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All Abroad! March 17, 2011

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Noru ghost train approaching. All a- well, you know.

My newest rental: not Noru but Mujigae, although on the extreme northern side. Noru lies right across the front sidewalk Baker stands on here, a segment of my old land from this sim which I rented/owned from April through September of last year. Now I’ve returned, in part of course for I still have Pietmond. More on Pietmond’s newest development phase very soon!

View of the rental from across the mostly still extant Noru Woods. Marvelous.

View south to north now, over top of my rental house.

Back to the ghost train: well, I’ve been a little carried away lately with just pulling out all the stops, and this is a small part of the action. The ghost train runs in about a 60-70 meter wide circle through the Noru Woods, starting, let’s say, just in front of the rental and heading in a clockwise direction. Baker likes to use mouseview when riding the train. Below, he looks back at the rental as he begins his short trip through the forest area.

Passing over top of Tired Falls, with its large tire in the feeder pool at its top. Baker suddenly feels a little sleepy!

Grazing the Nailcoffin Studio — yes, I understand that the train will probably have to be deleted fairly soon; not permanent.

Great view of the Celtic cross in the distance to the north that Baker speculated might be the grave of Noru’s Peter. Relationship to Pietmond’s Peter (Peters?) is still a bit unclear. Maybe I can get a better grip on all that now that I’m sort of back in Noru and thinking about the whole Norum-Pietmond relationship again.

Cool thing: the train passes right through the center of this brick opening on Widow’s Hill, a cuing spot for the track if you will.

Back “home.”

Baker steps out of the train and looks up to see his two giant bees positioned last summer still hovering in the Noru sky.

Still working on the rental’s innards. Seems Baker already has guests. 🙂


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  1. […] The circular Ghost Train of the Noru Woods [also] alerted me to the Dogpatch resonance, Hucka D. It went right over the top of Tired Falls, as the Dogpatch train use to pass over top of Marble Falls. Marbles Fall. This is about marble avatars as well. Just today I revisited Key Rock on Castle Ridge, supposed marbles homeland. […]

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