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Bumming Around, 01 July 14, 2011

Filed under: Fisher Rigg,Jeogeot Chilbo,Norum — baker Blinker @ 7:09 am

Central Norum after the Lesser Erase. Norum Heights is now no more except for Mashed Potato Hills and some of the Crystal Cave Ridge. The town is no more, I mean.

One of last shots of town.

Baker ponders a move to Chilbo while sitting on a hill just west of this much larger burg than Norum Heights and admiring the purdy trees and veggies.

Another location further west of Chilbo in Geum.

And I haven’t forgotten about Fisher Rig…

While there Baker heads north out of Fisher Rig…

… discovering a tallish house with a door ajar, reminiscent of the same situation in Nightfield earlier this year.

A new home?


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