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Origin of SL? July 23, 2009

As I was telling my friend Flynn, I’m admittedly having a hard time getting re-interested in the Atoll continent, despite being quite pleased with my Horisme property and the remodeled Sylver Forest Galleries there (Gallery at the Temple of TILE and Edwardston Station Gallery in the main). Found myself just teleporting around the edges of the continent in an effort to get pumped up about it again. Beautiful underwater scapes, admittedly, but most look just like the other from water sim to water sim.

An exception to the same same pattern is this strange semi-circular ridge found around the center of the Piegler sim on the north edge of the continent.


It’s always fun to pop over to the Okinu sim to see what the mysterious glyphs there might have to “say” about any given, hot topic. Here we see Baker Bloch has teleported directly to 2 glyphs that might represent a square and right triangle respectively, which happen to be the 2 shapes or modules that the old Ubertemple (enlarged Temple of TILE) in Neith and the following Otherland temple were built with. For the new version of the Temple of TILE, I’ve replaced the right triangle design that comes from the old b_hivia of Gliese with the circular dominated design of the new gallery tower (formerly a separate but empty gallery in Noru).

Does this mean I should rebuild the Ubertemple soon? Simply don’t know yet.


Then when Karoz (there’s Karoz!) teleports to a pool with an interesting looking island in the “Lake District” of Maebaleia, he finds a hen sitting upon it. So many hen/chicken sightings in this district already! The Bill *must* be involved, somehow. This would be on the upper edge of Mabenogion.


Then just to the north, after crossing over into Lycanthorpe (a name I subsequently learned is another word for werewolf), Karoz gets his first view of what we are presently calling the Bluedrake Sea*, for the sim it partially lies within and whose name obviously resonates directly with the nearby Blue Feather Sea in my estimation (and Hucka D.’s and Plant’s as well). In short, I think Hucka D. is going to soon propose that, even though the Maebaleia is actually the 4th completed mainland continent, this particular area is even older than Sansara itself (the original SL continent according to the Linden timeline). How can this be? It has something to do with, again, master explorer and storyweaver Salazar Jack’s idea of a pre-Linden grid called Urtahra. I haven’t given a link to his blog in quite a while, so here it is again. To me, he’s a kind of father to all this SL-mythology stuff, and someone you have to deal with and know about and fully grok before moving on into your own theories on the subject, as a number of people have now (thinking of my friend Headburro Antfarm in particular — again a blog link if you’re not familiar with the tall, orange, horned dude yet).

But I’ll save more of that most interesting story until Hucka D. has a chance to unveil what I know is some kind of packet of information. We’ve already chatted a bit about the idea of a rebis, and that the sea is a rebis in itself, divided into light and dark regions, or male/sun, female/moon halves. I know this also might have something to do with the twinship of Baker Blinker and Baker Bloch (or what Headburro has called “The Bakers”, which I think takes in all of my extended SL family actually, in his way of putting it).


Not yet knowing the importance of this Bluedrake Sea yet, Karoz is still impressed with the surrounding landscape, with its nice, forested hills. Most of the land in the area appears to be owned by one group, offering rentals. Baker Bloch actually now rents from them — more on that coming up…


… Yes, here Baker is standing in the front lawn of his new rental, a small cottage. He has 100 prims to work with, but doesn’t plan on opening a gallery or anything, except maybe inserting some kind of pointer to the Sylver Forest Galleries and perhaps the Something To Chro About Gallery still in Healy as of this writing (going on 1/2 year, actually!). No, he just wants a base of exploration. I was impressed with the nice vantage of the surrounding region the property gives here — a specific selling point for me.


A nearby gazebo providing an excellent view of the small inland sea partially in Bluedrake. As far as I can tell, the lake is wholly owned by the same rental group that I rent my cottage from. Might be important.


A long, cascading type waterfall dominates the west coast of the sea, below the lookout gazebo.


An overhead view of the cottages/houses on the north side of the sea at dusk.



* Hucka D. has now indicated to me that the name of the sea is actually Rebisee, particularly indicating the ending letter is “e” and not “a”, as you might imagine it should be.

** Sorry for the continued updates. Hucka D. states that he picked up on the wrong letters, and that it may not be Rebisee but Rubisea (one word), pronounced Ru-bi’-se-a. And now he thinks the sea was actually the color of blood at one time, hence the inference to ruby. May have had the nickname “Sea of Blood” at first. That’s all for now… stay tuned.


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