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Gallery Updates, 05 June 20, 2009

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Finally in our gallery update tour, let’s briefly visit the mostly empty Gallery #4, still unnamed as of the present. But I’m leaning a bit toward “Blue Feather Gallery”, a name mentioned several times already in this blog in association with another place called Crabwoo, a sort of poor man’s twin to Chilbo. Or something.


Anyway, let’s follow Karoz again up into the gallery itself through that pink teleporter ball. Actually I think I’ll just let blog readers view the pictures for now, since descriptions haven’t been crafted for the various photographs within. Hucka D. and I have discussed their implications in our chats already; the basic premise is that Chilbo and Crabwoo are sort of twins, again. But just in the past several days this has opened up, seemingly, into another whole level with the discovery of Zen City and also some stuff I haven’t had a chance to study yet that directly extends from this small, perhaps distantly desecrated village on the west coast of Jeogeot.

More soon, I promise!






Gallery Updates, 04

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Leaving behind the Edwardston Station Gallery, let’s now follow Karoz to the ground level, where he views the newest structure added to the gallery complex, another familiar object to fans of this blog, though. It’s the Bayou Victorian house that has appeared in numerous guises through these pages, er, posts, first as a stand alone structure in Gliese on the Azure Islands, then as part of the Temple of TILE, first in Rubi and continuing in Azure Islands again (the Neith version this time — within the infamously oversized Ubertemple, the largest structure I ever created), only to now reappear in Noru again in stand alone fashion. Haven’t decided what to put in the house yet, but I like the look of it in that slot between the 2 bordering structures (unnamed galleries which I’m simply assigning numbers 4 and 5 presently; I suppose the new house will be gallery #6, then?). And I’m down to around 100 prims now to work with thanks to this addition. 🙂

To give a reference point, Karoz is now standing directly beside the table and 2 chairs I mentioned at the end of the last post. If he looks directly up here, he’ll be looking through the empty center of the Edwardston Station Gallery building.


Let’s move, though, west in the courtyard area Karoz is wandering around now to the House of Truth, situated instead directly below the Temple of TILE hovering about 100 meters above. The House of Truth is another Fatima Ur Victorian style house, but a slightly newer, larger and more expensive model that the Bayou Victorian. It originally appeared in Neith, and was bought as a kind of retirement home — that’s actually what Baker Bloch called it at the time — when the extended Baker Bloch family moved back to tranquil, non-commercial Azure Islands after several months of hectic mainland business experience in Rubi. Baker Bloch rarely splurges for anything other than land in Second Life, and thus the 12 American dollar purchase represented a true benchmark in the family’s history, I suppose. Trouble is, it almost always has sat empty throughout its various manifestations in different locations, with a prominent exception being when it, too, was used as interior decoration for the Temple of TILE, while the latter was located in Klein for a spell (don’t worry faithful reader, even *I* get confused about connecting locations and structures at this point). But I think the present incarnation as the “House of Truth” represents my most successful use of this fine structure.

An admittedly confusing array of pictures greets the visitors to this house on its lower level. You have a seeming mishmash of maps, SL snapshots, and what appear to be highly pixellated alien faces — crop circles, actually. Moving the mouse over each picture gives descriptions that hopefully clarify their use a bit; if not then the visitor is out of luck, since there are currently no notecards attached to this smaller, complementary gallery.



The 2nd floor also contains similar, enigmatic pictures.

What is actually being presented here is a story of the Jeogeot continent, and, in particular Chilbo and the supposedly related real life location of Chilbolton in the UK, which shares the same 6 starting letters as the SL community located a couple of sims to Noru’s south. The several pictures of crop circles on this lower of 2 floors in the House of Truth, for example, all come from the Chilbolton region. The majority of pictures from the upstairs level also come from Chilbolton, but of the town itself in those cases.


I’ll leave interested viewers to walk through the gallery themselves if they wish, read the descriptions, and ponder the meanings I only hint about here (“hint” because I don’t know what I’m on about most of the time either!).


Karoz then sits on the porch and looks over at the new, second Victorian house now on the properties, and again wonders if it is ultimately a good fit there.


Then he moves to the new addition to look down at the House of Truth just walked from.



Gallery Updates, 03

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Through the provided teleporter located on the bottom floor of the Temple of TILE, Karoz then moves approx. 40 meters to the west and another 80 meters down to the entry point for the Edwardston Station Gallery, the twinned 30x30x30 meter cube to the Temple of TILE, but with a quite different interior structure: simpler, more enclosed. Too enclosed in its original form (Healy, etc.) in fact, and thus in rebuilding the structure in Noru, I decided to open up some of the walls (for that’s what I was doing instead of actually removing walls, since I was merely cutting more of a single prim, hollow cube in most cases). 3 such walls were “removed” in this process, such as the one that use to block the view of Karoz in the second photo below. All openings created by removed walls — I’ll keep calling them that for simplicity’s sake — are now provided with guard rails to keep visiting avatars from easily falling into the courtyard below when walking about.

To the first photograph below, then: the Salad Bar Jack movie poster also present in the Temple of TILE reappears here, and also right beside the single gallery teleporter as well.



A look up through the open center of the structure from just below the lowest of 6 floors, where Karoz is still standing. I thought this snapshot interesting because you can actually see some of the lower parts of the Temple of TILE just above the lip of the lightest wall here, from this perspective. There’s actually about a 50 meter gap between the top of the Edwardston Station Gallery and the bottom of the Temple of TILE, though.


Interesting juxtaposition of the TILE colors on the still mostly empty Gallery #5 and the similar colors on the gallery map at the top of the ramp leading to floor 2. The transparent outer wall is another ESG update to give it a more open, lighter feel, one of 6 such transparent, outer walls in the gallery now.


A look down from the 2nd interior wall opening that Karoz encounters as he works his way up through each floor from the bottom. This one’s on floor 3, containing the Yale-Newton collage series.


On the same floor is now found this small break area, containing some more of those Aracadia Asylum drink machines, another Salad Bar Jack in the River of TILE poster, and also another Toy Avatar Weekly on the single table of the room as well.


Karoz on floor 6. You might have noticed that the colors of the signs for each floor, giving the names of the collage collections contained within, also matches the color coding of the gallery map on floor 2. Thus floor 1 has a reddish colored “Greenup Series” sign, floor 2 has an orange colored sign, and so on up to the 6th floor containing the violet shaded “Wheeler-Jasper Series” sign. This was another effort to help orient the gallery vistor as he climbs upward through the floors, and simultaneously through each collage of the 10×10 in the order that they were created from 2004 to 2009.


A view down from the 3rd and last interior opening on floor 5. The table and chairs Karoz can view here is positioned in the exact center of the ESG in reference to its square perimeter.



Gallery Updates, 02

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Floor 5 is still filled with wonderful Edna photographs of the annual Land of Oz event that takes place near our RL home. But I did sneak in 2 photographs of the immediate proximate Darkside on formerly empty wall spaces. I’m trying to talk Edna herself into going with me to Darkside soon, and hopefully I can replace my own photographs of the place with what I’m sure will be her superior versions. Unfortunately, we probably have to wait until the leaves fall off the trees next October before getting similarly clear shots of the Temple of the Moon. Again, my photographs come directly from this blog.



I’m not exactly sure how this happened, but the whole temple now lies slightly over the border of the neighboring sim, making me have to move several pictures out from the wall on that side in order to keep them from being derezzed (see below for an example). In other words, they have to lie on my Noru properties to stay put — moved snug against the wall and they are in Megi instead. The walls themselves — luckily — do not dematerialize because the 10x10x10 prims they are a part of always have their center well within Noru.


Many of the new photographs added to the temple in recent updates are found on floor 6, making up most of Edna’s Pocahontas collection also found in earlier versions of the temple. I may have some additional remarks about Pocahontas in general in coming posts.

Again, as a reminder, floor 6 can only be reached from floor 7, as the twinned floor 2 likewise can only be reached from floor 3. This sounds like an inconvenience, but actually the access to these two levels has been opened up considerably in post-Otherland versions of the temple, thanks to the addition of numerous Aracadia Asylum modified ramps from her slum apartment building.


I’m reminded through the below snapshot that several wall prims *were* returned to Baker Bloch’s Lost and Found folder, since they were not part of the original “beehive” cubes. All of these were found in the upper version of the modified slum apt. buildiing, as you can see below. Instead of moving the walls inward to set them on my property, I just decided to add rails to the two affected stories. The rails do not derez in these spots, because they, like the beehive wall prims, are hollowed out cubes.


To close out our review of the updates to the Temple of TILE, I’d also like to point out that Toy Avatar Weekly magazines have been added in various spots within, such as the table below on floor 3, along with a Salad Bar Jack movie poster next to the teleporter. We’ll also run up on these 2 items when shifting our review to the Edwardston Station Gallery next.



Gallery Updates, 01

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Enough updates have been made to the Noru galleries at this point to seemingly justify more blog posts devoted to the subject. The basic set up of the two main galleries in my Noru parcels, however, still remains quite similar to that in Ichalon, where they also coexisted together long enough to make a 10 part series of posts on them (Icalon Galleries 1-10, presently found on the 2nd page of the Edwardston Station Gallery category). In other words, I don’t see the need to create a whole new tour of the two galleries since a complete overhaul hasn’t been effected since the older tour was created. So let’s focus on the updates in these newer 5 posts on the Edwardston Station Gallery and the Temple of TILE.

Let’s start with the beam in spot for the Temple of TILE. I’ve moved this entrance point in the gallery back to the bottom floor of 8; for a time in Noru, I had it on the 4th, just so it would be more central within the rather complex temple layout. Maybe I’ll move it back, but for now it’s on the 1st, as it was in Ichalon as well. One has the Asylum created magazine stand and drink machines surrounding the entry point, along with an updated sign giving a picture of the whole Noru gallery complex instead of just the temple itself.


In turning around, Karoz sees the particle red African butterflies that populated at least the Otherland version of the temple on this floor as well. With them this time are some particle ferns…


… and on the opposite side of the lower floor, some particle snapdragons, which I may or may not keep there long term. All of these particle rezzers are owned by Baker Blinker, who, fortunately, also has the power to manifest objects on the Noru properties, as can all family members.


Then I decided to make the red wall of this central temple chamber extend down a full 10 meters to match the green and blue walls also in this central region. This makes the set-up more like the original version of the temple, such as pictured here in Rubi.* This is the way it looked before my modification.


I’ve also opened up some of the walls more to allow for additional Edna photographs to be hung, such as the nice one of Granddaddy Mtn. below. Presently there are about 55 photographs in the structure, compared with 100 collages in the Edwardston Station Gallery. I’m planning to add about 6-10 more, though, and the situation, at least, is much better than before the updates, when only about 35 photographs were on display in the temple. Too few, and also spaced too far apart. I think it looks considerably better now.


Another created opening, but the added canvas slotted into the new space remains blank for now.


Floor 2, which can only be reached from Floor 3 practically speaking, now contains a number of additional photographs around the perimeter of the central area containing the tyle cube and linden tree. These are all from Herman Park again, as are the ones on floor 1. However, these photographs deal directly with TILE Creek in this case. They’re also all from this blog, and snapped by me, baker b., instead of Edna. This first one Karoz is staring directly at here from up the ramp is of the Mmmmmm’s First Tree, described in this post from last year.


From Jonesborough this time, the site of most of the Salad Bar Jack in the River of TILE related posts.


And then New Hope, separated from Jonesborough by The Wilderness, famous as the location for the last battle of the last war fought by the toy avatars, according to Hucka D. and also Grassy Knoll (there’s a reason they should know!)

Actually, Karoz is turning his head toward the only picture of TILE Creek itself in the temple in the below snapshot. This is near Rez Rock, where both the group led by T-Bonz and also the 2nd group of toy avatars headed by Gene Fade (I believe) first manifested in that particular dimension within the context of the Salad Bar Jack in The River of TILE movie. Check the Toy Avatar category for more information on that (go to the older posts).


* I’m also reminded through this picture from Rubi that the central Tyle Cube use to spin atop a lemon tree in older temple versions instead of the present linden or lime tree.