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Trivia Ratsuit (Proposed Uncyclopedia Entry) September 30, 2009

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“If a Resident claps his eyeball in a virtual wood, do we lose San Diego again?”

~ Ancient cat-tortoise koan

In our so-called reality reality, Trivia Pursuit is a most popular game that has been played millions and trillions of times, usually to avoid meaningful social intercourse at gatherings such as holidays, weddings, and bar mitzvahs. The loser or losers of the game are also made to feel mentally inferior to the winning person or persons, which can be accomplished in an infinite amount of other ways, and even with an infinite amount of other trivia based games (see, for example: Memorabilia Catch and Release).

In contrast, the similar but in-no-way identical game of Trivia Ratsuit (pronouced Trivia RatSOOT) has only been played 2 times in recorded history, in each case to save the universe from absolute certain destruction. The loser of Trivia Ratsuit (always a one to one, loser take all contest) gets the incredible, nay unbelievable distinction of donning a special rat suit of immemorial, Goddy origin to enter/materialize an alternate universe where the immediate threat is rendered harmless and even humorous (see: Schmoos, Crocogators, Denver Pyle).

The first record of Trivia Ratsuit being played was between Gustafus and Adolphus Musillini of 129 Barnyblock Lane, Naples to offset the harmful effects of Nero fiddling around with the Roman Empire timeline to create a virtual sex slave market. Left unchecked, in that reality the center of the world remained in Constantinople and not San Diego, and was ruled by time traveling, eyeball headed dominatrixes called simply The Residents (yes, they can do that). After the adjustment, Constantinople became the inconsequential Istanbul, and the creation of virtual reality was delayed until 1985. All thanks to original loser Adolphus “I don’t hear a thank you” Musillini.

The 2nd Trivia Ratsuit contest, not coincidentally, dates from that same year of 1985, and took the form of a corrective surgical procedure to stop the internal bleeding caused by its previous Roman use. The all-powerful, all-seeing, nonhuffable cat-tortoise Max of Pieland (immediate predecessor of Lindt Lab’s Second Life) identified the need for the new contest and attempted to dream-whisper this need to his master, the honorable Lord Chancellor Chesaw of Pieland, and, when this failed, to say it aloud to him during a most awkward moment of social intercourse with his wife Patty. Those pesky, extra galactic penguins were the root of problem this time, which not only threatened Pieland but all places everywhere, anywhere. Period. The clever Chesaw selected dimwitted half brother and mustachioed doppelganger Chancellor Lord Saw-chee as his opponent for the 2nd Trivia Ratsuit game. After losing the 1 hour contest, reduced from 3 years using lossless compression, Saw-chee sulkily crawled into the prickly rat suit and entered/created virtual reality for real, jump starting an old, cranky memory. Forgetting his origin in what then became First or Original Pieland, Saw-chee, known as Chief Ernest T. Fowl Mouthed Bassethound III in Second Pieland (renamed Second Life in 1987, 1994, and 2005), began to sell virtual baked goods whose main consumers were, ironically, dominatrix residents.


Details of games:

In 1st version Trivia Ratsuit (Musillini vs. Musillini) answers were usually limited to translating Roman numerals to parts of Greek puns/jokes through Hebrew gematria, and responding to any question concerning angles with “Pythagoras”. Mussillini lost XXCVIVI to XXCIIIV, or “Gomer Pyle” to “Who is Denver’s dimwitted half brother and mustachioed doppelganger?”.

In modern, i.e., second use, the winner, Lord Chancellor Chesaw, gained an upper hand early on by understanding the value of pi was 3 in Roman times when the game was created, since irrational numbers were only invented by God as a joke during the War of 1812.26806613001927876611195909216420198.

A back story, even:

The original version of Trivia Ratsuit had 7 categories instead of the modern 6. The 7th was a pasty colored, void category to honor French King Marmalade (A.D. 2224 – B.C. 1776), a well known lover of trivia and rat infested filthy places like dominatrix run brothels. It is also rumored that a slave unit of King Marmalade sewed the first rat suit to honor his death and to make him mind numbingly immortal. Gypsy construction workers time traveled to 1976 to dig up the grave and take the suit back to B.C. 3346, where it served briefly as the Heelstone of Stonehenge before being stolen by another band of Gypsy construction workers and presented as a bar mitzvah gift to the young king in A.D. 2218, before being dug up once again by Denver Pyle. It is known that at least a 3rd game of Trivia Ratsuit will have to be played sometime before this future historic date to correct the mighty cock-up and return the suit to Roman times, where the whole cockamamie cycle can start up again begin for the first time.



Trivia RatSUIT

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“And remember, you don’t play Saw-chee, Saw-chee plays YOU…”

~ Chancellor Lord Saw-chee to Lord Chancellor Chesaw before any particular game of Trivia Ratsuit*


“Hucka D., I’m wondering now if Chesaw might be Baker Bloch and Karoz Saw-chee. Karoz is quite unhappy about the move from Noru. It reminds me of what happened to Esbum when her “home sim” of Edwardston/Alexandria was yanked out from under her. Karoz doesn’t have the sarcastic residue of Esbum, but there’s some disturbing similarities. Karoz even went to the Caletta Infohub and jumped into the fire for a bit, dancing rather crazily all the time. Then to an art gallery opening in Yapland — dancing never halted. He even went looking for Marianne McCann over in Bay City. How crazy is that?; we don’t even know her at all. I certainly don’t want to deactivate Karoz like I did with Esbum. To me, this is a quite different story.

Hucka D.:

Is it?


Well, yeah. Karoz is a counterpart to Baker Bloch, a new counterpart. I can’t say the same thing about Esbum.

Hucka D.:

Then you better help define a new role for him. Because… well, I think you have some ideas.


I think Karoz is Saw-chee, or could play that role.

Hucka D.:



He wears the rat suit. He plays Trivia Ratsuit with Baker Bloch and eventually loses, then has to become The Rat. Audio. Tied to a certain stake, able to go a certain distance and no more. Video has further options, like Baker Bloch was able to move beyond Karoz’s Jeogeot limited circle, tethered, as it was, to the house and gallery complex at Noru. Karoz is Dark Side of the Moon to Baker Bloch’s Wizard of Oz. The Ummagumma to his Psycho. Audio to video, see. Karoz must become The Rat… play the part.

Hucka D.:

I have no further thoughts at this time.


* source: Hucka Doobie’s Big Island Book of Quotes, Lies, and Pomegranates (Needs More Cowbell)


Ephant > Klaatu

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I kinda went crazy with palm tree trunks within the Ephant rental, but still think it looks sorta cool. Don’t know if they’ll stay — it’s almost as if I attempted to turn my Big Island Victorian house inside-out, with palms trees being interior instead of exterior. Just a thought…


“Nother view of that perfectly placed waterfall originally found in Noguri on the Jeogeot continent. Again, the whole thing was copyable, which is unusual.




Heading west into Klaatu around the top of Mt. Ephant, Baker Bloch found a number of animals roaming the open land of Erebus and Dio’s Retreat, including this turtle (tortoise?) in a sand box. Baker Bloch made a mental note to look into the prices of animals for both his Ephant spot and also the Big Island land. He’s especially thinking about ducks for his small Ephant pond pictured just above.


Baker is staring at a rocky peak in Klaatu, its highest point. Not nearly as high as Mt. Ephant, though.


Heading back “home” over said mtn.



Ephant, Karoz…

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Several views of Mt. Ephant, just west of my rented house also in the namesake sim.



That’s my house in the background. Baker Bloch sits on the very top of Mt. Ephant here, wondering how to more effectively use it as a meditation spot.


A picture of his house from the rental store in a small medieval themed village. He may rent space in one of the stores of the village himself. Suppose, if so, he’ll sell some of my collages once more.


Poor Karoz — without a home now, or so he thinks. The rest of the family (Baker Bloch in the main) is reinforcing that Karoz’s home is the same as their home, just as was the case with Esbum before. But there’s some disturbingly similar behavior patterns showing up recently between the two which Hucka D. and I discuss in this post. I personally think it can be remedied by giving Karoz renewed exploring responsibilities, although I know Hucka D. is at least feigning doubt about this. Hope he’s wrong, coz I really like Karoz.


The start of Karoz’s crazy dance the night in question. It started in the jazz club in Chilbo, and continued across a number of continents, actually. Hope it’s the last, but may not be.

Poor Karoz.