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Red cards… Redbirds… Cardinals May 10, 2009

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When I first got a chance to fully absorb Nish Mip’s most excellent Fuchsia sim post, one I think should become a model for all future single sim examinations anywhere, I immediately hopped over to both Fuchsia and also Extasia (possible “twin” to Fuchsia, according to this post) to see with my own 2 virtual eyes the various mysteries and otherwise observations she had written about. I quickly summarized my follow up finds in 2 identical comments on both this blog and Nish’s own Big Orange blog.

Nish also mentioned the Okinu sim glyphs in her Fuchsia post, and compared them to the shifting textures she also found in Fuchsia. As a more concrete attempt to build upon her wonderful research after making my aforementioned comment, I decided to trek the ne-sw diagonal of that sim, as I had previously done in other locations, especially the Rubi sim that I use to live in with its mysterious TILE resonations. My idea was to walk this diagonal at least every couple of days, and to take snapshots of what had changed or perhaps even remained the same. However, let’s talk about a discovery I found on what I envisioned as only my initial walk in this study…

First I should mention that, just prior to this, I had Baker Bloch teleport around the interior Nautilus continent water sims to see if any were worthy of a similar study. I knew from my visits last fall that the underwater scapes of these sims contain interesting texture patterns; each sim also has its unique style of patterning. The closest to Okinu in this respect seems to be one called Quidd, at least among the ones that I checked (there are many). But still they’re not as sharp nor distinct as the ones in Okinu. So having retested the, er, waters out in another spot, I decided to give the Okinu sim all my attention in this direction. It still seems unique.


So about 2/3rds the way down Baker Bloch’s subsequent walk of the Okinu ne-sw diagonal he found this glyph that you just skirt the edge of to the west. This one attracted me more than the several others also seen from the diagonal because of 2 proximate, smaller glyphs off its southern end.


Somewhat surprising me (and Baker Bloch) in this area was a heart shaped glyph Baker Bloch had notably stumbled across before in this sim (recorded in this post), but with the color switched with the ocean floor backdrop in respect to that one, the heart being beige against a blue-green background now. Then next to it was a somewhat larger, regular diamond pattern. I immediately thought: hearts and diamonds — the 2 red suits of an ordinary deck of cards!



It was at this time that I began to think about that dizzily spinning bird in Extasia that I mention in my comment re Nish’s material, not only because it was a *red* bird but because it was also a particular kind of red bird according to its description: a *card*inal.

More to follow.



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