the hole.


What about the Green energy?

Hucka D.:

The hole was an attempt to find Green on the island. Your Big Island. My Pie Island.


So you knew it as Pie Island?

Hucka D.:

It was sliced into 6 parts, [yet] actually 7. I was the 7th, but removed. Like there is an absent 7th sim to contain the present version. I did that. Peter did that.***


* To take a well known example, the slang term “dummkopf” georgebush-5761 literally means “stupid head” (dumm + kopf).

** Tales may related to the word “head” as well, as in “heads and tails” of the island itself (the 2 Augusts). As in the phrase “Tales of the Head”? I am also reminded that a comet has a head and a tail as well. Ice.

*** The 6 sims containing Big Island are, from north to south and west to east: Kopff, Roland, Chesaux, Pons, Nei, and Loneos. The missing 7th sim would be just west of Kopff and north of Roland, thus first on our list here if it existed, or still existed. Kopff, Roland, Chesaux, Pons, and Loneos are obviously named after comets, it seems. Nei is more difficult; only thing I can guess at currently is this (COMET sponsored by NEI).

**** An alternate story, that came to me as I’m proofreading this post, is that the hole was that of a Giant Rat, perhaps also named August (after the captain of The Arab?). And I think this was or still is a sentient and quite congenial rat. Although a monster of sorts, then, this moves him well away from the standard Cthulu monster mold. August, *The* Rat (or *The* Mouse) then sealed the hole up before the arrival of The Arab (?), moving back to his native Inner Earth. Just a theory right now.

***** Very interestingly, I was thinking about shortening this to Pieland or Piland, and looked up the term Pieland to see if it had been used before. Came up with this entry from the *Uncyclopedia*, which, get this, includes a picture of a barren island from *Second Life* supposedly depicting “Old Pieland” or the original Pieland. I think. Here’s the direct link to that picture in the article. More on that soon, I suppose!