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Mare Secundus, 02 September 11, 2010

Filed under: Mare Secundus,Okinu Sim — baker Blinker @ 8:40 am

4 major islands are above the one Baker just visited, forming the upper curve of the “2”. 3 of these are about the same size (4000 sq meters?) with the 4th, making up the very tip of the “2”, being about 1/2 to 1/3rd their size. Each has some unique aspects.

The first one up from the largest island of the complex features what appears to be a large nest with 3 yellow, silk-like eggs within.

A number of large tree trunks also appear on the island, along with a rock dock area and a smaller, domed building above it (not pictured). A duplicate of this building also appears on the largest island, not covered in my former Mare Secundus related post. No planetarium this time; only an empty inner sanctum. Another Mole work in progress? Could be.

Baker finds what first appears to be the back of an omphalos just off the west coast of the next island up in our “2”.

But when he rounds the hill he comes face to face with none other than the “Queen”, once more, who has made many appearances in underwater locations around mainland SL by this point. This particular “Queen” statue has either been buried in a mound up to her head, or else had her head removed elsewhere and then placed on this underwater hill.

The prominent feature of this second island up from the largest in the archipelago is this 15 meter high, dome topped tower. When I first saw it from a distance, I thought the object had a definite feminine look to it, but up close: less so. Still, it could be connected with the Queen’s head just to the west; good to keep that in mind at least.

The 3rd, similarly shaped island — just going around the curve of the “2” once more, holds perhaps what are the remains of an ancient fort. No intact structure there, though. More big tree trunks, however, which aren’t present on the island just visited with the tower. Oh, and a giant *unfelled* tree, obviously of the same species.

Fountain in the sea in the curve of the “2”. I’ll have to go back and take more snapshots of the many underwater scenes missed in this particular review.

Another such giant, living tree appears on the 4th island at the tip of the “2”, along with a considerable flock of flamingos standing in a shallow pool of water just in front of it. I’m counting 37, but at only 3 prims apiece. Quite handsome and well done for such low allottage.

Map of the central part of Mare Secundus and the islands in question. When taking the picture I’m standing on the underwater hill topped by the Queen’s head.


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