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Corsica Continent Revisited September 7, 2009

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Karoz views part of the Noru gallery complex from in front of the neighbor’s theatre. Will be hard to leave this place…


Baker Bloch, nor any of The Bakers, have been over to Cowell and the Forest of Kahruvel in ages. So this particular Baker decides to drop in, only to find the lower level of the Cowell lighthouse in seeming disarray. Is someone searching for hidden secrets of the forest and village?


Then it’s on to the Corsica continent, a long way from the old lands of Cowell but perhaps related in inexplicable ways. Probably not, mind you. But here Baker explores one of the several, interesting and obvious isolated peaks of the continent. You can usually spot them by the granite textures within otherwise green landscapes using the very handy terrain view option on the SL viewer. This particular one is in Ephant; in fact, Baker Bloch attempted to rent a cabin on the side of this mountain, only to find that his Paypal account funds needed replenishing, which would take 3-5 working days. So that project is on hold right now.


Another very interesting place on the Corsica continent, this time in the curiously named Zap Cannon sim. Baker Bloch admires the asymmetrical nature of the village’s layout, only to later notice that the next sim to the west is called Symmetry.

But that’s not the weird part… As you can see below Baker Bloch found a rabbit near the center of this quaint Zap Cannon village, and his user baker b., instantly remembering Robert Plant Variant’s talk of rabbits just the night before, decides to pose him in front of it. Apparently the rabbit acts as a barista for this small, circular coffee shop on the main thoroughfare of the village, about in its center.


Then Blochs finds a larger double of this barista bunny in the belltower directly above the coffee shop, topping the highest structure within the village. Mirroring the idea that Plant had about Baker Bloch and Peter (Rabbit) being one and the same, Baker Bloch attempts to get inside its skin, or at least as close as possible (just for the purposes of the snapshot again, mind you).


Then upon further exploration of Zap Cannon, Baker Bloch is surprised by more rabbits, found in this room in a modernistic home a little to the north and west of the village just visited. Blochs realizes that this is some kind of message.


Baker Bloch rechecks the SL map to see the parcel where he found the room full of rabbits is immediately below a sim called Ubik. Well, that certainly rang a bell, because it is the name of his user’s favorite Philip Dick book, and one of his favorites of all time. The sim must have been named for the unusually titled book. A little later on, Baker finds another sim not too far away called Valis, obviously another Philip Dick reference (VALIS being one of his more famous books, and also the name of a trilogy representing his last completed works). But what didn’t immediately come to me at the time is that Zap Cannon itself may be reference to yet another Philip Dick book called The Zap Gun, one of his lesser known works.


Of course, Baker Bloch had to explore Ubik since he was right next door. A glyph containing strange lettering is found underneath some kind of huge rock structure that apparently occupies the whole ground portion of the sim. The parcel is called Lost Eden; the rock structure appears to be (as Baker Bloch is re-exploring it today) just a huge square block.

But through some kind of default landing point Baker Bloch is unable to re-find today, he discovers what seems to be the meat of this sim: a mall or mall-like square centered by this rather nice fountain area, including the cluster of huge, indigo crystals pictured below.


Then perhaps the most remarkable discovery: Baker finds that the house with the rabbit room is situated on a parcel called “Dick’s Rednecks”, seemingly totally unrelated to the fact that the sim directly bordering this Zap Canon parcel to the north is obviously named for a Philip *Dick* novel, as is, perhaps, even the sim the parcel is located in itself (Zap Cannon, a takeoff of “Zap Gun”). Coupled with the repeated rabbit sightings in the same area, and the fact that user baker b. just mentioned Philip Dick in a lengthy reply to Headburro Antfarm’s thoughts on his blog, one doesn’t wonder too hard why Baker Bloch is getting some cold chills at this point.


What has already developed from this is that Hucka D. is claiming Peter of Petemond or “Peter’s Mound” fame is from this general area, apparently, on the Corsica continent. And then there’s the most amazing overlap of the largest island of the Corsica continent with the state of Pennsylvania. Stay tuned for certain!