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Jonesborough East: Prelude To “The Parties Unite” May 31, 2008

Safely off the bridge across (Tile) Creek now and in Jonesborough East, as I’m calling it, T-Bonz and his Mmmmmm’s scamper down the root system of the overturned tree to the open area below the long rock wall discussed before, which runs all along the east side of the “burg”. Ooops, Berry or Cherry make boo boo climbing down!

A view toward the top of the Wall. No way to access the top from here.

“Is this the cave?” Cherry or Berry stupidly asks his Master T-Bonz, pointing to the relatively tiny hole above his head while walking toward the south end of the wall.

Only 30 minutes later, after they finished exploring the south and move past the roots again to the north, does T-Bonz dare to speak in his anger. “THERE,” he then emits like a volcano spewing forth molten lava. “THAT’S the cave you red stained dummy!” He growls again, and then tells all the Mmmmmm’s to stay on this rock and DON’T MOVE… or else. “Where are you going Master T-Bonz?” the red Mmmmmm’s ask innocently and innoculously in their child-like voices. But Verdy, the lone green Mmmmmm of their group, already knew the answer. “Never mind where I’m going, just STAY PUT,” he commands in no uncertain terms again. “ON-THIS-ROCK.”

T-Bonz then moves toward a rhododendron tree that, when climbed, will give him access to the rock ledge that his destination sits upon: the white rock jut discussed in former (Tile) CREEK related posts on this blog just before production began.

“Ahhhh, there it is. The legendary White Rock,” he coos. “Sing to me dearest, now. Sing to me the mysteries of this place. Sing to me the knowledge I seek and have come for, with these imbeciles in tow — subtracting Verdy a bit, because I actually like Verdy a little, you see. But the others — well, never mind that now. I am here with you and that’s all that’s important. Speak to me; sing to me if you wish but at least speak.”

And the rock obeyed and began to sing…

… making T-Bonz fall instantly asleep, which Verdy foresaw.

“Now’s my chance Cherry and Berry,” Verdy said to them with a wink, moving toward the cave and inside. “Wait, Master T-Bonz said stay put!” they implored. But it was too late. Verdy was consumed by the darkness.

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Behind The Scenes

When I arrive for filming on Saturday around noon, I am appalled to find the camp of the cast and crew in complete disarray. Everyone is still sleeping!

“You guys drink all THAT last night?” (and I knew that it wasn’t filled with gatorade before, but something much stronger… knew that all along).

Well I finally got them moving about and cleaning up the camp and preparing for the day’s shoots. One of the hired hands has some fun waking up former child actor Tommy “The Scream” Benerson here. This moment seemed to lighten the mood.

A literal army of crewmen build the circular dolly ramp that unfortunately couldn’t be used today. Maybe tomorrow or next week, but at least it’s set up now.

George Jetson and Huckleberry Hound confer with dogfight expert Snoopy of Charlie Brown fame about the logistics of animated air battle. Unfortunately, this scene had to be cut from the shooting script today as well.

Similarly, one of the stars of our production, T-Bonz, consults with Captain Crunch regarding the inherent difficulties of working with child actors, which the naval officer has considerable experience with. That’s why we hired him to direct our crew, he he.

While the Mmmmmm’s aren’t technically children, their behavior and demeanor are comparable.

Speaking of which, here’s most of the Mmmmmm’s from our cast attempting to rouse the still sleeping Mossman. A sound snoozer this he-man is! Admittedly I’m afraid/wary of this cast member more than any other.

His short day of advising done, Snoopy enjoys some sunbathing atop his doghouse, which he always takes along on out-of-town job assignments.

The camp in relationship to the goodmoblie prop that T-Bonz and his 3 Mmmmmms landed here in the production several days ago. I’m guessing that its condition can’t be worsened by sitting out in one or two more rains!

Now to the shoot!

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Speaking of Blinkerton…

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… new Blinkerton art in the foyer of the house. 2 composites from his abstract expressionist period. I think they fit quite well here. They’re pretty big!

This is a 3rd Blinkerton already hanging in the house that Blinks moved to a different wall to make room for the composite pictured just above.

She did a great job with these.


Gallery 5-6, First Pass

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[0:51] You: So Baker Bloch we are finished with the top part of the gallery and are moving to the lower part now, or collages 6-10 of the Hidalgo series. Here we go!

[0:53] You: I need to check to see if this door lies directly below the top door. That has become an important detail, perhaps, Baker Bloch.
[0:53] Baker Bloch: Yes Hucka D., it has.
[0:54] You: So immediately we leap into the first of the two most complex collages of the series, which make an animation with each other.

[0:55] You: Let’s start with some pictorial elements we are already familiar with. I know in this collage that the left half of the collage changes quite a lot between the animations, but the right half basically stays the same.
[0:56] You: Here we have, again, the rusty Shakespeare wagon already depicted in the former collage, “Day of Destruction”. And perched on top of it is the blue holly dress w/ mannequin from collage number 2.
[0:57] You: This seems to be saying to me that the wagon full of Blinkerton art pieces and the blue holly or holly blue, butterfly, have something directly to do with each other. Star Series may be implied here, since 26 stars of collage no. 1 were on the blue field of the Arkansas flag.
[0:57] You: Stars in azure blue night.
[0:59] You: Oh yes, the bush is positioned on the mountaintop directly above the wagon and dress/mannequin. This is from collage no. 2 as well.
[1:00] You: Moving to the center we have another pictorial element from collage no. 2 as well, and that’s the Indian, supposedly Long Hope Indian, with outstreched…
[1:01] You: …arms. Here the image makes more sense in a way, since between his arms lies a waterfall which I know is on RL Hilo Peak Mtn. The gravemarker that dominates the center of the collage here, which is Jackson Pollock’s…
[1:02] You: … represents Hilo Peak Mtn. itself, then, and the stream the falls are on, which appear to start at Baker Bloch’s feet here — strange to be looking at a picture of yourself in a collage Baker Bloch, eh? — is the same as in the blog, when you manifest on this mtn.
[1:02] Baker Bloch: Hucka D., do you mean the place where I transition from Uli sim in SL to Hilo Peak Mtn. in RL? Where my feet get wet? And right before we enter Lemon World on that mtn.?
[1:03] You: Yes, Baker Bloch (Hucka D. answers). The mtn. and the Pollock gravestone are the same here. And the pile of rocks on the grave is the same as the rocks on top of rocks baker b. encountered at the pass into this mtn. as well. Has to be the same.
[1:04] You: This stream here is identified directly, as well, with the black drink that the Indian is throwing up standing directly behind you in this collage, or sitting on the mtn. behind you I suppose.
[1:05] You: We should also add that this is the town of Steins in Hidalgo County. Blinkerton lived there for a little bit I believe.
[1:05] Baker Bloch: Hucka D., don’t you remember living there? He did or he didn’t, I mean?
[1:05] You: Thank you Baker Bloch (Hucka D. answers). He lived there for a little while, then.
[1:06] You: The gravestone is not there, obviously, and the rusty wagon in the foreground comes from Shakespeare, which is nearby Steins but still a number of miles off.
[1:06] You: The gas pumps I believe come from Lordsburg. They were used in other Blinkerton art that you don’t know of yet Baker Bloch.
[1:07] You: And the triangle-square geometric figure in front of them, a INSERT, is another merger of square and triangle, like the couple of collage no. 3.
[1:07] You: The sign, Bel Shore Motel, is another object used in Blinkerton art. This seems to be much more about Charles Nelson Blinkerton than the other collages, or more openly about him.
[1:08] You: The gravemarker is where he had the vision in 1956, directly after the death of Pollock and which made him decide to move to Hidalgo County in NM in the first place. This is Hilo Peak in this county, but also Hilo Peak Mtn. in NC. See?
[1:08] Baker Bloch: Yes, Hucka D.
[1:09] You: And the falls is just that as well: a fall… off this mountain. Away from the perfection that the Long Hope Indians had created at the top, with their merger with the blue holly and the derived Black Drink.
[1:09] You: But that was foreseen as well by the elders, such as the one depicted here with outstretched arms.
[1:10] Baker Bloch: Hucka D., let’s move on to the next one now.
[1:10] You: Ok (Hucka D. answers).

[1:11] You: Let’s start with the left side again. We have the rusty wagon again, but from closer in and also at a strange angle, like it is trying to dump its contents like a garbage truck at a landfill.
[1:12] You: This is from “Day of Destruction” as well, along with the woman in the foreground, who has remained in the same position as the collage before this one.
[1:13] You: The bush from the former collage is also present in this one, but has moved to the highest point of Pollock’s gravemarker from its previous perch on the distant mountain. A holly blue butterfly now flitters around it or upon it.
[1:14] You: The blue holly butterfly is a symbol of the holly blue dress, I believe, and makes us understand that the bush is the blue holly as well here, from Hilo Peak Mtn.
[1:15] You: In NC, I might add. This also reinforces that the gravemarker is also Hilo Peak Mtn., which we’ve already ascertained. Now to the center.
[1:15] You: We have a giant lemon. I believe this stands for Lemon World, that manifests on this very mtn. and which we walked into that blue skied day. Remember Baker Bloch?
[1:15] Baker Bloch: Hucka D., yes, I remember.
[1:16] You: And this collage series is the result (Hucka D. answers). It looms like a giant rising sun behind the gravemarker/mtn. In front with have the Indians from collage no. 2, preparing more Black Drink from the blue holly leaves.
[1:17] You: The elements on the right half of the picture are the same. I should add that the rocks on top of the mountain are taken from a picture of Lee Krasner’s grave, which sits in front of Pollocks grave in Green River cemetery in Springs, NY.
[1:18] Baker Bloch: Hucka D., maybe we better stop there for tonight and continue with the last 4 collages in the series another night, maybe tomorrow.
[1:18] You: Sounds good (Hucka D. answers).



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THREE DAYS EARLIER, the party of 4 that immediately preceeded T-Bonz’ own party of 4 materializes on Rez Rock. Their leader is… well, it is unsure at this point who the leader will be!

As hinted at before, this particular party of 4, just like the later party of 4, find a goodmobile, and probably at the same place as well. We know now that the sole Mmmmmm of this particular party would know what a goodmobile is, and how to use one.

The goodmobile’s landing is not a smooth one this time, however, for various reasons, perhaps because these “characters” combined weight is a little more than T-Bonz and his 3 Mmmmmm’s. But I’m not sure of this either. At any rate, here’s the “crash” site. Screamer, as I’ll call him for obvious reasons, at first appears dead to the others just after the landing, but turns out to be only frozen in fear. It takes several minutes for him to become unimmobilized, um, mobilized I suppose.

In short time they arrive at the log bridge over (Tile) CREEK, just as T-Bonz and his Mmmmmm’s do will 3 days later. But in the case of this earlier party, a recent rain has made the bridge too wet to cross immediately, in their judgment.

A decision that proves to be prudent (!) since one of the troupe slips and falls to his untimely death from the west end of the log immediately afterwards. This is Bill Fork, who himself comes from another band of 4 but which is now reduced to 3.

The remaining 3 from *this* band proceed to higher ground to avoid being eaten by roaming wildlife that the lone Mmmmmm, orange in this case, warns them about. Not a comfortable perch for the night, admittedly, and in the middle of it Screamer dies of fear after hearing a long and deep growl from below.

The next day the two survivors of the preceding day, out of 4, cross the bridge into Jonesborough West, like T-Bonz and his Mmmmmms will do after them, now only 2 days behind.

And now I’m up to 50 percent sure who the leader is!

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Gallery 1-4, First Pass May 29, 2008

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[0:56] Teleport completed from
[0:58] You: I will look through your eyes Baker Bloch. I will give my impressions of each collage, beginning with 1-4. Go ahead and enter the top part of the gallery.
[0:59] You: Yes. This represents the entrance to Lemon World via the waterfall. You stand at the top Baker Bloch, along with a sideways giant Walt SIDney. Hands hidden, foot certainly not hidden. Hand… foot.
[1:00] You: SIDney is staring at a manifested light. Oh, as I wrote that the light got brighter! Staring at the light which I think represents the brightness of SL itself. Dazzling in effect. Obscures all else. SID’s 1st Oz is left behind. Baker Bloch is ready to take the plunge down the waterfall into the ocean.
[1:01] Baker Bloch: Btw, this is the Okinu sim, Hucka D. Where the weird geometric patterns were formed that changed almost every time you beamed into the sim.
[1:03] You: Thank you for the clarification (Hucka D. answers). You asked me to keep Blinkerton in mind. I couldn’t help notice that the blurred flag, as if it were underwater…. hold on, I’m going to take a snapshot while I’m thinking of it…

[1:04] You: To cont… the flag is that of Arkansas, with 25 stars, the same number I believe in the Star Series of Charles Nelson Blinkerton. 25 or 26, but 26 fits in as well, since Arkansas is 25th state but 26th from end as well (Alaska/Hawaii). This represents the unconscious. Changeable, mutable. Unstable. Like the geometric patterns of the sim.
[1:05] You: 26 of course is also number of tiles in SID’s 1st Oz. SID is obscured here as well. Drowned out by the bright lights. The purple/blue martin and blue SIDney stare in the same direction, to the left. They are one here.
[1:08] You: Star Series of CNB was one lost in The Man during transition from SL Alpha to Beta. LOST. This involved a sim as well, as Man was center of Natoma sim but shifted to upper left corner in transition. This is loss of M in Syd mythology, but gained back in SID. Y is the key.
[1:08] Baker Bloch: Hucka D., we have not talked about Y much in this blog, and the difference between TILE and Tyle.
[1:09] You: Thank you Baker Bloch. No. Let’s return to this picture later on and move to the next. I’ll give more impressions. This is just the first run through.
[1:11] You: Ok, I think this was dealt with more in the blog. Called — what was it — Blue Holly, Blue Holly, Blue Holly. First picture, by the way, was called simply Lemon World I believe. This is picture of Hilo Peak Mtn. Long Hope Indians preparing Cherokee Black Drink… they are supposedly branch of Cherokee. One is spilling guts down side of mtn. Others are preparing more drink in the background.
[1:12] You: Another raises hands to sky… we’ll see him soon again in another collage. The blue clad mannequin with wings of holly blue butterfly represents Baker Blinker here, but also resonates with blue of former collage… SIDney, Ark. flag background, and also blue/purpler martin.
[1:12] You: Don’t you think this is Baker Blinker Baker Bloch?
[1:12] Baker Bloch: Could be Hucka D.
[1:13] You: I think so personally (Hucka D. answers). This is her idealized version, with the beautiful blue dress on that didn’t quite work out in reality. Nor the wings. Not yet anyway.
[1:13] Baker Bloch: Hucka D., do you think she’ll…
[1:14] You: Probably not (Hucka D. answers). It’s the Master Shake problem again. Her appearance can’t move too far away from his. The proportion of colors and so on. White and pink. Back to the collage, we have the bush as well here, which is same as blue holly bush. This is source of Black Drink. This is why Long Hope Indians stay on this mtn. range, in part at least, or perhaps for most part.
[1:15] You: Let’s move on to the next collage on the other side of the top part of the gallery. Let me take a snapshot first of this one.

[1:17] You: I believe this collage was also discussed about some in the blog of Baker Blinker’s. The two figures are husband and wife perhaps, but one with square head (male) and female with triangle head. This is two halves of one thing, though, united by double diamond in sky but also in front of them in shape of a double diamond hexahedron.
[1:18] You: They pass through two bushes which are actually one bush, lighted in different manners. Also in the background is the watertower of Lordsburg, but one can only see, perhaps, the LO of the name on its side due to shadow. LO, then. Low.

[1:18] You: Represents Low and also High Bushes.
[1:19] Baker Bloch: Hucka D., do you think this has something to do with AI5 now and the volcano, since it is the lowest part of AI? And also the triangle and square shapes of the volcano resonate with head shapes here. Too queer, perhaps.
[1:19] You: Too queer (Hucka D. answers). Yes, perhaps. The answers lie here in [delete name] sim. Verdy. Verdigris. He is here. He is there. We are here and there.
[1:20] Baker Bloch: Hucka D., is Verdy the bush, then??
[1:21] You: Thank you Baker Bloch (Hucka D. answers). We pass through two doors just as the triangle and square headed couple pass through two bushes here. We are uniting two diamonds in one. We are high and low at once. We are the high and…
[1:21] You: …low parts of this gallery. Hidalgo. LORDsburg.
[1:23] You: We must log out very soon. Let’s move on to the next collage Baker Bloch and then we’ll stop.
[1:25] You: So here’s “Destruction Day”. Oh, that last one was called “A Passing Double Diamond in the Night” I believe. So to DD… We have the rusty wagon from Shakespeare, the one CNB created a duplicate of and set on fire in front of The Man, filled will every one of his works from the ab ex and pop art periods of his career.
[1:25] You: President Hidalgo and another man watch with one eye apiece at the events occurring. Destruction Day also just happened in the real world Baker Bloch.
[1:26] Baker Bloch: Quite right Hucka D. A stressful day now passed. And also the evaluation over and done with. Relief! But here, when the collage was made: stress.

[1:28] You: I believe the collage conveys sense of helplessness. Destruction… unknown. (Hucka D. answers) Hidalgo symbols are present in president, wagon [Shakespeare] and also Hidalgo satellite between two heads. Destruction here…
[1:28] You: …is also destruction of small asteriod in this way. Planet destruction. Perhaps we should end now.
[1:28] Baker Bloch: Who is the woman Hucka D.?
[1:30] You: She is a symbol of fear or helplessness, perhaps (Hucka D. answers). Trying to run out of way of all the commotion going on. Trying to reach the stairs and the street level and safety, potentially. She is representation of baker b. at the time. Two wagons, two shredding trucks. Two heads, but one pair of eyes. Two in one.


AI5 (cont.)

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Well, something very odd has happened at the volcano camp site. To clear his mind, Baker Bloch decides to fly around the vicinity and stumbles upon this very charming little satellite island of AI5. I’ll give the name out a little later on, when adventures in this area settle down a bit. Really nice cave on the island with a complex layout. Here Baker Bloch is trying to figure out how to get in. He finally just walks through the waterfall pictured here in the background.

Part of the maze of paths within. Looks like these bridges were built sometime back.

Baker Bloch stretches his legs at a strategically placed campfire. Crystals like the ones in back of him here appear all around the cave, and in different colors.

Nom nom nom. Why can’t Baker Blinker have such delicious food laid out at the house somewhere? Baker Bloch thinks.

View of the island outside the cave. Same kind of rickety old bridges abound.

A view to the north, and beyond the immediate area of AI5. But Baker Bloch must restrict himself now to areas near the camping spot, he realizes. Too much going on here to leave for other adventures just yet! I’ll explain soon.


Structures May 27, 2008

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Recently “completed” Hidalgo Gallery in the sky. All 10 collages of the series are now displayed, 4 in the top part of the gallery and the remaining 6 in the lower, larger half.

Baker Bloch’s appropriated tent for the camping trip. Should hold both he and Hucka D. quite comfortably.

Soon it will begin.


Loose Thoughts May 26, 2008

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As usual on the weekends, I’m behind in writing text and ahead on photos. Tonight I may add more photos, knowing me.

So far, I would personally divide this blog into 3 parts, with perhaps a 4th part coming up. Roughly, part 1 is up to the entrance into Lemon World by Baker Bloch and Hucka D., or about the 1st month. This is marked by a focus on SL photos and explorations on the oldest mainland continent of Sansara. Part 2 deals more with rl explorations involving what I call CREEK, RIVER, and STREAM. But the main focus of Part 2 was the Hidalgo collage series, which will very soon be displayed in its entirety in the small, private Hidalgo Gallery on my property in AI. So all through part 2 I was working on the 10 collages of this series. Part 3 involves buying property and fixing up/collaging together disparate parts to create structures on this property, namely a ground house but also a skybox. This push is about through as well, I feel. At the same time that Baker Blinker was focused mainly on the house/skybox and the property in general, and also being friendly to the new neighbors, Baker Bloch was busy extensively exploring AI1 and also other AI’s (2,3,4,5,6). We also have the entrance of Hucka D. into the Bakers’ immediate family, who set up shop in a created basement room of the new house but was more out and about in the Otherland region and nearby spots.

Each of these 3 phases appear to have lasted about 1 month apiece.

So what will phase 4 bring, which I seem to be on the cusp of? Well, I’m not sure how much house development is left. I’m running out of prims for one thing, and want to keep some in reserve for creativity, perhaps some sculpture involving the CHRO series and perhaps other painting series I employed while an art student in college. Baker Blinker’s focus may partially shift back to the mainland, in formerly explored places like the “illegal” and very tiny Just Call Me Ernie Banks gallery, but I’m not totally sure yet. Baker Bloch certainly plans to explore more of AI1 and has started at the very bottom of AI and plans to move up thru 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 quite soon, but he seems to be stuck, along with Hucka D. perhaps, at 5 — the bottom — for now. Hucka D. (Doobie) has found a new mate in Hurla Dontbee, but both the Bakers are unsure of their connections. Then to complicate further now we have T-Bonz and the Mmmmmm’s, who are currently exploring CREEK (TILE) in the real world. So what’s next? I think a partial shift back to the mainland will take place, and of an underwater variety. Maybe in the Atlas area? (place where owner of AI first worked). But I also could shift to map research or a/v synching again and out of SL altogether for a while at least.

The avatar I seem to be able to talk to directly most easily is Hucka D. for some reason, perhaps because he seems to be a direct extension of CNB (Charles Nelson Blinkerton, the artists who has been found to be faked in the meantime then more recently reinstated as “real” again by Hucka and the Bakers of SL). Let’s bring him in now to ask more questions.

baker b.:

Hi Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Hello baker b.


Do you happen to know of T-Bonz and the Mmmmmm’s? They’re exploring CREEK now in Real Life. They have currently set camp up at what I call Jonesborough. Hucka D.? He seems to have faded out again. Queer. Who else can I talk to?… CNB is gone now… the Bakers are not a possibility, really, I don’t suppose, since the 2 of them actually make up me… Maybe T-Bonz himself. T-Bonz, are you there? ?

Hucka D.:

I’m back. All I have to do is say [delete name] isn’t real and I fade in again. Queer.


Yeah, queer.

Hucka D.:

I’m ready to research Tronesis more. CHRO/ Blackbird. I wish to accompany Baker Blinker when/ if she returns to the mainlands. But I simply think she’ll be more in the skybox, and perhaps turning over more rezzing projects to Baker Bloch, even.


Has your camping trip to what you’re calling Verdigris started yet, Hucka?

Hucka D.:

We have found a good tent to use is all. Baker Bloch has tested it out at the location. We tried a pup tent and then a camper even… a trailor… but the large tent seemed to work best. He’s positioning it right on top of that green spot… takes up most of that spot. It is Verdigris. Green.


Do you know T-Bonz by chance? And his Mmmmmm’s?

Hucka D.:

We haven’t met.


T-Bonz favors the green Mmmmmm over the 2 red ones. They used a goodmobile to travel to Jonesborough on CREEK.

Hucka D.:

I don’t know what a goodmobile is.


It’s a vehicle for travel just like you have in SL.

Hucka D.:

I think you need to log in to see what your adventures will be for tonight, baker b.


T-Bonz, Part 1 May 25, 2008

So we finally come to the well advertized adventures of T-Bonz on CREEK. As you can see he has some compatriots on his journey, namely what’s called the Mmmmmm’s. These are 3 in number, 2 being red and 1 green. The two red ones are called Cherry and Berry. The green one’s name is Verdy, a moniker not unconnected, as it turns out, to the Verdigris name choice for Baker Bloch’s and Hucka D.’s camping spot at the AI5 volcano. And as will become evident as the series rolls along especially, Verdy is a favorite of T-Bonz. At first I couldn’t wrap my brain around this favoritism, but RL wife Edna summed it up neatly one day: there are, after all, *2* red Mmmmmm’s, and if one is lost there’s always the other to act as a spare. There’s only 1 green Mmmmmm in contrast; if he’s lost then that’s it for the green strain of the species.

So here we have the whole band rezzing in from unknown locations beside the two CREEK tiles already photographed several times for this blog. From now on this rock will be known as Rez Rock, or perhaps RR for short.

In short fashion, they investigate all the nearby, manmade objects that also mysteriously appear in or around CREEK at this point. T-Bonz is wondering the same thing that I, baker b., am: is this the remains of a lost civilization, perhaps of “renegade” avatars from the SL grid? It’s a radical thought, admittedly.

T-Bonz readily sends either Cherry or Berry — I can’t tell one from the other yet — into the dangerous mouth of a rusty old pipe. Notice Verdy remains with T-Bonz, away from any potential immediate danger.

What luck! T-Bonz and the Mmmmmm’s, thinking they had a hike of perhaps several days ahead of them through rough terrain, instead find this old goodmobile, as the Mmmmmm’s describe it to T-Bonz, and still in working status. This proves that other Mmmmmm’s use to inhabit this area, or perhaps still are in the area somewhere. This came as a complete surprise to both T-Bonz and his own small troup of Mmmmmm’s, although Verdy seemed less surprised than the others. So with a couple of spoken commands, they were off the ground and flying speedily along toward Jonesborough, reaching it in a matter of minutes instead of days.

Cherry and Berry didn’t get to enjoy much of the view while in flight, as there was only room at the lip of the vehicle for T-Bonz and his favorite.

The group safely down and landed at the heart of Jonesborough, as described in the former series of posts. This is on the elongated rock that forms the northern boundary of the aforementioned open space. T-Bonz and the Mmmmmm’s use another dead tree to lower themselves to the open space, intending to get to the bridge and the other side of Jonesborough, or the rock wall/cave/white jut complex.

“Hey, we’re on the wrong tree!” barks T-Bonz to his subordinates. “We need to be on *that* tree; that’s the bridge!”

Also I should mention that between the two trees here T-Bonz and co. find another rusty old goodmobile, but don’t realize that someone has also used this to recently fly into Jonesborough.

T-Bonz and the Mmmmmm’s cross the bridge into “Jonesborough West,” unsuspecting of the visitors that already lurk in the area. Will T-Bonz sadly lose his only green Mmmmmm? Will he even lose his other arm? (I”ll tell the story of the first arm loss soon, perhaps). Or will all instead share a nice cup of tea? We’ll know shortly!

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