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Wealthy Mtn., 04: Green Oz Creek October 8, 2011

Filed under: Green Oz Creek/Tinsity,Wealthy Mountain — baker Blinker @ 6:24 am

Other side of the creek now.

Still following the meadows, which extend along this side of Green Oz Creek all the way back to the top of Green Oz in Greenup.

Pile of rocks — unnamed as yet. Still in Yellow Down while taking this picture.

Greenup now, having moved past Dark Space once more.

Top of Greenup (and Green Oz), making my way back into the woods finally.

Looking back toward the rock already pictured here (6th photo down) from the looping carriage road marking the northern limit of Green Oz — and east and west for that matter. Nice.


One Response to “Wealthy Mtn., 04: Green Oz Creek”

  1. […] The lower limit, where I jump across the creek and move into the meadowed area to the west. […]

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