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Wealthy Mtn., 03: Green Oz Creek October 8, 2011

Filed under: Green Oz Creek/Tinsity,Wealthy Mountain — baker Blinker @ 6:23 am

Emerging from Brownie or Dark Space into Yellow Down, the lower part of Green Oz. Brownie/Dark Space and also Green Oz Creek (just below and out of sight) dead ahead.

Barrel in creek — or is it an ancient and derelict Yellow Down ship of some sort?

The highest cascade on Green Oz Creek within Green Oz itself. Also currently unnamed (Yd Falls?).

Pool below cascade.

Cascade from more of a distance.

A smaller drop in Green Oz Creek just below, with larger rock in background.

But this is perhaps the largest rock in Green Oz, maybe 20 feet long and just up the hill from the creek. Another as yet unnamed landmark.

Crazy ass bush more toward the lower limit of Yellow Down and Green Oz as a whole.

The lower limit itself, where I jump across the creek and move into the meadowed area to the east.


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