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Norum Heights Dev., 01 June 29, 2011

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Rocketship added to downtown area of Norum Heights tonight behind eucalyptus tree in the below picture’s foreground. I believe Hucka D. will soon claim that aliens originally settled in this place in the past, perhaps the same entities as his Ancients mentioned quite a number of times in this blog. And he’s also most likely going to explain the intimate relationship between Norum Heights and toy avatars shortly for us. Can’t wait.

I should add here that a female alien, frozen in position, still walks the downtown area of Norum H. Is it her spaceship? (and so forth)

Fantastic view of Mashed Potato Hills from within Baker Bloch’s recently repositioned home, which we’ve been calling Orange House for some time, one of many Norum Heights names traceable to Pietmond origins.

Looking toward downtown from the top of Towers of TILE, another very recent addition to the cityscape.

And yet another here: TILE Temple, on the opposite side of town.

Garden beside this temple, probably still in development a bit.

One more great view of Mashed Potato Hills from an upper window of the TILE Temple, in the old Pod Pad as I use to call it in Pietmond. And perhaps still do (sans pod now, however).

Mashed Potato Hills, once again, from floor 4 of 4 of the Gallery in the Rocks beside TILE Temple.

Baker checking the newly installed town phone just outside what seems to be developing into a kind of city hall, with Mr. Bean installed within beside a lit fireplace.

Baker inside the Norum Heights Coffee Shop, with — yes — a wonderful view of Mashed Potato Hills.

Baker polishing off his cup of java as the ever attentive Mr. Bean looks on.


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