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Norum H. updates June 28, 2011

Filed under: Norum — baker Blinker @ 12:35 pm

Even before I get a chance to add the text to the introductory post about the fledgling town of Norum Heights, the landscape changes there a considerable bit. TILE Temple is now on the new, south side of town, and the Tower of TILE, also last seen in Pietmond technically, has replaced Orange House at the very northern tip of the burg, beside the peep show building. Orange House now resides next to the SoSo Gallery nearer the center of Norum Heights. Great views there… I’ll attempt to take more pictures soon, when the construction dust settles down a bit more.

But to get the land for the TILE Temple, I had to basically give up everything in Otaki Gorge. Pietmond is certainly no longer an option now and in the forseeable future. Norum Heights is the place.

Name thoughts: Should the whole, upper Noru landscape be called Norum Heights, and the town itself in the middle Norum Center or Norum Centre? Something else to think about, among many other things.


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