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‘Nother Frank Park Portal? April 13, 2008

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Apologies (to myself mostly) for not getting this text written up in a timely manner. I need to talk of Frank Park and also Herman Park. They will probably take up more and more time in this blog, as I move somewhat away from Second Life and into Real Life again, a process started at the beginning of the Hidalgo collage series and Baker Bloch’s entrance to true Hilo Peak from the Uli sim of SL (slightly preceeded by Hucka D.’s entrance into same). I see, however, the investigation of Frank Park portals to be a direct extension of SL and my start in photography there.

Discussion will begin also to focus on the relationship of Frank to neighboring Herman Park, a topic given considerable space in the writing 10×10 that preceeded the art 10×10 which the Hidalgo series is a part of. Specifically — and perhaps synchronisticially but not sure about that yet — this particular topic was discussed in greatest detail within the 8th tier of the writing 10×10, just as the Hidalgo series represents the 8th tier of the following art 10×10. Anyway, to the new series of pictures from Frank Park…

I’m still very much at the beginning of my study of portals such as this. I believe that the first Frank Park portal was quite active, or much closer to being active that perhaps this particular one. Again, don’t know enough yet to say for certain. But the colors and textures seemed considerably more vivid around the first portal discussed. Not to say that the area I’m discussing here isn’t just as interesting or as pretty. And I did find a portal, although it, to me, appears to be closed for now.

This portal is on the opposite side of Frank Park from the 1st, thus its importance. They could form some kind of yin-yang relationship with each other, perhaps open and closed, perhaps male and female, or red and blue. Highest and lowest. Both appear on the banks of the river that runs through this park, which I’ll call simply RIVER.

Just as a note here, the complementary Herman Park which borders Frank Park on the west contains no such river but is instead centered by a particular creek, much smaller. This is TILE. Relationship of RIVER and TILE may become more important.

Above is a cascade on a larger creek entering the RIVER at this point, on the very northern edge of the park. My early guess is that certain features such as waterfalls/cascades, islands, and rock formations could mark the location of a portal. There is also an island just to the north of the spotted portal, just outside of Frank Park. And of course we have rocks here.

So above and below we have pics of the proposed portal. Notice some contrasts with the first Frank Park portal discussed before: here the sand is on the inside of the portal instead of outside, which indicates to me that it could be closed, once more. The surrounding rocks, which may still number 11 or 12, are in more disarray. Above the portal towers a rather large rock as you can see below, which is maybe 15 feet high or more.

The following 3 photographs show some of the rock formations in the area. There’s an unusually smooth and white rock that you can see in the first photograph of this post (to the right) that I should mention to start. On the opposite bank from this outcropping appears the *very* smooth red rocks appearing in the last photograph of this post. Unusually smooth I would say. Suspiciously so.

And in the same small area we have other types of odd and interesting rock formations. I’ll definitely return to this area soon for more photos. Stay tuned!