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Vehicles of Transport, Etc. November 11, 2009

After discovering a most probable link between Hucka D.’s so-called Uniko language and Unicode, Baker Bloch heads back over to the Okinu sim on a hunch, only to encounter, upon beaming in randomly, what looks like a question mark without the completing dot. Wasn’t Hucka D. just talking about the key character string “2E2E” being Unicode for a backwards or reversed question mark? I know it to be so.


More glyphs found that same visit.


Nothing happening yet in the Aotearoa sink. No surprise there, though. Still luving the view in the meantime.


Karoz is still over at Mos Ainsley, attempting to find further clues about the link between Uniko, Petemond and his possible alien origin. Here he’s hiking on the circular ridge surrounding the moon base, looking down the other side, away from the base, at some sea patternings there as well. Without the sharp angles of the quite unique Okino glyphs, though. Still pretty neat.


Also on this visit, Karoz finds an abandoned space shuttle in the waters of nearby Byeulddongbyuel, west of Quark star which is, in turn, just west of Mos Ainsley. Karoz immediately recognized it as a Space Base vehicle which you can freely rez there and ride around. Karoz had also heard stories of people flying the vehicles to the mainland. Apparently this one didn’t quite get there. Karoz was further very pleased to find out, after some adjustments, that he himself could resume the flight of this wayward vehicle, and set out not back to Mos Ainsley to return the ship, but further west instead. His idea: see if he could fly it all the way to Chilbo (!).


Now the first try (yes, there were two that night), he made it about 1/2way to Chilbo from Byeulddongbyuel, still a considerable distance. All was well until he found himself automatically rejected after entering a parcel requiring age verification to continue further. The space ship kept going without him. I assumed it derezzed somewhere along the way as well.


But Karoz had the “bug” by then, and enjoyed the only partially successful flight so much that he immediately returned to the Moon Base of Mos Ainsley itself to rez another, identical shuttle. His idea this time was to make it to the protected Korean Channel and then fly more south to reach Chilbo. He almost reached the channel before something went wrong again: as my computer locked up at that instant I was unable to pinpoint the problem, unlike before.



As I said, though, Karoz had some kind of vehicle bug by then, and also decided that night to head over to the Arcadia Asylum library in Cheonma, not far from Chilbo, and purchase whatever drivable/flyable vehicle he could find, all of which he knew would be absolutely free thanks to AA’s full perms/no-profit policy regarding her many builds. He subsequently went to a rez zone on Highway 10 just north, and after some experiments (forklift, etc.), found what he considered a *perfect* complement to the space shuttle’s look and feel in this simple bike, which you wear and ride instead of sit in and ride. He tested it out all the way to Chilbo and then even beyond a bit. My guess is that you’ll soon find a series of Karoz related posts on a bike tour of the continent in one form or another very soon (!). Unlike my other experiences with vehicles, this one — actually both — turned out to be much more satisfying. I certainly don’t expect the focus to be taken away from SL exploration on foot, but biking/shuttle flying (or whatever comes next) may make for a nice kind of complementary way of exploring. And it’s just a lot of fun, which is the ultimate point, I think.


Then shifting back to ol’ hiking Baker, a new structure was found in the Moa sim of Big Sink last night, but one quite familiar in another setting. For it’s the water part of the water/fire temple from Little Robert Plant Variant’s Nowtown, an exact copy sans the stream of lava and resulting steam when it meets the interior water, it appears. And the yoga place is gone, along with the tent just below it as described in this post from only a couple of weeks ago. Shouldn’t be surprised that SL changes so quickly but I always am for some reason.



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