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Chatting June 23, 2009

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“Hi Hucka D. Sorry about Baker Bloch messing up his recent batch of SL snapshots.”

Hucka D.:

You have found the place Plant grew up. He was a bastard of a child. Destroyed half that fine village with his own raging hands. A raging Bull he was.


It’s a quite fascinating if small place. Is it the true Crabwoo?

Hucka D.:

One of the two of you need to live there. Obviously, though, the Chro gallery will have to go. A decision must be made to live in Zen City itself or just outside. Scout around the area — send Mr. Bloch back, perhaps tonight. You need to know why that deer was there.


Is the, um, house he grew up in still there?

Hucka D.:

Destroyed. That went first. By his hands.


We’re not talking about the Led Zeppelin singer, though.

Hucka D.:

Yes in a way. It’s a split off fragment personality. Specifically crafted so that he could retrieve the tube. That’s his whole aim. Zen. Now and. You get the picture [at 11].


Is the tube the same as the tall cool one, then?

Hucka D.:

Precisely — take a look around the area better. That’s an order (smiles).


What’s the deal-i-o with the temple of water and fire? Unusual.

Hucka D.:

That’s his religion. Not Plant’s but the other one. Zen. Not Now but Zen.



What’s really going on here?

Hucka D.:

Go inworld and redo your pictures, baker b. See ya!


Zen City (Beyond the Korean Channel)

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For this visit to the Korean Channel, Karoz finally decides to officially investigate the largest islands of the sea, both Linden owned and created at the same time as the channel itself. Starting from Kyat Lun (careful, Karoz, that’s one of those forewarned “K” sims Hucka D. was talking about!), he dives underwater and heads east into Ichelus, soon to encounter the lower end of the larger of the 2 islands. So large, in fact, that it spans 3 sims south to north, or, in order, Ichelus, Zebrasil, and with a tiny bit of the northern tip of the island in Shamon.

As I’m now reminded, the part of the island in Zebrasil is the site of a Linden infohub, such as the one in Hanja very near my Noru home. Actually in checking, Hanja is one of four conjoined infohubs in the 4 sim area near Noru, all what are called first generation infohubs. Zebrasil, in contrast, is called a second generation infohub on the Second Life wiki page on the subject.

A quite large and active volcano dominates the southern part or Ichelus half of the island, which Karoz almost totally remains within this particular night of exploring.


Diving board? No, Karoz stays clear of that. He doesn’t even want to step into the lava pouring off the side of the mountain and instead moves around the back (east) of the mountain to proceed upward through the island to quickly reach…


… this collection of (4) small “tiki huts”, some palm trees and rocks, and not much more.


A flower trellis fills a gap in the mountain range of the island, allowing Karoz easy passage to its east side and away from the tiki hut collection. It’s dominated by what appears to be an atoll which Karoz is walking on the far edge of below. More rocks and palms to be seen there… he didn’t find it incredibly exciting to be honest with the reader.


Karoz did a lot of further exploring that night, but as you can tell from the above photos, he mistakenly left the “show interface in snapshot” option checked, essentially ruining the whole batch. I went ahead and posted the ones dealing directly with the volcano island in the middle of the Korean Channel because I felt those were the most important of the group. And then I decided to insert one more “spoiled” snapshot, showing Karoz’s discovery of what might turn out to be a quite important find on the west coast of the continent — yes, Karoz managed to actually cross the Korean Channel tonight to explore Jeogeot’s western areas. The find here would be what Hucka D. is now calling Nowtown, with a companion cluster of buildings called Zen City not far away to the north. I’ll deal with this subject more in a set of posts coming up.