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Chilbo: Eschwa Park June 5, 2009

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In this post from a couple of days ago, I added links to some quite amazing pictures, to me, in the footnotes at the end of the main text. I’d like to give those links again to review here as well.

Both of these pictures come from the Acontia Sim and Eschwa Ownz collection of Fleep Tuque’s Second Life Sets on Flickr. The first is supposedly the original SL snapshot taken by the founder of Chilbo, with a parrot on her shoulder. And not just any ol’ parrot but the one found in Noguri, already involved in a little tangle of synchronicities before this, even. I now think this parrot stands for Chilbo in general, and also whatever Karoz and Hucka D. are on about when they talk about a Chilbo before a Chilbo, or what they’ve variously referred to as Chilboltown or Chilbolton or just Chilbol. I now think pre-Chilbo has something to do with Acontia as well, a Heterocera/Atoll continent sim Ms. Tuque lived in before coming to the southern continent and founding her famous community.

Ms. Tuque’s Acontia parallels Mr. Hucka D.’s Chilboltown/Chilbolton/Chilbo

(“parallels”, mind you, not “equals”)

The second snapshot that struck me from this collection is of an Acontia party Fleep attended, which contains some pictorial elements already encountered in this blog. We find, for example, Snoopy and Woodstock now active and working again at the revived toy avatar community on TILE Creek, thanks to fellow toy avatars Blue Feather and his partner Tronboid. We find the same kind of split rock paths now in the Noru gallery complex. The giant chicken in the background certainly seemed significant, given all the talk about Bill/Ruuster and such things as giant square chicken eggs. The cow (in this photograph next to the chicken, and staring directly at the split rock path) and the rooster together are the subject of the last 3 pictures within the House of Truth, also in the Noru gallery complex. These final three pictures also tell the story, according to Hucka D. again (who has promised to continue this story in his Beehive of Truth), of the demise of Chilboltown/Chilbolton/Chilbo, which in the House of Truth is directly identified with the real world Chilbolton in England, site of an amazing set of 2001 crop circles which have also been discussed repeatedly in this blog recently.

Which brings us to a second equation we can then make by association:

Chilbolton, England parallels Hucka D. ‘s “SL” Chilboltown/Chilbolton/Chilbol

The giant *lowercase* “e” of that snapshot, which stands for Eschwa, can also be directly linked to the giant *uppercase* “E” recently found by Karoz in the Blue Feather Sea of the Mãebaleia Continent very near Crabwoo.*

So with all this going on, I decided to send Karoz over to the Acontia sim to see what was still there. I didn’t find any evidence remaining of this mythic land of Eschwa, to my disappointment. The center of the sim is this enclosed 512 First Land parcel Karoz is hovering almost directly above, with not much of significance on it, seemingly. Most of the remaining land in the sim is banned — in fact, all 4 sides of central 512 border banned land. Imagine not being able to walk freely out of your parcel in any direction! (wonder how often that happens?). So present day Acontia seems a dead end in terms of learning about pre-Linden lands and communities.


But yet another snapshot from Fleep’s Acontia related set prompted me to send Karoz back to Chilbo itself for further investigation. Wasn’t this Eschwa cottage the same one as Karoz had already visited in Chilbo? (not recorded in this blog, though) It turned out to be just that (see 4th picture below), and more Eschwa memoribilia was found in the immediate environs (2nd and 3rd picture below) — in fact, the parcel, owned by Fleep, is called Eschwa Park, obviously a memorial park of sorts.





A blueprint type map of the Chilbo sim found in the cottage. Don’t know what red vs. green parcels means here, though.


Karoz then goes over to the rental unit next to the Eschwan cottage and again ponders whether he should rent in Chilbo, possibly right here. Is he destined to be a present Chilboan as well as a past one??


* A correction: it looks like the “e” of that snapshot can also represent a schwa, per this SL wikia article on Acontia.


2 Responses to “Chilbo: Eschwa Park”

  1. […] this giant *capital* “E” have something to do with the smaller *lower case* “e” he had just found in Chilbo, and which he knew now had something to do with a land before Chilbo? […]

  2. […] Because Big E can be turned around to form the Big Schwa. And that’s linked to Eschwa Park in Chilbo and its own reversible “e”, little one this […]

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