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Wealthy Mtn.: Green Oz Creek: Tinsity 02 October 10, 2011

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The next day I went to the Tinsity area again to take more pictures. Deepening mythology there! Below is Skillet Swamp again (originally called Squirrel Swamp on this blog) from the general direction of Tinsity, or from south to north basically. Hard to see, but there’s an odd, ball shape topped plant in the middle of it which I couldn’t quite resolve with my vision. Seems meaningful, again, but the region appears packed full of such things.

The peninsula of Tinsity, with Tin S. Man’s former castle near the tip. Green Oz Creek is to the left, and small tributary Olive Branch is to the right. The city, which no longer exists of course, would lie more in the foreground. It might be possible to perhaps re-create the community to a limited extent, however.

Dirt banks defining the limit between habitable city above and undwellable muck below, with Olive Branch to the right again. To remind, Olive Branch represents the main drain from Skillet Swamp back into Green Oz Creek, where they conjoin at Tinsity.

As yet unnamed rock strewn island to to the immediate east of Tinsity, within the Green Oz Creek. May have even been inside official city boundaries at one time. The island is perhaps 10 feet long. Tinsity citizens actually lived there?

Closeup of Tin S. Man’s castle, with the two entrance holes. Rumored to actually be more aligned with Dark Space than Tinsity, a myth Tin S. Man helped dispel. Or enhance — still hard to tell currently.

Looking across the top of what remains of the castle toward the old heart of Tinsity.

Looking from the castle toward the epicenter of Dark Space. It’s *right* next to it as you can see, if not inside. Once more, I’m not quite sure yet. Maybe 1/2 and 1/2; little of both.

Close up of main entrance to the castle. The other, lower hole leads to the basement, perhaps a dungeon in correct castle order.

Shrubbery Hucka D. states was planted by Tin S. Man himself beside the castle. Doubtful?

Back of the castle. No entrance possible from this direction?


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