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Wealthy Mtn.: Green Oz Creek: Tinsity 03 October 10, 2011

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Bank just below what would have been the center of downtown Tinsity in olden days. Rumor has it — actually Hucka D. says this again — that Tin Man walked from his castle to his downtown office every day through the, more often than not, mucky land between, with ascent of this hill the only guarantee of relief. Hucka D. states this was a ritual that served the Tin Man well in leading the community. More on this: Hucka also relays to me that the castle predates the city, and… well, I’ll save more of that when Hucka D. and I have a chance to chat again. Maybe tonight.

Looking from the center of Tinsity toward Skillet Swamp.

The old Battery Park, with batteries still in place. These 4 batteries, a couple with two energetic children, could be said to represent the only current tenants of Tinsity, although they remain mostly in an inanimate stasis or something like that. I had to leave a piece of paper behind from the day before, which then disappeared sometime before the next day’s visit. This was how I first became aware that they were conscious beings, with a narrow but distinct band of communication then possible. One could say they were ghosts of sorts — more on that soon enough.

The region called Bones, which, well, contains a good number of actual bones, cow variety I believe. It is here that Hucka D. claims Tinsity’s version of a Money Pit was dug, with the idea of trapping Abbadon when it next attacked the city, which was called not Tinsity or Tin City but Gold at the time. Again in Hucka-speak. 🙂

The biggest, meanest bone. Probably not coincidence in all this that Abbadon was often referred to as being “bad to the bone.”

Barrier Tree formerly acting as a divider between civilized and well lighted Tinsity and Wallace from spooky Bones and the pit region. More on Wallace just below. More on Bones soon as well.

White-ish beach separating Muck Bay from Green Oz Creek. We are now in Wallace, which is just north of Tinsity but still a separate, former community. Wallace is named after Wallace3, the alien who, again in Hucka-speak, actually invited Tin Man to live in the area, or at least talked him into building a holiday castle there. I believe Hucka has even hinted that Tin S. Man and Wallace3 were the *only* inhabitants of their respective, namesake towns. How is this possible, however?

Barrier Tree again, with Muck Bay in the immediate foreground.

This was also a part of Wallace.

Wallace existed very near the two present sinkholes already discussed here in the Baker Blinker Blog (foreground again).

And Wallace3’s humble hump-home was even nearer. Perhaps he drew some kind of energy from these holes?

Looking across Skillet Swamp from the opposite direction this time, and toward Tinsity.

Nearby Chigger Grass Meadow on a beautiful autumn day in the mountains.


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