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Wealthy Mtn., 05: Quartz Brook October 8, 2011

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Moving along the same carriage road, in the main, and reaching the field containing the head of Quartz Brook in only a couple of minutes. Green Oz can almost be said to border the Quartz Brook region, or at least their drainage basins are adjacent.

Tree sans leaves near source of Quartz Brook.

Shot of setting sun from a bank above Quartz Brook, moving back down Wealthy Mtn. toward the car again. I brought my flashlight just in case darkness caught up with me before reaching it.

Grassy area alongside Quartz Brook. I’ll have more to say about this whole area soon enough. Complicated topography.

There’s the odd oval of grass again.

Amazing, golden sunset light illuminating The Aisle and nothing else in the immediate area. I felt it had to be a sign of some sort. “You’ve got the right place, bud.”?

Center of The Aisle.

Projecting My Self back into The Aisle.

Eyeball Rocks watch as I leave the Quartz Brook valley and dive into the rhododendron again, quickly making my way down to the car in the dimming light.


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