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Blinkerton’s Pop-Dadaist Art April 8, 2008

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“Sawmill Heir Wins Pis-Ant Reward, Ha!” (c1984, 1986)

“Rebel Ho’s Motel” (c1985)



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Another important link between SL and RL was found on edge of what I call Frank Park yesterday. It’s another portal, perhaps a satellite to the much larger one atop Hilo Peak. Is it dormant? Perhaps Hilo Peak is but I don’t think the newly found one is. In fact, I believe a slightly future version of Baker Bloch has already used it, and maybe quite often “already”. I’m not sure of Blinkerton’s role in this, if any. CNB are you reading this?? Give me a ring!

Let’s take a closer look at the portal.

On the surface, not much to be seen. May have been mistaken for an ordinary campfire site, but I knew immediately what it was upon counting the surrounding rocks. Difficult to tell from this particular photo, but just as with the Hilo Peak stargate there are 11 rocks arranged in a circle, with a gap where the 12th would be.

Another obvious clue was the bank of sand behind the portal — a sandbox, if you will. I believe this is where a hypothetical avatar teleporting in from SL might be able to still create prims, although probably much slower than in SL and only around the portal itself. This may explain why we see no builds or loose prims about, although I did find what could be a prim on a rock beach not far away. I’ll try to get a photo of that the next time I visit, which will be quite soon! Why would a portal be set up here? I think I know the answer to that and it is, in a word, TEXTURE. The area is rich in textures, a commodity that SL is founding lacking in in comparison. This would be a kind of magnet attaching SL to RL in this particular location.

Below are some examples of rock textures, all more or less centered by a green colored variety. Then the last photo below demonstrates a different kind of texture found in a pool of water near the portal. As I said, I’ll surely be visiting this location again quite soon, perhaps making a map of the area. A mid-sized island exists in the stream here, which may be a future location for a larger build. I’ll try to take photos of the island sometime this week, weather permitting.