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SL Portal!, 2 April 20, 2008

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I woke up in the same place I was in a dream, with the only difference being that I could hear The Simpsons playing on the tv inside the house in this dream. Specially, the episode was the one where Homer turns three dimensional after diving into a portal located in his closet. But when I awoke the episode dialog abruptly switched off; the tv was not on. I went outside to stand in what appeared to be a campfire but which I knew probably was a portal. I checked the map of the area and saw I was on the middle sim of a 3 sim island series running north to south. I also noticed that there were some symmetrical mirrorings of the structure and boundaries of these island, 6 in number.

I’ll have more to say about that soon, when Chuck and I go back to the island. For now I’ll leave you with some photographs of my further explorations of this symmetry, and the surprising discovery I made that day(!)


Lovelace (No Linda)

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Also on the weekend, I decided to examine Caledon and also the Azure Islands more closely, these being two of the largest “continents” considered apart from mainland areas. I actually found the Lovelace sim ajoining one of the lower Caledon sims to be my most interesting visit of the day. The first four snapshots below are taken from the various islands on this sim.

I’m a sucker for bamboo. Like to dive right in when I get a chance, which is rare. This is from just outside the SL Unitarian Church, a true treat.

This snapshot is from the Caledon Moors sim, where I sit on a bench enjoying the water and fairy spooky landscape. Also got to ride the Caledon train — highly recommended!


SL Portal!

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It was the weekend and a usual rainy Saturday. I think that’s been 6 Saturdays in a row that it has rained. Anyway, I found myself island hopping in SL and ran across this campfire. The portal on the RIVER! I thought to myself, especially in counting the surrounding rocks (11, just as in the upper RIVER portal or the 1st RIVER portal as I’m calling it here). What was the meaning of this find? Another clue? *I* thought so.

Examined the quite interesting house on the land with the portal. Old and delapidated in the main room, but with a partitioned off entertainment center in the smaller adjacent one. After investigating the house, I sat on the front porch contemplating what I’d seen here and fell asleep, only to be awakened by a woodpecker pecking merrily away just around the corner of the house.

(to be continued…)