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Billfork Expansion 01 April 10, 2012

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In the past week or so, Billfork has significantly expanded to include a 2nd, lower track, with the original, upper track pieces dismantled and used in the new stage. We can call this, then, Second Stage Billfork. The following pictures depict the updates. Although I did certainly test out some marbles along this new part, I didn’t hold any type of official marble race like in stage one.

Outside the train track itself, all of the material used in Stage Two (and Stage One for that matter) come almost exclusively from the fields just above Billfork, where numerous bottles, pots, bricks, and other miscellaneous objects have been uncovered over the last several weeks.

The below picture is a detail of the lower part of the new track, including what I see in my vivid imagination, hehe, as a “village” of bricks, old jar lids, and what appears to be a former gate henge for a fence of some type. Also in this collection, slightly separated from the central configuration, are two jars and a jug with a prominent hole near its base. More on that story soon. I have no separate name for this new collection of objects yet; perhaps The Village is sufficient enough at this point. As one can see, a toy avatar (Ladybug, a pet of Salad Bar Jack fanatics Blue Feather and Tronesis) is already checking out the location, with more likely on the way.

Stage Two Billfork in its entirety. I see the rusty pipe in the foreground as a counterpart to the similarly rust covered B_Hivia in the background, acting as symbolic bookends for this stage as it were. The 2 larger objects in question were also found quite close to each other in the fields above Billfork, just on opposite sides of a fallen tree. The beginning of the Stage 2 marble track starts right in front of B_Hivia and ends somewhere along the side of the pipe most likely. The route has not been totally fixed, and I’m also still debating whether to leave the resulting, lock-in rail design up in the woods or take it down. I’ll probably make a decision this week on that subject.

Factors in the decision include possibilities of setting the race track up in another Frank/Herman Park location. Perhaps Norris now??

The Village.

This old, beat up coffee pot is one of the several objects that didn’t seem to fit into Stage Two, at least not yet.

Jars along the upper route of the race track, making another type of “community” most likely. Actually I see this as more of the center of Billfork, where the track comes closest to Billy Spring and even appears to project over top of it along a high curve.

The large, flat white rock behind the jars from the direction of the spring is the only stone imported into Billfork so far, coming from just outside its perceived boundaries.

The highest part of Stage Two. Altogether there are 14 jars employed in the new set-up, and over 30 objects total not including the 26 or so pieces of model train track.

Next up might be the making of a Gene Fade Production movie in Billfork, or at least I know that’s a strong possibility. Believe me, toy avatars are already lining up for roles despite the still sketchy nature of the project. Gene Fade has a lot of clout in the toy avatar dominion because of his co-starring roles in all those Salad Bar Jack action-adventure movies. If anyone can revive the toy avatar movie industry, it’s more likely to be Gene Fade than about anyone else I can think of, what with Grassy Noll (Salad Bar Jack himself, of course!) still being trapped in that West Virginia Wal Mart at last word.

I can’t wait. 🙂


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