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Out & About, 02 July 23, 2011

Continuing in the marvelous Forest of Kahruvel, with loving attention given to such spots as this small grove of pine trees. Second Life residents should make much greater use of Linden grass like this, IMOHO.

Campfire on a ridge overlooking the sea which Baker Bloch accidentally walked too close to and caught fire (!) I omitted the actual burning pictures I took to save Mr. Bloch further embarrassment. Actually, I guess I shouldn’t have mentioned the incident at all. At any rate, a quick teleport to another location within the forest fixed all.

Another great scene with mystery stone pillar in foreground and the islet tucked in the northeast corner of the Rodeo sim in back.

Switching now to the supposedly resonant island to the Rodeo one in the Baker sim, as described in this old, old blog post. 3 1/2 years I’ve been doing this now! Not surprisingly Baker’s Isle, as I believe I called it, has changed much even since I rented the land beside it last fall.

Shifting back to the Jeogeot continent, we come to a shot of the low but picturesque Six Minute Hill in the sim of the same name. This would be between Sunklands and the southern coast, but closer to the latter. Much of the land around the hill is owned by Upshaw Properties, offering some rental houses in the area (left).

Yet another continent: Maebaleia, and the still nicely wooded ridge to the immediate east of Rubisea. And yet another general aera Baker has contemplated buying land recently. Or renting land.

Back in Taernil’s Bluff overlooking the Maebaleia Lake District body of water with the very similar size and shape of Rubisea. Are they psychically/mythologically related as well?

Looking northeast from the same room of the TB skyscraper toward more mysterious grounds simply and enigmatically called “Igor”. I’ll perhaps have more to say about all that soon enough.

Fairly nearby and to the west lies this odder, small urban area with a section of it shaking violently, simulating an earthquake. Interesting — Baker thought it worthy of a snapshot or 2.

Then let’s head to what remains of the old Noru Heights homestead, or Mashed Potato Hills. Actually part of the Crystal Cave Ridge still remains as well, but the two regions aren’t connected now through the Noru Heights urban area, as they were before. However, the land between them is still up for sale as I’m presently checking; there’s a possibility, in other words, for the city’s return and a relink between the 2 parks. Something of a possibility at least.

Noru groundside. Great shots of rising sun. Baker continues to contemplate a return while taking these shots.


2 Responses to “Out & About, 02”

  1. Baker my old friend – Cowell has gone! Salazar Jack and his granny were conducting an experiment and something went terribly wrong… Sal is missing, it looks bad, and the whole of the village has been wiped…

    • So much lost in SL my old exploring friend. Easier to count what remains than what is missing by now. I miss you being around in SL, but I’m not there much any longer as well. I’m still a type of explorer in RL, however. Still exploring — that’s what counts. Take care now.


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