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Black Book, The June 7, 2009

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A new group of toy avatars arrive in a spiffy sports goodmobile, complete with see-thru walls and neon colored trim. No plain, rusty ol’ cylinder for these trendmaker wannabes! Blue Feather and Tronboid are their names, but they also brought along, let’s see, their 5 pets: a snail, a bee, a butterfly, a beetle bug, and a flower. A flower? Blue Feather and Tronboid never travel without their beloved pets, partly because of fondness but also admittedly because they can do work that the master pair don’t wish to do themselves. Well, at least what Blue Feather doesn’t want to do, because he is the true master, and Tronboid merely a more simple minded travel companion. Tronboid truly loves the pets; Blue Feather sees them more as work slaves, as he sees Tronboid himself in that light sometimes. But Blue Feather would be the first to admit that it makes for one crowded ride.

They read about the the location of the camp in a recent article in Toy Avatar Digest. Amazing! they thought. We must visit this site in the legendary Salad Bar Jack in the River of TILE. The dark, mysterious Cave of the Alphabet with its haunting, nightly humming of a certain famous childhood mnemonic. The bridge over TILE Creek where Bill Fork slipped and fell to his untimely death. The tree where Screamer (played by Tommy “The Screamer” Benerson) died of fright in the middle of the night after hearing a deep growl in the surrounding woods. The mossy rock where Mossman was enjoying an afternoon nap in the sun when he first heard the singing of the cave. On and on and on it could go.

They set down in the middle of a clearing described in the article, and where the first goodmobile arrived in Jonesborough in the movie, carrying T-Bonz and his Mmmmmms. Sacred ground!


Blue Feather and Tronboid seal up the pets inside the flashy goodmobile and continue toward the oblong rock mountain directly in front of them. They saw pictures of this large rock formation in the article, and read that the old camp the actors made during the shooting was located just behind it. They thought they’d start with that on their sightseeing tour of the area. But to get pass the rock they had to cross, nay, crawl across this slippery log-bridge. Of course they thought of Bill Fork and his deadly fall off a similar bridge in the same area. They crept very carefully, thus, but truth is that both Blue Feather and Tronboid, being much stockier and more solidly built avatars, would most likely not be harmed in such a fall, especially off this less high bridge here. But, then again, both were cowards at heart, especially Tronboid.


It looks like some of the camp remains! Not good woods cleanup management, admittedly, but both Blue Feather and Tronboid are very happy. But when they come closer, a shocking revelation…


… the colorful shapes they saw from the now safely traversed bridge are those of toy avatars themselves! Mind you, the first ones that Blue Feather and Tronboid ran across, including Snoppy and his bird friend Woodstock here, were merely hired hands in the movie. Covered with dirt and leaves, often half buried in the ground even, they appeared as if in suspended animation.


Blue Feather revives the avatars by performing a patented magic dance filled with waving golden feather motions [delete 32 sentences about patented magic dance with waving golden feather motions].




Blue Feather then assembles the revived camp and tells them their new, secret mission [35 sentences deleted, because it’s suppose to be a secret after all].



To signal the beginning of the Age of the Secret Mission, a Second Life for the toy avatar community at Jonesborough afer all, Tronboid climbs the steep side of what they now knew was called Mr. Alton Barnes Mountain (named for an old, old toy avatar that only one of the troupe faintly recalls as being a quite fantastic old chap, and worthy of having a mountain named for him to remember him by), positioning what he thought was a pure silver metalwork of the number “20” on its rocky side with Denver Pyle Super Glue.


Upon seeing what his life partner had done, Blue Feather rudely corrected him, saying it was a *50* and not a 20, and that he had the thing upside down. Luckily the super glue wasn’t quite dry, and Tronboid was able to, with some effort still, turn the metalwork over to assume its rightful direction.

“Fifty”, Blue Feather then spoke, finally satisfied. “We have 50 years until the Pope is poisoned by inferior Winesburg.” The troupe applauded thunderously.



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