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“Labyrinth Squared” April 7, 2008

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Thought I’d go ahead and insert the rough draft of the 7th collage in the Hidalgo series [4/7/08 note: collage now completed], which keeps moving along. To me, this adds a little sinister twist to the maze/labyrinth thread being developed here, and perhaps also relates more to the very 1st collage of the series in that again we have an artificial and very square and regular waterfall, as opposed to the more natural one in the 5th collage before this, which is actually the top of [delete name] waterfall on Hilo Peak Mtn. I have a feeling Blochs will be standing on top of the newest waterfall, once again, very soon [4/7/08 note: he ended up in the hedge maze; is he asleep or still just looking at his (wet) feet?].

The sinister figure in the maze (note that this is not a labyrinth but a (hedge) maze, since it has dead ends), is a combo of images from two “Labyrinth” movies. Again, also, we have the eye in the hand motif from one of these movies, mirroring the Second Life logo itself. In the background we have a motel specifically chosen for its location and former tenant.

I could give considerably more detail on an interpretation for this one, actually, but I need to relate the latest installment of my Blinkerton tales, and I’ll add attached snapshots to a post above this one. Chuck sent me an email Sunday afternoon (about 10 hrs. ago), which I’ve been thinking about rather heavily in the meantime, and certainly spurred on the collage draft seen above.

The maze in the collage represents, I believe, the Second Life grid itself, but more specifically the underwater “maze” trodden by the Ancient Ones mentioned in these blogs posts, and trekked again, at least in part, by Baker Bloch just recently, especially before his ascent on high to Hilo Peak and Lemon World on top of that peak. I believe now that the walls of this maze represent the land “separating” the water, and that the water maze is represented by the paths between the walls. Pretty sure about this.

In his email to me, Chuck tells of a similar kind of hedge maze which he intended to be used as an art gallery of sorts for what he calls his Star Series, made up of either 25 or 26 reputed paintings of a particular 5-point star in the Lordsburg area. There is a very interesting story behind this but I’m not sure I have time to get into it tonight. I will say that on behalf of Chucky I revisited, using the Bloch avatar, The Man statue and also the proximate Delerium Castle on the high island next to it, and in the very nw corner of the Natoma sim. I thought I may have missed something on my first visit, but it turns out I didn’t find anything new with my second study of the area.

I was looking for a particular thing for Chuck: a boxed hedge maze, and the very same one that I found advertised in the Lemon sim. I was also looking for a potential “portal”. More soon as I digest all this and also work on the collage.

baker b.