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Key Rock (Castle Rock?) October 23, 2009

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Key Rock juts above the immediate surroundings. Maybe 25 feet high. Looks a little like a fist as well (not as much like a key… but it is). This was supposedly the center of avatar marble events in the county I live in. Toy avatars live or lived in Frank and Herman Parks, also in the county and only a few miles to the south. Could there be an immediate connection?


Key Rock looks very different depending on the viewing angle. From the north it’s quite pointed.


Very different textured rock just behind Key Rock (“front” is first picture of this post). Are these some kind of hieroglyphs?


A flattish rock attached to the back of Key Rock. Is this a former marble hangout? Notice the regularly spaced ferns.


Key Rock from the back. Looks very different from the front.


A tunnel runs underneath the base of Key Rock. Hucka D. has indicated this tunnel was the center of a struggle between marbles living on the north side and south side of Key Rock. The tunnel connects the two sides.


To me, there seems to be additional, natural divisions in the small but complex Key Rock environ — more than just the 2. I speculated/ruminated about 3-5 separate marble tribes surrounding the rock. In wandering a nearby, lower peak, found this football which may give an additional clue. Was it 4, then? 4 Square, with marbles grouped according to colors. Like the 4 fold division of TILE into red, green, yellow and blue, and Key Rock uniting all. This would go along with Jung’s ideas of the 4-fold mandala as more stable than divisions of 3, 5, etc.


This same, beautiful fall day, when the mtn. colors were just past their peak, I also visited another, larger rock, also located in Denville but on a different ridge, which has older and deeper meanings. Use to. Now a road has been built to its formerly secluded base and essentially ruined the magic. It is the place that the Rainbow Sphere was born — always will be magical in time/space because of that. More on that story another time perhaps — I call it Diamond Rock. But now I was so depressed upon seeing the road that I decided to only include a picture looking away from the rock and toward Beach Mtn over the newish golf course named after the rock formations now behind me. At least the top of Beach has been preserved, and in a very special manner. Darkside too… for now.


When I hiked back down from the ridge through open woods to my car, found this realtor sign when I emerged back on the road. Castle Rock? That’s the alternate name of Key Rock I’d already selected, but for other reasons. More mysteries in this.



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