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Wealthy Mtn., 02: Quartz Brook > Green Oz Creek (Upper) October 8, 2011

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Back at Quartz Brook again and the ultra-mysterious if small grove of mainly beech trees in the middle of what was apparently once a cow pasture according to older topographic maps. This is, of course, the pivot point for the toy avatar/plastic people experiments of super-rich Lisa the Vegetarian after she resurrected herself from the dead through the power of vast and perhaps unlimited amounts of money.*

The first Plastic Man was her father, Homer. The first Plastic Person. From Person comes People: Plastic. This is the passageway through Blood Drive, with hell to pay for.

A beech branch stuck to a beech tree but otherwise unrelated. Told you this place was odd!

More evidence of oddity: a tiny tree still grows sideways across the center of the passageway even when almost broken in two at its base.

Queer oval of grass otherwise unlike any of the vegetation in the area. This is a stone’s toss west of The Aisle, as we’ll perhaps begin to call it.

Moving now to nearby Green Oz Creek, we enter the valley through a side road that degrades into a weed clustered pathway within this goldenrod bespeckled meadow. This has also been noted as Chigger Grass Meadow in this blog already, the place the swamp monster Abbadon was taken for exercise and restful play to reduce stress.

A currently unnamed rock in the northern part of Green Oz, the mostly meadowed region the creek that runs through its center is named after. Green Oz is fairly evenly divided into 2 parts, sometimes locally referred to Greenup and Yellow Down. Greenup represents the upper part according to elevation, per its name, and Yellow Down is the lower section. Green Oz Creek itself begins high up on Wealthy Mtn., probably at about 4200 feet or so, and descends rather steeply into Green Oz from the northeast. The passage through Green Oz is relatively flat in comparison, or a drop from under 4000 to about 3900 in around a 1000 feet.

Piles of rock in part of the stream bed, currently dry.

What Hucka D. is stating use to be an old bridge across Green Oz Creek, about in the middle of Greenup. In other words, he’s stating this is part of the evidence that toy avatars were indeed in the area, and perhaps still are even.

Skillet Swamp, already talked about in this blog in connection to Tinsity and the Abbadon monster.** From this swamp emits the tiny stream called Olive Branch that runs directly beside the site of Tinsity.

Greenup and Yellow Down are separated by a rhododendron choked region called Dark Space, which I know now was also called Brownie. Although there is something of a path beside Green Oz Creek through here, you have to stoop down to avoid getting your eye poked out by a rhododendron branch.

To Yellow Down!


* We also know that this money is connected to Golden Josephine, who was once a man. And money was all in rubles at first.

** To remind: Hucka D. and I have theorized that the swamp and the Abbadon monster may be one and the same. See here, for instance.


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