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Where to forth now?? June 16, 2009

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Led Zeppelin tube found on Gelsomina — need to study further. Hucka D. indicates it was taken to Crabwoo. Is it perhaps buried under the central Kashmir parcel, or maybe in the sky? DazedandConfused should know, perhaps? The Led Zeppelin tube was found in The Arab ship, maybe also taken to Crabwoo; dumped in the Blue Feather Sea.

Oh, Cabron has been declassified, since Hucka Doobie’s stash has been found there and returned to his inventory. The stash was discovered right at the time my 2nd month’s rent was due in Noru, and also a very attractive rental property opened up on the Atoll continent that I might have snagged if I just hadn’t paid my 30 dollar+ rent in Jeogeot. Interesting — always feel like I have to make a note of such similar event conjunctions.

Rubidoo on Granddaddy Mtn. is similarly inaccessible now, as I found out on Sunday. I transposed the energy, then, to a different location, where, in contrast, areas previously unknown to me started opening up. I might call this area Ragitoo, although that name has been loosely used to describe an area much nearer to Rubidoo, and also on Granddaddy Mtn. Sooo… might think of a new name for the new territory. I’ll start take pictures this weekend, hopefully Sunday. I’ve decided it would be a good summer hangout. It’s about 14 miles away from our house; close to Darkside as well, which I also revisted on Sunday. Special place! (didn’t take any pictures, once again).

Still have to finish the latest toy avatar post about Blue Feather and the rejuvenation of the Jonesborough community.

With the similar closing up of the 10×10, a parallel era of another type of collage synchronicity is coming to an end, it seems. It really is this time. Carrcass-1 *seems* an endpoint.

Cabron is now history. Otherland is history. And there seems to be no returning to Azure Islands, perhaps not to the Atoll continent either, although I’m more unsure about that. Redesign of the Temple of TILE there? It’s all mainlands now, it seems.

Map synchronicities may gear up again — probably will (maybe tonight???).

Still havent defined what R110 is… is it possible to explain right now? Wait until later to develop?

The Crabwood-Chilbo resonation seems super important, especially given that the Led Zeppelin Tube may be involved. This tube is a key in understanding how to get beyond Carrcass-1.*

An option would be to rent in Crabwoo. I’m sure good rentals are available still. Maybe keep the Noru properties for another month and then move on, either back to the Atoll continent, or to Maebaleia continent for a spell (most likely not to stay at the latter, though). And I’m not finished with Sansara I don’t believe, although I have recently described the searches for SL truths in Sansara alone as exhibiting a Sansara-centric viewpoint of this metaverse, kind of parallel to the old Europe-centric version of the world. This is definitely true I think. But on the other hand…

I need to practice the keyboards as much as possible each day. But don’t forget boss’ retirement tomorrow!

Jonesborough is probably sealed up for the summer due to gnats, heat, and so on. Just like last year at this time. The shift to Ragitoo (or whatever I decide to call it) has been effected, although gnats are a problem there as well in various places (Darkside doesn’t seem to be affected).

I’m going inworld now…


* The search for new map synchronicities and the endpoint of the other type of major synchronicities I work with may actually be connected through the Blue Feather Sea and the Maebaleia continent as a whole. A key is the lack of IV beyond III. “Where is the 4th?” This may be a Led Zeppelin theme as well.

Put a tube in Blue Feather Douglas and allow him to speak again??