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Isle of Baker/ Magic Bench of the Pod Peaple February 23, 2008

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The inspiration for this particular post was the discovery of yet another “Baker’s Island”, this time in SL itself. To avoid confusion I’ll call this particular landmark “Isle of Baker”. Again, no details, but it’s very close to the new rezzing spot I mention in the post above this (yes, I’m writing these in backwards order). I thought it comical and mystical that this island was so close.

Then I quickly moved on to a comparison with the Rodeo corner island that is also brought up in the above post. Hmmm. The Rodeo isle is smaller but somewhat similar in size. Both isles contain two distinct buldges at either end, larger and smaller, with a bridging, middle neck. In both cases, this neck is crooked or bent, and inside the crook we have the remains of a ruin. I’ll get back to the ruins shortly. But the most important comparison to make here is between the equally long, gray objects on the respective smaller buldges. Click the pictures below to see enlargements. I cued the two pictures together directly through these objects; open each in a separate window and toggle between the two to see this effect.



The elongated gray object on “Isle of Baker – Not” is in fact a quite valuable historic relic in the shape of an obelisk, half buried in the sand. I’ll shortly refer you to other locations that talk about this relic in more detail. The companion object on Isle of Baker is not an obelisk or anything remotely magical on the surface, but merely an ordinary wooden bench, faded to gray over time. But I could not dismiss the connection so easily. I checked out this “ordinary” bench in some detail…


On the ground beneath I found the peculiar object pictured below. It was a pea pod with 5 individual peas partially protruding out of their protective shelter. Each had a different color. I could not help noticing that these were the same 5 colors illustrated in the “Brainstorm” post below. Further moving it beyond coincidence is the fact that the red and green shapes here were squares, mirroring the red and green square pillows. Also the olive and orange colors between them were round but also contained slices, making a number of angles at each “pole”. These had to be representations of one and the same idea. But what was it??? Peas… why a pea pod??





9 Responses to “Isle of Baker/ Magic Bench of the Pod Peaple”

  1. HBA Says:

    Most odd… like invasion of the body snatcher as done by teletubbies – I must go!

  2. Good comparison. I don’t know where the heck this is leading, except one step at a time, but it sure is fun!
    Interesting that you also had this island

    in your new entry here
    Davenport 5 - The Floating Gardens
    (it’s the small one nw of the hand)
    . Great photos over there btw! I’ll make a comment to that effect asap.

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