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Loose Thoughts (Daring Daylight Text Post)… September 9, 2009

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Idea: rename Navel Sink of Corsica Prime *Egg Hole Sink*. Still may change my mind on this.

Reason? There seems to be a very intimate and perhaps very precise (pinpoint) relationship between this sink and the isolated ridge called Egg Hill of Centre County, Pennsylvania, named for its egg-like shape as it stands out from the surrounding flatland.

If you look at what I’ve determined is now the Primary or Prime Corsica-Pennsylvania overlay, you can see the position of Egg Hole Sink (maybe just Egg Sink?) within Centre County in the, well, center of the whole overlay. Looking at a map of Centre County and coloring in the approx. position of Egg Hill (green), we can see that it essentially overlaps the position of Navel Sink/Egg Hole Sink in the overlay.


And a cut out from the Corsica-Penn. overlay to better illustrate the association…


Is this an accident? Am I looking at too much detail within the overall resonance? Could be, but for more reasons I can possibly cram into this post in all likelihood, I don’t think so.

During my initial research on Egg Hill after discovering this quite curious overlap, came upon information about supposedly haunted Egg Hill Church, perched on the western slopes of the namesake hill…*

First off, the writer of this blog, who goes by the moniker Protoclown, visited both Egg Hill Church in Centre County, Pennsylvania and also Centralia, Pennsylvania on the same haunt seeking road trip (posts specifically about Centralia start here). Centralia is not really that close to Centre County, being on the eastern side of Pennsylvania. But does Centralia and its perpetually burning mine also figure in, somehow, to our Egg Hole Sink tangle of connections? Especially knowing that the original name of the town was *Centre*ville? Let’s leave that idea on the, er, backburner for now.

Another body of information I think definitely fits into this overall picture somewhere is the search for the geographic center of Pennsylvania, as discussed in this Penn State Dept. of Geography blog entry from 2004. As you can glean from the text, the fact that the center of Pennsylvania actually lies within Centre County has never really been the issue. It’s *where* in the county itself this center lies. Tradition has it that it’s quite near Egg Hill, actually, or Aaronsburg just to its northeast. However, the assembled crack team of geographers at Penn State determined, through careful analysis, that the center of the state actually lies much closer to Bellefonte, the county seat, but, perhaps queerly once more, about the same distance *west* of Egg Hill that Aaronsburg is east. Another cool things about this site is that you can clearly see the egg-shaped Egg Hill on the 2nd of 3 old topographic map excerpts provided therein (it’s just below the Spring Mills community positioned near the center of the map).


*A two part Youtube documentary on Egg Hill Church is found here.

(to be continued)


Philip… Philipsburg

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The 5 listed population places of the United State named Philipsburg according to the Geographic Names Information System are as follows.

# by state-county/name/[irrelevant]/feature type/county/state/lat/long/topo map name

1 of 5.Philipsburg 788813 Populated Place Granite MT 461956N 1131739W – Philipsburg
2 of 5.Phillipsburg 879270 Populated Place Warren NJ 404137N 0751125W 315 Easton
3 of 5.Brilliant 1064493 Pop Place Jefferson OH 401553N 0803734W 692 Steubenville W.
4 of 5.Philipsburg 1183662 Populated Place Centre PA 405347N 0781314W 1447 Philipsburg
5 of 5.Philipsburg 1193112 Pop Place Washington PA 400342N 0795252W 781 California

4 of the 5 are found either in Pennsylvania or just outside its border.

Placed in the appropriate spots on what I consider the now *prime* Pennsylvania-Corsica Prime overlap of RL-SL, they show up as follows. Only 1 of 5 of 5 cannot be displayed on this map, being from far away Montana in contrast to the rest.


Notice that 2 of these population places named “Philipsburg” are a variant name. One is Phillipsburg, NJ, with 2 “l”s instead of just one (see below). The other is Brilliant, Ohio, just beyond Pennsylvania’s west boundary, and immediately across the Ohio River from the narrow panhandle region of West Virginia.

There is every reason to believe that these collective Philipsburgs relate directly to Philip Dick. To start, there is the spelling of Philip in each case with one “l’ instead of the more common 2 “l”s. As a contrast to the 5 Philipsburgs, then, it’s not surprising that there will be more Phillipsburg show up in the GNIS database, 13 in fact…

Phillipsburg 182582 Populated Place Jefferson CO 393218N 1051113W 6627 Indian Hills
Phillipsburg 332653 Populated Place Tift GA 312623N 0833110W 315 Tifton West
Phillipsburg 471927 Populated Place Phillips KS 394522N 0991926W 1946 Phillipsburg North
Phillipsburg 500542 Populated Place Marion KY 372723N 0851536W 709 Spurlington
Phillipsburg 724299 Populated Place Laclede MO 373314N 0924706W 1411 Phillipsburg
Phillipsburg 879270 Populated Place Warren NJ 404137N 0751125W 315 Easton
Belmont 977517 Populated Place Allegany NY 421323N 0780204W 1391 Belmont
Phillipsburg 977520 Populated Place Orange NY 412616N 0742134W 367 Goshen
Phillipsburg 1056916 Populated Place Montgomery OH 395416N 0842406W 1037 Laura
Stone Creek 1058048 Pop Place Tuscarawas OH 402350N 0813343W 942 Stone Creek
Brilliant 1064493 Populated Place Jefferson OH 401553N 0803734W 692 Steubenville West
Phillipsburg 1202508 Populated Place Beaver PA 404136N 0801655W 725 Beaver
Phillipsburg 1343953 Populated Place Washington TX 300542N 0962201W 387 Kenney

We’ve already talked about Phillipsburg, NJ having the variant name of Philipsburg, with 1 “l” instead of 2. We’ve also mentioned Brilliant, OH, which from this list we can also tell has a variant name of Philllipsburg as well as Philipsburg, since it shows up in a search for both. The other 3 Philipsburgs from the first GNIS generated list above — MT, PA (Centre), and PA (Washington) — are instead the primary names for their respective population places.

In addition, we also see from the above list that there is even a Phillipsburg, PA in addition to the 2 Pennsylvania Phililpsburg, this coming in Beaver County.

Another oddity: this Phillipsburg, PA, the only one with 2 “l”s listed in this state, is almost on the exact same latitude as Phillipsburg, NJ also located on the Penn.-Corsica Prime map linked to above. The listed latitude of Phillipsburg, PA in Beaver County is 404136N. The listed latitude of Phillipsburg, NJ is 404137N. Very close, then.

Notice also, of course, that 1 of the 2 Philipsburgs in Pennsylvania, w/ one “l”, exists in Centre County. I think this is also meaningful, and I may go into this particular town more in a future post in what’s turning out to be a mini-series on the overall subject.


Much more could be added to the Philip Dick-Pennsylvania resonance, and will be sometime in another document. I’ll leave you for now with a possible *acausal* reason for the link of Brilliant and Philipsburg in the first GNIS list above. Perhaps the most famous article on Dick, helping to swell the cult following he richly deserved, was titled “The Most Brilliant Sci-Fi Mind on Any Planet: Philip K. Dick”, published by Rolling Stone magazine in 1975. The article was later expanded into a book.

Are ets from another planet acknowledging this “brilliance” by manipulating the names and placement of US towns? And, if so, did they perhaps not stop there and extended this geographic manipulation to the Second Life metaverse as well? Something to think about!

(to be continued)


Loose Thoughts…

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Have now identified clear “navel” of Corsica continent, or at least Corsica Prime (primary landmass of this continent, making up well over 1/2 its total area). Snapshots are in previous post here. Centered by “Phish Bowl”. Well, everyone around can certainly see down and *in* to this Bowl. I suppose I should go back and take more detailed pictures of it soon, then.

Overlap Corsica Prime in a logical and seemingly “best” way with Pennsylvania in any direction (original or *prime*, reversed, inverted, reversed inverted), and the navel always come out in the very center, as well as in *Centre* County of Pennsylvania. Blend in, especially, the other weaves of oddness concerning this overlap, and I don’t think any of this really can be chance. This is the center of Corsica Prime, the “navel”. But obviously it has been corrupted. Can it be “restored” in any way and fashion? There might be a chance down the road… and maybe the Phish Bowl gives us a clue or pointer as to how to do this — another “trace” of past/future times.

Now this, I suppose, could also technically be called another sink, like we have a considerable number of in Sunklands of the Jeogeot Continent. As far as I can tell, there are no true, dry sinks on the Sansara or Heterocera continents, whose creation preceded Jeogeot. None appear on Maebaleia as well — no obvious ones, that is. Neither does the Nautilus continent contain any (Nautilus is really more an archipelago than a continent, like the Indonesian Islands). But in Corsica, the 6th mainland continent created according to most countings, we have 2 new sinks that are evident, one being this so-called navel. What’s the other, then? Well, as it happens, it lies directly south of the “Navel Sink” (have to think of a better name, perhaps) and mostly in a sim called Chasm Deep. I’ll get to this second, larger sink of Corsica in a post soon.

What of the obvious Philip Dick influence — what does that mean? If you look at this map from a previous post on the subject, you’ll see marked all of the sims I could find on Corsica Prime that *might* be Philip Dick related at the time, at least sticking to the titles of his books (most of which I’m familiar with). As of today, I’d include 7 Corsica Prime sims that could relate to Philip Dick book titles.

Let’s start with the most obvious. Ubik is a very unusual name, and the first Philip Dick related sim I came across in the area. It’s obviously named for one of Philip Dick’s better known books, Ubik. Same would go for Valis, which I discovered a little later in a scan of the area around Ubik. Valis also happens to lie directly west of the Orions Vale sim containing the Navel Sink. We can probably add to this list the sim of Zap Cannon as well, which lies directly beneath Ubik. Although not the direct title of a Dick book, it’s very similar to The Zap Gun. Combined with the proximity to Ubik, it would be difficult for me to argue this is not a conscious connection, although Zap Cannon is also the name of an attack move from the Pokemon: Den of Ages role playing game, according to wikipedia. Now let’s move to the sim of Solar, lying two east and one up from Ubik. There’s a very good chance this sim is named for Philip Dick’s first published novel called Solar Lottery, although I can’t be 100 per cent sure of this. Considerably further away, to the south (and, perhaps interestingly, quite near the largest sink on Corsica Prime) we have Highcastle, which could be named for one of Dick’s most famous tomes, The Man in the High Castle, garnering his only Hugo Award for best science fiction novel of 1962.

Two additional sims I’ve decided to include on this list now could kind of act in tandem with each other: Archers and Android. The Transmigration of Timothy Archer is Philip Dick’s last published book, often included as the third book of the VALIS trilogy (although Dick was writing the actual third novel at the time of his death). Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (1968) is another famous Dick work, the basis of the 1982 movie Blade Runner released just after his death. Both Archers and Android are found on Corsica Prime, and although Archers is a number of sims northeast of Solar, Android, in looking at it again, is caddycorner to Highcastle, and also directly below Deep Chasm containing the largest Corsica sink. I think, then, that Android and Highcastle must refer to the respective PKD works. Archers I’m still unsure about.*

I’ll have to get into this more in another post, perhaps, but what seems to be reinforced by these various Philip Dick titles is the *central north-south axis* of Corsica Prime, marked by these two sinks. The Solar, Valis, and Android sims lie directly north and south of each other just east of this line; Ubik and Zap Cannon lie immediately north and south of each other just west of this central axis. Highcastle is one east of the Solar-Valis-Android line. Curiously perhaps, although these Dick related sims lie all around the central line or axis, then, none lie *directly* north or south of the 2 large sinks marking this line. They reinforce the line; they are not the line themselves.


* Just to note, I did make a scan of *all* SL sims using keywords from Dick titles, and found absolutely no clear evidence of other sims outside of the ones under discussion in Corisca Prime being directly named for his works. Interesting — the phenomenon seems exclusive to this large island.

(to be continued)


Corsica: Navel

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Baker Bloch beams down into the center of the Valis sim (default landing point). Speaking of beams, no pink ones yet!


But Baker does soon happen across this strange island near the top of the ridge running through the eastern part of Valis. One might think Dick would have found it interesting as well… a small, ruined temple apparently decorated, in the meantime, with giant clock faces, perhaps for ritual purposes. The name of the parcel seems important: Serendipity Seekers. How pertinent that Baker Bloch visits and communes with this environment, then.


And there’s a lemon tree next to the lake with the island, ta boot.


Then it’s a short hop to the next sim over to the west, the fabled Orions Vale containing what I’m presently calling the Navel Sink, for lack of a better term right now. This particular sink is as large or perhaps larger than a couple in Sunklands on the Jeogeot continent, but not nearly as big as the largest two there for sure. In comparison, the Corsica sink directly south of Navel Sink, another round affair, is considerably more impressive.

At the very center of Naval Sink is a club called the Phish Tank, also mentioned elsewhere in newer posts. You can see the blue colored water slides on top of it below. Baker Bloch is looking around right now for more information about the club, with no luck so far. However, a search of “Phish Tank” and “Second Life” on the web yielded this and this. Wow, that’s been around a while… since at least 2006. But it doesn’t appear to be the Orions Vale iteration since that land was bought in December 2007. Still an old parcel for Corsica; claimed near its beginning.


But, frankly, *this* is the view I prefer of the sink, with no clubs, huge houses, or other structures to mar its inherent beauty. Ok, maybe a few trees would be nice, preferably conifers, perhaps, as probably populated its greenland before the arrival of colonists.


Then lastly we have an aerial view of that cute shopping village in Zap Cannon with the rabbit barista Baker Bloch posed with in an earlier blog snapshot.