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House details April 29, 2008

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I’m going to put pics of the new house from a lot of angles, just in case I delete it again (!). And by again I mean again and again and again (that’s 3 agains!). Just in case, mind you. And I built a skybox today I’d like to record simply because I can.

Everything in the house is a freebie, even the house (!), except for the Master Shake sculpture. Think that’s it. MS cost me 1/6th of the $2.50 or so it took to collect the whole Aqua Teen Hunger Force set. If you look closely at the earlier pictures in the blog, and even if you don’t look too closely, you’ll see members of this set pop up again and again, including MS.

I kept the basic Linden chairs in the front room downstairs, even through they’re a bit garish, because of the low height and so the ability to easily see over them when viewing from behind. As I said before the view is everything in this house, along with the relatively considerable wall space for the art.

The view just as you walk inside the house from the front.

It’s a Blinkerton! Yes, the great man is anticipated soon. LORD knows what his appearance will be like!

A photo of some of Edna’s family. Love the crinkles.

Ooops! My dress is caught again.

So below is the skybox. Crazy amalgamation of a 21 prim free house w/ the roof ripped off and an inserted lookout tower, a fun spiral to the top. The free house contained a patio I left in, but I made the floor transparent so you could see right down to our house immediately below. A better view of the whole island is afforded one at the top of the tower.

And MS rules all, or at least he might still think he does.