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Pulling Further Out… April 19, 2008

Very important map to me above, or information it relates. Here we have relationship of 3 types of streams according to length and flow: CREEK, STREAM, and RIVER. These types are represented by the 3 pink lines superimposed on the map.

Let’s start with CREEK, which is the topmost (right) pink line. CREEK has the smallest volume of flow of any of the three. It lies basically within a park from source to mouth, thus is *fully protected*. In other places outside this blog I call it TILE Creek, but here I’ll refer to it as CREEK, leaving the capitalization in but shifting the emphasis. It is *the* creek. I have referred to it as the Ganges of my mythology. But now there are others, I think, that must be entered into the overall picture.

Let’s take RIVER next. Like CREEK, RIVER flows through a protected park, but not the same park as that which protects CREEK. Instead it is a neighboring/bordering park, which happens to form a 7:6 ratio of overall area with the first mentioned park. This is the aforementioned Frank Park. Only a small portion of its overall flow lies within Frank. It is represented by the lowest of the 3 pink lines in the map above. To remind readers, RIVER is the place where we’ve photographed around 3 potential past/present/future portals between virtual reality and reality reality, with one almost confirmed.

Now let’s move to STREAM, which occupies a middle ground between RIVER and CREEK. CREEK represents the smallest flow of water, but has the reciprocal benefit, shall we say, of being fully protected. That is its strength. RIVER is much less protected overall. Only a small portion of the overall length falls within one of the two parks in the area. Yet it contains the most flow by far of the 3 waterways mentioned here, and also is probably the most photogenic, which is one reason I’ve been focusing on it in this blog so far.

STREAM, represented by the pink line to the left on the map above and occupying a middle ground between the two, in effect, represents a mix of the two. Like CREEK, its source lies in a protecting park, and the same which protects the whole of CREEK essentially. I call this Herman Park; its number is 6. But unlike CREEK, STREAM rather quickly passes out of this protecting park into unprotected lands, where it is threatened by man and progress/development. It is a tributary, in whole, to the RIVER, which it serves in this respect. Its flow at this mouth is between that of CREEK on one side and RIVER on the other. It is a medium sized flow.

But I should also clarify here that when STREAM meets RIVER at the mouth of STREAM, they really aren’t STREAM and RIVER anymore but revert to their mundane names. This is because they are out of the magical protection and resonation of CREEK. The three resonate as one, with CREEK having the most strength and guidance because of the fully protected status. CREEK, in effect I suppose, determines STREAM and RIVER and the length thereof.

Although STREAM lies mostly outside of Herman Park, it is still protected in pockets along its course. The area behind my house represents one of these pockets, and is seen on the above map as a more extreme meander midway through its magical flow.

STREAM has also been pictured in this blog in posts … and … It represents my backyard, shall we say, or close enough to call it such. It is more or less a center for an older mythology than one now transpiring in Herman and also Frank Park.

So now I’ve presented that overall picture, which I can fill in more.


Frank Pk. in GoogleEarth

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Thought I would add some images from GoogleEarth to give perspective on the locations of the various Frank Park portals or potential/damaged portals discussed so far. In first image below, we can actually see the large rock in the river from the And Portals Between? (1) post just below, appearing directly north of the second “o” of the word Google seen in the lower right hand corner.

The lowest portal or potential portal on the RIVER is in the upper left hand corner, and the rocks there can also be seen on this image, although not as clearly as the one described above. They appear directly south of the meadowed area closest to this corner. As I said before the two portals are located about a mile apart, river distance.

This second image gives the mysterious appearance, to me, of what appears to be a small body of water in almost the exact center of Frank Park that I had no idea existed there. This is surprising because I otherwise know the park quite well. There’s always more mysteries in the world.

The large island/rock from And Portals Between? (1) can be seen in the top center of the image.

Check this out: there is an obvious blue speck to northeast of this pool of water shown in closeup below. Another potential mystery, since only forest exists there that I know of. Looks like a hike in this area is in order, perhaps this weekend, weather permitting. The undergrowth will be formidable most likely; wish me luck!!


And Portals Between? (1)

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So now I’m moving, with camera in hand, to the RIVER locations between the two portals, north and south, or High and Low, in respective to Frank Park and this river. Here’s a possible portal location about 1 mile upstream from the lowest portal. A quite huge rock dominates this area, which doubles as an island in the river. It’s so large that I couldn’t get a full picture of it, although you can see some of it in the second photo below. It sits just left of the smaller, taller rock jutting above the considerably smaller flow of the river around the west side of this larger rock, which forms the centerpiece of its own island. I’ll call this particular rock Askew Rock, because, as you can see especially in the 2nd photo below, it sits slightly crooked on its perch atop this island.

Below we have the view of the smaller flow of the river around the large rock from the opposite direction. Interesting ridges in the rocks here for certain.

We even have another waterfall just north of Askew Rock. Notice also the interesting red color of some of the rocky area surrounding it. and also some quartz marbling.

There is a spot where another potential portal appears on the beach south of these islands, but it looks more like an ordinary campfire location to me. Certainly could be a portal, though, if perhaps damage, once more. And there is sand here in abundance for the possible creation of SL related prims or primitives.

Then there’s the presense of this very interesting rock which I almost missed because it sits directly in front of a compartively plain rock that it tended to blend into from the direction I was walking. I’ll also return to discussion of this rock as well. Again, it seems unusual in color and patterning. Located only several yards from the portal mentioned above.

And finally here might be a makeshift attempt at a smaller portal to replace the damaged larger one (?) Rock number seems to be close to what is needed to fulfill the task; necessary gap in place; very near both the larger portal and unusual rock mentioned just above.