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E! (A Dramatic Re-creation) June 5, 2009

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On a tip from Hucka Doobie, Karoz went to the Blue Feather Sea sim closest to the warped Crabwoo (Blenhorn) to find this large, 50 meter long “E” wedged between two ridges on its western side. Hucka D. told him to take plenty of snapshots, and called it a “dramatic re-creation”, as in the title of this post.

Karoz realized that each exposed side of the 8 cubes making up the “E” contained a fuzzy map of a single sim, although he didn’t immediately recognize any of the names. He noticed most were water sims. He thought about his Inland Sea/Korean Channel, but none of the names rang a bell — Lemongrass, Redazillion (he thought — names were a bit unreadable at times as well).


Ahhh… now that he’s looked at the top he did recognize that sim furthest to the right and back, not by name but because it is dotted all over with snake-like tiny islands. He then realizes he is staring at an edited version of the top part of the Korean channel, an area he is more unfamiliar with since it does not lie as close to his Noru home as the lower section.



You can see some of the darker patterns on the sea floor from this view higher up.


Karoz explores around the base until accidentally coming across this phantom prim with a map of the Demien sim on the front.


Walking through it, he is able to access the empty interior of the giant letter. A considerable amount of oddly placed windows were found, but nothing else.



Karoz uses the handy “disable camera” option to view underneath the letter. Although rather dark, he was instantly able to make out the lower part of the Korean channel on the exposed sides. This helped verify his developing theory that all 30 sims were mapped out on the “E”.


Snapshots showing the remaining, exposed sides from the front of the the giant letter.




Moving around the back now, Karoz finds only a blurred green texture, with no names of sims indicated on any of what he knows are the exposed sides of 5 cube prims. He doesn’t know what to make of this quite yet.


A look at the “E” on the likewise handy mini-map available on the SL viewer.


While I was staring at this, the “E” suddenly vanished.


Karoz then checked to find that objects were automatically returned to their owner in this sim after 15 minutes. Thinking back, he realizes he must have showed up just after the “E” was rezzed in this spot. But how? He attempts to rez a cube on the floor bottom but finds that he can’t. It must have been carted in from another location, he then realizes. Hmmmmm…. why would Hucka D. make this kind of effort? Perhaps the blog would provide immediate future answers: baker b. and Hucka chat on it regularly, almost nightly in fact. He’d check this weekend.

Did this giant *capital* “E” have something to do with the smaller *lower case* “e” he had just found in Chilbo, and which he understood now had something to do with a land before Chilbo? He knew it did, in all likelihood.


Seven Stones

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Seven Stones in Frank Park, near my home. A lot more than seven stones in the immediate area, but I’m mainly counting the larger ones in the meadow of the background, behind the large stone pictured here (not one of the seven?).


A view back to the same rock from the meadow. I believe I’m standing on one of the “authentic” 7 now while taking the shot.


A view down into the rather amazing bottom of the long meadow — not sure what kind of tree that is at the end (straight ahead here), but it’s quite beautiful in this setting. I’ll check on the type sometime.


Close up of some kind of caterpillar-like bluish creatures eating the locale vegetation. I mean, they are all over the place around the rocks here, and in the meadow as a whole. Again I admit stupidity over the names of the buggers (can you tell I’m not a naturalist?).


The batteries in my camera went dead, and instead of just throwing them away, or before doing such, thought I’d have a little fun with the now recharged camera and set the pair on some rust colored spots on one of the namesake rocks.


Strange thing now: the batteries, while sitting on these spots, apparently recharged themselves and created a current between them, perhaps of a supernatural nature. That’s my theory anyway.


I had left my sunglasses on one of the “seven” rocks just visited, and I noticed they were aimed directly at the batteries, although it was not a conscious intention.


I went back to the rock with the sunglasses to take some longer shots of the batteries — not moving the sunglasses in the meantime — when I looked down and saw that these two red Mmmmmm’s (toy avatars written about in other places on this blog) had just popped in from another dimension inside the space that the glasses made on the rock. An orange colored third also briefly appeared in front of them, staring the opposite way. But just for a second — I was lucky even to get him in the picture with the other two before the disappearance.


The red Mmmmmm’s then stood alone behind one dark lens apiece, and likewise aimed their collective stares directly toward the batteries, then sparkling brightly in the sun. It was then I noticed that the glasses were about the same length as the distance between the batteries on the other rock. I thought the two pairs had to be connected now.

Could that possibly also be Shakenstein lurking down in the weeds below the pair? Oh, I forgot. It’s just my insulated coffee cup I carried along with me to the rocks. Let’s not make this story any weirder than it already is!


Then as suddenly as they appeared, the red pair of Mmmmmm’s were gone. Just afterwards, the sun went behind a cloud and all became overcast. I think the materialization, among other things, was a warning that rain was on the way again. The RL wife, at the same time, was sitting in our house with the rain pouring outside, as I learned later.

But that was a rather minor point in comparison to the fact that I now knew Mmmmmm’s dwelt in Frank Park as well as neighboring Herman Park. And they had the ability to teleport as well. This put a new spin on the old story, and I wondered when they would show up again. I decided I had to check the Cave of the Alphabet as soon as possible. Were the other toy avatars still possibly there, even after a year hiatus of filming Salad Bar Jack in the River of TILE?? I might have some time on Saturday to check; it’s suppose to have cleared up by then.

Hopefully more from 7 Stones soon!


We Better Keep Chatting, 01

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“We better keep chatting, Hucka D.”

Hucka D.:

Let’s start, then. Good night to you.


Good night.

Hucka D.:

You now know more information, which is indispensable. Information, I mean. Gable’s dead.


Yeah, Hucka D., Gable’s dead. (slight smile)

Hucka D.:

IE will not be used in the RS7 project. That’s what you determined today.


But Ozmo will be. Gold. Locket.

Hucka D.:

It’s all starting to revolve around RS7. That’s why the SL resonances are becoming stronger. There’s twins now, as you understand. One likes Hannah Montana, and the other likes Miley Cyrus. (laughs)


Right, good one. Alternating tastes. “Hotel California” never sounded so good.

Hucka D.:

He he.


Can I ask more now about RS7?

Hucka D.:

Not really. Let’s talk about the Blue Feather and possible Blue Feather Gallery instead.



Hucka D.:

You start.


Well… I suppose Karoz could open this gallery in a number of places. Most obvious would be in the Malyshkin sim, caddycorner to the Blue Feather itself.

Hucka D.:

You need to make a map of the Blue Feather inland sea, a true inland sea in this case. Karoz is projecting part of its energy onto what he is calling the inland sea of Jeogeot but what is actually a channel (Korean Channel). But you are seeing something else about this sea.


I am? Hmmm… OK. Maybe it’s in the past instead of the future?

Hucka D.:

Correct, my friend. The Bills, which are a collective 1 Bill, are in the past instead of the future. The Blue Feather Gallery has already been. Karoz went there from Jeogeot, when he matured to a certain stage. Ruuster took him. R110. And there he created the Fuchsia Diamond and then stole it later on when he returned to Jeogeot. He took it to his Inland Sea. He hid it there. It is the 32 [from 33].

1 year equals 8 1/2 years in SL. Years are miles. Chilbo to Crabwoo and back.


So Karoz opened the Blue Feather Gallery in Crabwoo when he matured? Beside the Blue Feather Sea?

Hucka D.:

To create the diamond, which is the code within the code. 33 to 32. SID.


Is Karoz *The* Mouse, then?

Hucka D. (laughing):



This, I believe, has something to do with Fleep Tuque obviously. Her very first snapshot had that same parrot I’ve been seeing repeatedly in the Noguri sim, along with the multiple waterfalls. This obviously also has something to do with Wheeler 09. That Fuchsia house represents the diamond again, doesn’t it?

Hucka D.:

As I said, you need to map this all out. Make a map of the sims involved. Acontia, Noguri, others.


But, I mean, these memories of a pre-Chilbo Chilbo, or what you’ve been calling Chilbol or Chilbolton or Chilboltown — they’re memories, somehow, of Tuque’s experiences in Acontia, which is pre-Chilbo. There’s the flickr set to prove this. You have the cows and chickens and other resonations. Looks like a toy avatar town to me, and that’s what you’ve been calling Chilbol, etc.

Hucka D.:

No doubt that plays a role. Good that Karoz went to Eschwan Park and understood that the cottage there was originally in Acontia.



Hucka D.:

When Chilbo was formed, certain probabilities stabilized into a more walkable, respectable path. Others joined in. But the core of the community was lost, because one becomes more removed from the grid. This is the reason for the park. It is nostalgia for a day when community numbered much less than Chilbo. It is yearning for a time when paths were faint and play was strong. Responsibilities kicked in, RL.


That’s what Karoz has been picking up all along. That’s why he states this Chilbo is not his Chilbo. He’s seeing the alternate version where play remains strong. Toy avatars.

Hucka D.:

His father is, was, a toy avatar.


Gene Fade, you mean. Mossman. Who is pictured on Jasper 09, the one with the portal *without* the Rydal waterfall, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:



I don’t know. Baker Bloch and Karoz decided that the waterfall copied from Noguri (the one that appears in 2 places there) would not fit on the Noru gallery properties. It has been removed, just like the waterfall was not included in Jasper 09 that was present in Wheeler 09.

[Hucka D. does not answer.]


So… does Karoz need to recreate the Blue Feather Gallery in Malyshkin?

Hucka D.:

Maybe. He needs to remember Ruuster at any rate. Bill. The Bills. Kill…


Should we talk about R110 more?

Hucka D.:

It came from space. Mars. Ruuster knows.


I think this also has to do with Newton 09, Hucka D., which also pertains to Rydal.

Hucka D.:



Maybe even, well, I meant to say Yale 09 there. But Newton 09 as well.

Hucka D.:

Man… *wo*man. You better end.


Thank you.


Chilbo: Eschwa Park

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In this post from a couple of days ago, I added links to some quite amazing pictures, to me, in the footnotes at the end of the main text. I’d like to give those links again to review here as well.

Both of these pictures come from the Acontia Sim and Eschwa Ownz collection of Fleep Tuque’s Second Life Sets on Flickr. The first is supposedly the original SL snapshot taken by the founder of Chilbo, with a parrot on her shoulder. And not just any ol’ parrot but the one found in Noguri, already involved in a little tangle of synchronicities before this, even. I now think this parrot stands for Chilbo in general, and also whatever Karoz and Hucka D. are on about when they talk about a Chilbo before a Chilbo, or what they’ve variously referred to as Chilboltown or Chilbolton or just Chilbol. I now think pre-Chilbo has something to do with Acontia as well, a Heterocera/Atoll continent sim Ms. Tuque lived in before coming to the southern continent and founding her famous community.

Ms. Tuque’s Acontia parallels Mr. Hucka D.’s Chilboltown/Chilbolton/Chilbo

(“parallels”, mind you, not “equals”)

The second snapshot that struck me from this collection is of an Acontia party Fleep attended, which contains some pictorial elements already encountered in this blog. We find, for example, Snoopy and Woodstock now active and working again at the revived toy avatar community on TILE Creek, thanks to fellow toy avatars Blue Feather and his partner Tronboid. We find the same kind of split rock paths now in the Noru gallery complex. The giant chicken in the background certainly seemed significant, given all the talk about Bill/Ruuster and such things as giant square chicken eggs. The cow (in this photograph next to the chicken, and staring directly at the split rock path) and the rooster together are the subject of the last 3 pictures within the House of Truth, also in the Noru gallery complex. These final three pictures also tell the story, according to Hucka D. again (who has promised to continue this story in his Beehive of Truth), of the demise of Chilboltown/Chilbolton/Chilbo, which in the House of Truth is directly identified with the real world Chilbolton in England, site of an amazing set of 2001 crop circles which have also been discussed repeatedly in this blog recently.

Which brings us to a second equation we can then make by association:

Chilbolton, England parallels Hucka D. ‘s “SL” Chilboltown/Chilbolton/Chilbol

The giant *lowercase* “e” of that snapshot, which stands for Eschwa, can also be directly linked to the giant *uppercase* “E” recently found by Karoz in the Blue Feather Sea of the Mãebaleia Continent very near Crabwoo.*

So with all this going on, I decided to send Karoz over to the Acontia sim to see what was still there. I didn’t find any evidence remaining of this mythic land of Eschwa, to my disappointment. The center of the sim is this enclosed 512 First Land parcel Karoz is hovering almost directly above, with not much of significance on it, seemingly. Most of the remaining land in the sim is banned — in fact, all 4 sides of central 512 border banned land. Imagine not being able to walk freely out of your parcel in any direction! (wonder how often that happens?). So present day Acontia seems a dead end in terms of learning about pre-Linden lands and communities.


But yet another snapshot from Fleep’s Acontia related set prompted me to send Karoz back to Chilbo itself for further investigation. Wasn’t this Eschwa cottage the same one as Karoz had already visited in Chilbo? (not recorded in this blog, though) It turned out to be just that (see 4th picture below), and more Eschwa memoribilia was found in the immediate environs (2nd and 3rd picture below) — in fact, the parcel, owned by Fleep, is called Eschwa Park, obviously a memorial park of sorts.





A blueprint type map of the Chilbo sim found in the cottage. Don’t know what red vs. green parcels means here, though.


Karoz then goes over to the rental unit next to the Eschwan cottage and again ponders whether he should rent in Chilbo, possibly right here. Is he destined to be a present Chilboan as well as a past one??


* A correction: it looks like the “e” of that snapshot can also represent a schwa, per this SL wikia article on Acontia.


Inland Sea: Reaching the Northern Edge

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Karoz takes another hike from his Noru home to the Inland Sea or Korean Channel, intending to go even further than he had the last time up the channel. Below is Xilted again, whose green, rolling hills should be familiar to regular readers of this blog by now. But I especially thought this dusk shot captured the beauty of the sim at its fullest.


Another great dusk shot of Karoz running northward into the more beige colored landscape of Xilted and out of the quite emerald green, lower part of this sim.


Karoz still running north along the (east side of the) channel, this time through a sparse grove of palm trees in Glasso. The sim’s noted round and green knoll at its northern border lies just ahead of Karoz here. Beyond this the remaining Korean Channel sims are almost all water up to its northern border, still some 9 sims (1 1/2 miles) away.


Some dice found on the eastern edge of the channel. Baker Bloch, checking behind Karoz again, is unable to refind the location of these objects. But they rolled themselves when touched, and it crossed Karoz’s mind at the time to use them for oracle purposes.


The northern reach of the bit of land protruding into Pleiablo from the east. Karoz has made it to the general limit of his last Korean Channel trip, and is about to literally dive into unknown, personally unexplored water. Actually, it is just north of this point where Karoz inexplicably — to him at the time — transported into the Blue Feather Sea of the Mãebaleia continent, as discussed in this earlier post.


Traversing this water and retaining local time/space coordinates this time, a relieved Karoz shortly reaches the northern edge of the land in this direction, complete with a working lighthouse. This would be in Ensel.


Also in Ensel is found the northern edge of the channel as a whole. Beyond this to the north lies the great Void separating the great continents of Jeogeot and Sansara, a considerable number of miles apart.