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Gaeta, 1 April 17, 2008

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New continent to east apparently named Greta. Only a vast space now, but will be filled with people soon. Certainly cool while it lasts, though. I visited this place about a week ago — barren then, but now there are forests in the west central portion. Something else there but I’ll let other blogs speak of this important find (!).

Line between rocks and grass terrain following the sims’ border north to south. Notice below a white form marking a proposed infohub location.

The huge, blank interior of the continent, all rock, reminds me a bit of the Sea of Holes from the Yellow Submarine movie I so loved as a kid.

Baker Bloch, on the way to see the continent, stops in at the Okinu sim. About the first thing he walks up to is a heart shaped spot in one of those queer geometric markings that cover the ocean floor in this sim. He took it as a sign about his still uneasy relationship with Baker Blinker. Will they get married now the Hidalgo series is almost over? Will they open the art gallery Just Call Me Ernie Banks? (might renamed this now Just Call Me Mr. Cub, with an Ernie Banks side theme). Anyway, back to the slideshow…

One of those long distance vistas over land that you just don’t often see in SL. This is the southern edge of that forest I talked about. Actually it is two forests presently, one of palms nearer the beach and then a pine forest further inland.

Another look at that proposed infohub site and a larger inland, rocky mountain behind it.


3 Responses to “Gaeta, 1”

  1. […] times he teleported to the bottom of this water sim [after the initial explorations], immediately came upon a heart shaped pattern that he also immediately associated with his love of Baker Blinker. At the time, this love was […]

  2. […] in this area was a heart shaped glyph Baker Bloch had notably stumbled across before in this sim (recorded in this post), but with the color switched with the ocean floor backdrop in respect to that one, the heart being […]

  3. […] this also reminds me of a heart shaped glyph Baker Bloch found in Okinu upon one of his pass throughs there, and which was later incorporated into the 10th and last collage of the 10×10’s Hidalgo […]

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